We Deflower Each Other


When you arrive we would go for a short walk to the store near by to get a nice bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream or whatever other liqueur you like. Then we go back to our house and take off all our clothes and have a shower if we feel like it. Or perhaps a swim in my indoor pool. Then we go upstairs to the back porch which runs along the back of the house overlooking the ocean.

We are still naked. We kiss softly on the mouth. I put my tongue a little way into your mouth and you suck on it gently. We than touch each other over every part of our bodies exploring every inch of each other and linger over the ass and my cock and your breasts and your pussy lips. But not inside your pussy yet. We do this out in the sun for at least a half an hour. There is a large duvet on the porch so that we can lie down. We can then take turns rubbing baby oil on parts of our bodies, always caressing and kissing. This time the kissing is deeper and lasts longer. Our tongues probe and play with each mouth. We lick the neck and shoulder. I lick your ear lobes and blow in your ear.

We rest for a while in the deep sunlight caressing lightly but always touching and kissing, always in a state of quiet arousal. We glory in the pure animalistic sensual feeling of sex.

I turn you on your back and I am on your left side. I blow in your ear and softly kiss you on the mouth. I push my tongue into your mouth and you suck on it greedily like it was my cock. You are getting excited. I tongue my way slowly down to your left nipple. You reach down and start to caress my cock gently. It is already hard. You make it harder and are pleased with your power over me. I lick around the outside of your nipple and slowly suck the nipple into my mouth, then bite it very gently with my teeth. You moan with pleasure and the tingle goes all the way down to your pussy. I do the same thing with your right breast and you moan even louder. I then return to your left breast and this time I caress and pinch and pull the right nipple at the same time. My cock is very hard and you are gripping it and squeezing rubbing it with your left hand.

I then lick under both breasts and lick down your stomach stopping briefly at your bellybutton to stick my tongue in. I then trail down to just above your pussy. Ideally you shave your pussy because it is more sensitive. But it does not matter. I then kiss around to the outside of your thigh and down your leg to suck each one of your toes. Then I lick up the other leg to the inside of your thigh. By this time your are getting horny 😉

I open your legs wide and you feel exposed in a way that you never have in your life before. You wonder if anyone could be watching. You cannot see any houses but you wonder if someone with binoculars in a boat way out on the water could be watching. You feel a strange thrill from this. You realize for the first time in your life that you may be an exhibitionist. And you suddenly want to watch a porno movie. After all I had promised a good collection…

I now lick around the outer lips of your pussy, not touching your clitoris. Then I start on the inner lips. The are swollen and juicy. I enjoy the taste. You are rubbing and pulling both your nipples constantly. And moaning louder and louder. You are saying: “Oh yes, Please, Lick me, Lick me, Stick your tongue in deep. It feels soooooo good. Don’t stop, don’t every stop. I love it.” I lick up and down, still not touching your clit. I put my tongue in deeper and lick in a swirl. I put my finger in as far as it will go and rub upwards against your G spot. I keep this up slowly. I then come to your clit from the bottom and lick it with long up strokes.

Now you are just making sounds in your throat. You cannot canlı bahis feel anything but your pussy. Your entire body is one giant cunt and it is roaring with pleasure. There is no rustle of breeze in the trees. There is no gentle caress of sunlight. There is no sound of eagles. There is only raw sex. Finally I take your clit partly into my mouth and holding the top with my teeth (gently) I lick up on the bottom very fast for about 2 minutes. You are rising to a climax. Just before you cum, I suck you clit into my mouth completely and suck really hard as if I am trying to swallow it.

At last you cum. Your body arches. You twist your nipples. I look into your eyes and you look into mine. You have lust like I have never seen before. You lie back, close your eyes and smile. A smile of satiation. I crawl up beside you, my cock is rock hard still. I kiss you gently. you put your tongue into my mouth. It is a gentle gesture of love and lust wrapped up together. You caress my cock. You ask me if I want to cum and I say: “No not now”. You ask when can we do this again and I say soon. We drift off into a gentle sleep and awake to a beautiful sunset.

