Wedding Anniversary Passion – part1


Wedding Anniversary Passion – part1For our 25th wedding anniversary, I’d booked a mid-week break at Kilronan Castle and spa. It would be the first time I’d got Marina away without the k**s in about 20 years, so I was hoping she would relax. If you’ve read my profile, you’ll know she’s shy and unadventurous, but I reckoned that if nothing happened, at least we could enjoy delicious food and what looked like from the website a very good spa. We were only getting away for the one night, Wednesday, so we decided to set off first thing that morning as we were both looking forward to spending time together, not necessarily in a sexual manner. I wore just my chinos and a casual shirt, Marina in her jeans, a blue leather biker-style jacket I’d bought for her a few years previously and a plain white blouse.It takes us about 20 minutes to reach the motorway and we jut chatted about this and that. Once on the motorway Marina finally said how much she was looking forward to the spa. She took off her jacket and tucker her blouse into her jeans, stretching the fabric of the blouse taut over her chest. She wasn’t wearing a bra! Marina NEVER goes without a bra – things were looking up! She noticed my surprise and smiled. “I thought you might like that,” she said, “but its just for today”. I reached over for a quick grope as we drove along but had my hand pendik escort smacked down. “Later!” was the admonishing.I’d planned a brunch stop at The Jolly Sandwich Bar in Enniskillen and wondered would the bra have to go back on. We parked down near the lake and strolled through the town, Marina braless but with her jacket back on. This being a Wednesday some of the family owned shops were closed, including Mercer’s her favourite jewellers, but Marina enjoyed browsing through the local fashion stores.We both ordered a toasted sandwich, I had a coke, Marina her usual pot of tea and we went to a table beside the front window and waited for our food to be delivered. Next thing I know, Marina took off her jacket and hung it on the back of her chair, the thin material of her blouse clearly showing her tits and their dark pink aerolas. In broad daylight! In Enniskillen! Instant hard-on for me, she just smiled. A younger member of staff brought our order and gave a big smile when she saw Marina. Then she went smiling back behind the counter and I could see her whispering to some of the other female staff. The look of disgust on the older women’s faces was priceless. Marina got a few glances from some of the other diners, admiration from the men, disgust from the women and as we left she reached down and quickly squeezed the bulge in my trousers. escort pendik She turned her head slightly and said “Naughty boy”, then smiling as if everything was normal said a cheery goodbye and thanks to the staff.Back in the car I told her I couldn’t believe what she’d just down and that I really loved the new you. “don’t get used to it” was the warning. Onwards through Belcoo and across the border and the roads became a little more twisty but eventually we arrived at the long drive leading to the stunning Kilronan Castle.After check-in we went up to our room. We’d got a good price, so I had gone a little extra and paid to have a room in the main castle, complete with massive four poster bed. Marina was blown away, the we discovered the massive bathroom, with shower for two. We had an hour before our first spa treatment so Marina suggested we freshen up before heading down to the spa in the basement of the castle. But first she needed to go to the loo!I kicked off my shoes and lay down on the massive bed. It was firm but really comfortable. I heard the bathroom door open and started to get off the bed, but Marina came round the corner and stood in front of me. Blue leather jacket, cute little blue panties and the pearls I had given her on our wedding day. I just stared and she pushed me back down on the bed, getting on the bed and stradling pendik escort bayan me. “Lets have some fun,” she said before leaning over and kissing me, unbuttoning my shirt. I get hard very easily (even just writing this account) and soon I was naked, my wife of 25 years sitting on top of me. Marina stood up, turned around and removed her panties, giving me a great view of her pert sexy ass. My cock was already twitching, and then she turned around to face me. Her pussy was completely smooth, not even a landing strip. She looked down at me – “That’s what you wanted wasn’t it?” I nodded and reached up under her blouse with my left to feel her breasts and gently squeeze her nipples. My right hand moved gently up her legs to her smooth hairless pussy, its lips already engorged with excitement and expectation. She loves having her pussy lips played with before I move on to her clit. Soon she was riding up and down on my cock, her head back, her naked breasts and stiff nipples exposed as her jacket lapels fell to the side, the pearls around her neck jumping up and down. I can tell from her face when she’s ready to cum and squeezed her nipples to heighten her sensations. Marina moaned. Loudly. Again something she never does. She came before me but continued to ride me up and down until I emptied my load deep inside her (so deep I could actually feel the end of the coil she has fitted). Then she collapsed on top of me, both of us panting with exhilaration. We glanced at the clock – we’d just 10 minutes for a quick clean up before the spa!!To be continued…

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