Weekend Hike Gets Naughty


Weekend Hike Gets NaughtyThe weekend had arrived again, and like I do every weekend, I was getting ready to head out on a hike. Once again, my name is Jason and I am a 27 year old, white male, standing at 5 feet, 10 inches tall and weighing in at 145 pounds. I have a toned body with muscular arms and slightly visible abs. My cock is nice and thick and measures in at 6.5 inches and I sport a tight, round, bubble butt that guys absolutely love.As I said, I was getting ready to head out on my weekend hike which meant at some point in time, I was going to get naked. In preparation for my hike I was in my shower shaving off my body hair so that I was nice and smooth. I always shave my chest, back, and ass completely and I shave my balls smooth, but leave a nice trail of hair leading from the base of my belly button to the base of my cock. While shaving I was becoming extremely horny and wanted to push the limits on this hike. Therefore, I thought up the idea of bringing my dildo with me on the hike and fucking my ass while I was out. I knew that there was an abandoned rock quarry on the hike which had a picnic table and sandy ground, and while it had very little in the way of tree cover, I felt it was the perfect place to have some fun. With the plan in place, I went about cleaning and preparing myself for some anal action.After I was clean I existed the shower and began to pack what I needed for my adventure. I got out my backpack and loaded it with a towel, my 6 inch ribbed dildo, lube, some paper towels, my camera, and my GoPro. I also threw in a bunch of condoms, just in case. With my bag packed, I threw on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, but skipped the underwear as it wouldn’t be important, and loaded into my car to make the short drive to the hiking location.Upon reaching my hiking spot, I was growing more excited and horny with every passing minute. The parking lot was quite full as it was a beautiful summer afternoon, but that just made what I was going to do even more exciting. I headed for the trail and began hiking, passing several people and groups along the way. As I approached the quarry though, I decided to be brave and stripped off all my clothes, put them in my backpack and marched to the abandoned quarry. When I got to the quarry, it was empty and I was excited to get the action started. I made my way over to the picnic table, sat down my backpack, and began emptying its contents; the towel, my dildo, the lube, and my cameras. I placed the towel down on the sand in the middle of the quarry and began setting up the cameras bursa escort so that they had a good view of the action. When my setup was complete, I opened the lube and began rubbing it all over my dildo until it was good and slick, then slipped two fingers into my ass and began moving them in and out. The feeling began to consume me as I thrusted my fingers knuckle deep into my tight hole. Eventually I couldn’t take anymore of just my fingers and I needed more; I needed to ride my dildo.With that, I picked up my dildo and made my way over to the towel. I, facing away from the quarry entrance, placed the dildo on the towel, got down on my knees, and began sliding the length of my dildo into my ass. It didn’t take long before the dildo was bottomed out in my ass and I began getting a rhythm going. The dildo was gliding in and out of my ass and I began pounding my ass down onto its base, trying to get every inch of it inside me. I reached back cupping each of my cheeks in each of my hands and stretching my ass wide. I was lost in complete ecstasy. I closed my eyes, tilted my head back, and had my mouth wide open panting and moaning from the pleasure. It was at this moment, while lost in ecstasy, that I realized I was no longer alone in the quarry. With my mouth wide open in mid-moan, I felt something slip inside. Startled slightly, I opened my eyes to see a sexy young man in front of me, and the thing in my mouth, was his cock. I would later learn that this young man was Sam. A 6 foot tall white male with blonde hair, brown eyes, a very muscular body, a 7 inch cock, and chiseled abs which I was now staring at as his cock filled my mouth. When Sam noticed I had opened my eyes a smile crossed his face and he said, “you like that big cock in your mouth slut?” I indicated that I did by taking more of it down my throat. I loved the feeling of Sam’s cock filling my throat as I continued to bounce on my dildo and fill my ass. During the ten minutes I sucked on Sam’s cock, I imagined what it would feel like to have Sam deep inside of me instead of my dildo. Then I remembered the condoms I had put in my backpack. I took Sam’s cock out of my mouth and while stroking it looked at him and asked, “would you like to replace this dildo and fuck me ass?” Sam didn’t say a word, he simply lifted me to my feet and led me towards the picnic table, my