Then you tell me a special fantasy you have. We are out to dinner at a very fancy restaurant. You have a short black dress with a low neckline and you have no underwear on. It is elegant. I am dressed in a black suit and very handsome. We are eating oysters before the main course and drinking wine. I have my fingers deep into your pussy and I am gently twirling them around. You are horny as you have never been before. Every time you get close to cumming I stop just enough so you go off the peak, then I slowly start up again. This has been going on for an hour as we keep getting more oysters from the young, very good looking waiter who is drooling over your breasts. They are just about out of your dress and the nipples are very hard and pushing against the top fabric of the neckline.

Then I get under the table and start sucking your pussy. I push my tongue deep into it and lick up and down. I push 2 fingers deep into your cunt and find your G spot, then caress it lovingly. Then I lick your clit softly, then hard, then I suck it into my mouth and lick the tip with my tongue. You release your nipples and start to caress and pull on them. The waiter who is watching and getting hard comes over and leans down and takes one of your nipples in his mouth. He sucks hard. He takes the other nipple between his fingers and pulls and pinches. You are going crazy and rising to a huge cum. The waiter has his cock out and you grab it and start pumping just as you cum. You cum for 5 minutes and nobody stops doing anything until you finish. You are satisfied like you have never been satisfied before, but you want more…

Then we make lust some more…

It is late at night or rather early in the morning. It is pitch black and there is no moon. I awake and you are sleeping lightly. The video camera is in the corner. I get up and turn on the night vision option., switch on the camera and point it to the porch. You are naked and still warm from fucking only a few hours ago. Your breath is calm and you have a wonderful smile on your face . One of satisfaction and subtle lust for more. I lean over and lick your nipples softly. Your groan a little and thrust your beautiful breasts up into my mouth. I do this for about a minute for each nipple. You are waking up a little amidst very erotic dreams. You are dreaming of 7 or 8 very handsome men with very hard cocks licking and caressing your breasts. Your nipples are very, very hard.

I lead you outside to the duvet we keep on the porch. The camera can now see everything we do. I lay you down and open your legs wide. bahis siteleri The air is warm and you can hear the gentle wave action of the ocean close by. I lick your pussy gently up and down slowly, deeply. I do this for a long time. You are getting very wet and horny. You make nice sounds in your throat. You would like this to last all night long. You look up at the stars and you can literally see millions of them. There is no ambient light from a city here and it is stunningly beautiful. There is no sound but the ocean and my sucking sound in your pussy.

I start to lick your clit and I slowly push 2 fingers into your pussy and find your G spot. I rub it in circles. You are now getting really horny, your hips are squirming and you are pulling on your hard nipples. Then you see some images in the sky. They are video camera images of your pussy being licked by me. It is as if they are being projected by the camera. But that cannot be because the camera does not project while recording. And there are so many of them! They are like a kaleidoscope spread across the sky. And you can still see the stars perfectly. This image makes you even more sexually excited and you start to climax, very slowly at first, then very very hard. Your pussy is quivering and pumping juices into my mouth and onto my fingers, but you don’t want me to stop.

“Oh yes keep going, don’t stop, it feels so good, you are so good for me. Make me come again. God, I love it so much” I slow down a little but keep doing exactly what I was doing. In just the right places. Now you look up and see not only images of you pussy being licked, but also images of you sucking my cock. My cock is very large and hard and you have one hand on the shaft and the other caressing my balls. You are sucking hard on the head and licking the end. I am telling you how wonderful if feels and that you are the best cock sucker in the universe. Somehow the camera has mixed in an old image with the one it is taking now. Then you take me deep into your mouth and all the way down your throat. After 5 minutes of deep throating I groan loudly and say that I am just about to come. You are just about to come again now and you tell me.

I quickly turn you over and ram my big cock into you from behind because that is a way I know you like it. You lift up you beautiful ass in the air to give me maximum access. I really drive it hard into your cunt. In and out, in and Out, in and out, but not too far out. Finally we booth come together. Very very very hard. We fall exhausted to the duvet. Finally we get up look at the stars for a while, hand in hand, go into the bedroom, turn off the camera and fall into bed to sleep for a few more hours until daylight when we will wake up and fuck some more.

I wake up with a throbbing cock. It is now a little over 7 inches long and getting thicker as well. You are sucking my cock with your delicious mouth and tongue. You lick it up and down, caressing my balls, sucking the head into your mouth and caressing the shaft with your other hand. When you hear me moaning, you start to deep throat me. You move your head up and down on my cock, taking me deep in your mouth and swallowing the head when it reaches your throat. I am very horny. But just as I about to cum, you squeeze the base of my cock with your fingers and stop sucking at the top of your stroke. You go through this process several more times until I am your slave and I will do whatever you ask. You lie on your back, open your legs wide and tell me to suck your pussy until you are almost ready to cum and then stop. I obey. I lick your pussy with my tongue as deeply as I can up and down the lips up and down the lips for about 5 minutes. You are very wet and hot. Normally I bahis şirketleri would put a couple of fingers deep into your cunt and caress your G spot, but this time I just lick your clit slowly, around the edges, then over it up and down. Then I pull it into my mouth and really suck hard for a while. Then I put my teeth on top and lick up from the bottom. Your are ready to cum. I stop. I do this to you a couple more and now you are really horny.

You command me to get up and I stand there in the dark bedroom with my cock very hard. You get up and kiss my cock hard, then take in your hand and lead me out the sliding doors towards the hot tub. There is a couple fucking in the tub already. You caress my cock with your hand and I caress your nipples with my hand as we watch from the edge of the tub. The girl sees us and quivers even more with pleasure. She has her hands against the edge of the tub, her legs are spread and the guys is fucking her pussy from behind. Long slow stokes that go in deep and come out about half way before going in again. The guy must have about a 10 inch cock and it is very hard and thick. She obviously loves the feel of this cock coming into her hot wet pussy from behind. They have the jets turn on full and the jets are turned to thrust at the girl’s breasts. Hers nipples are very very hard.

She quivers and shouts as she comes with a long drawn out orgasm. The guy comes about half way into her orgasm with his cock buried deep deep inside her pussy. They come down slowly, but the guy’s cock stays hard as he takes it out of her pussy. He notices us for the first time and looks lustily at your magnificent breasts, long legs and juicy cunt with my 2 fingers stuffed into it sliding in and out slowly. He and the girl say hello and we say hello. They get out of the tub and the girl says she and the guy had just met last night and he has promised to fuck her all night long. So far she has come many times and he has come 3 times. But his cock just seems to get harder each time. She grabs his semi hard cock and gleefully informs us that she is taking him back to her room to deep throat him again until he almost cums, than have him lick her pussy till he makes her cum a few times before she will let him fuck her cunt again.

We get into the tub and relax for a few moments but I don’t lose a bit of my erection. Your pussy is still hot and wet. You arrange your pussy over one of the jets so it licks and sucks your pussy with a perfect intensity. You have an almost instant orgasm which goes on for a long time. You moan out loud with pleasure. I slide over a bit and get a water jet on my cock. It gets my cock even harder. It seems to grow under the pressure. You reach your hand over and caress the head lightly, then run your hand up and down the shaft. You are an expert at this and I almost cum but you know exactly when to stop. You are such a tease! We kiss, a long slow kiss, just our mouths and tongues, but with a promise of so much more. We stand in the water and pull each other close, wrapping our bodies around each other, my erection against you stomach. You give it a little caress. I put my finger into your pussy, deep into your pussy.

You are very wet and hot. I turn you around and you find a place where the water jets can jet against your nipples and you bend over and wriggle your ass up towards my cock. I find your pussy and ram my cock deep into it. I stroke in and out slowly. You cum almost instantly, but you tell my to keep going until I cum. You want to feel my hard cock cumming into your wet tight pussy while the water jets pulse onto your nipples. You cum several more times while I am pounding into your pussy from behind. Finally I cum. I cum very hard and long and about half way through you cum too. A long violent cum. You cry out with pleasure and your ass vibrates against the root of my cock. We get out of the tub and walk shakily back to the room. We fuck for the rest of the night.

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