dildo falling from my ass as he did.When we reached the picnic table, Sam laid me down on my back, lifted my legs up, and began teasing my hole with the tip of his cock. As he did, I reached over and into bursa escort bayan my bag, pulling out a condom and handing it to him. He didn’t seem pleased and reluctantly opened the package and took the condom out. To help Sam out, I sat up, took the condom from his fingers and began sucking his cock again. When his cock was good and wet, I placed the condom on the tip and slowly unrolled it to the base of his cock using only my mouth. Sam seemed to appreciate that, even though he wasn’t keen on wearing the condom. With his cock wrapped up, I laid back down as Sam lubed up his cock and prepared to slide into my waiting hole.Sam positioned the head of his cock against my entrance as I held my legs up. With one swift push, my back arched and the length of Sam’s cock slide into my ass until he bottomed out. I let out a moan and as I became used to Sam’s cock inside of me, I lowered my legs and wrapped them around Sam’s waist pulling him in closer. Sam responded by slowly pumping the length of his cock in and out of my ass. He would pull back so that only the head of his cock was inside me and then push his length into me until his ball sack was pressing against my ass. Sam was teasing me. I loved the feeling of Sam inside me, and was enjoying his teasing, but I wanted to get fucked! I pulled my legs in so that Sam was pressed up against me, looked into his eyes, and said to him, “fuck me hard!” Sam grinned, broke my legs apart and began pumping hard and fast. He grabbed my legs and pushed them down as he watched his cock plunge in and out of my tight hole. My cock bounced up and down with every thrust until Sam took it in his hand and began stroking me. I moaned as I became lost in the pleasure and I could hear Sam’s balls slap against me. After a few minutes of hard pounding, I felt Sam’s pace slow. Eventually it came to a stop with him balls deep in my ass. I watched as he leaned in, planted a kiss on my lips, and lifted me up and off the picnic table. There I was, suspended in the air by his arms with his cock deep in my ass. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he began bouncing me on his cock, my cock rubbed against his washboard abs as he did. I felt him cup my ass cheeks and spread them apart, allowing his cock more access to my hole. I, kissed his neck as he did. Eventually Sam tired and sat down on the picnic table. I continued to ride his cock as my cock bounced up and down on his abs, continually making a slapping sound because of the pre-cum that was now flowing from its head. I now took the roll of cupping my cheeks escort bursa and spreading my ass apart as Sam laid back and enjoyed the feeling of his cock being gripped tight by my ass. I bounced wildly on Sam’s rock hard cock until I tired and fell on top of him. He responded my giving me a kiss and telling me, “it’s time for me to finish doggystyle,” and with that, I hopped off of Sam’s cock and got down on my hands and knees on the picnic table.Before filling my hole once more, Sam decided he would reposition the cameras over by my towel to catch the finale. I was excited and told Sam to “give me his load.” He said to me, “oh, you’re going to get it” to which I replied, “where?” He would only tell me, “you’ll see” and I waited in anticipation. Sam came up behind me, grabbed the lube, and reapplied, then he put one foot up on the bench of the picnic table and I momentarily felt the head of his cock on my hole before the length of his cock slipped inside. It felt good to be full again. Sam picked up where he had left off while fucking me missionary and was driving his cock in hard and fast. He alternated between grabbing my hips and my shoulders in order to pull me in, ensuring that all of his cock was buried in my ass. I moaned loudly and the sound of our bodies slapping together grew louder and louder. Apparently so loud, we were drawing onlookers. Since I was now facing the entrance to the quarry, I could see people coming to take a look. Some only appeared briefly, while other stood there and began playing with themselves as they watched the action. Those who had stuck around for the action were going to see the grand finale; Sam bust a huge load.I could tell that Sam was getting close; he was continually pounding my ass hard and his breathing was beginning to become heavy. He started slapping my ass and asking me, “do you want this big load?” I told him “yes, give me your hot creamy load,” and with that, Sam grabbed my hips one final time and slammed his cock into me harder than he had been doing before. I heard Sam start to grunt and felt his cock pulsating inside my ass. I moaned loudly as I felt the last few pumps of Sam’s cock inside me as he leaned onto my back and began kissing it. Through my moans I told Sam to, “take the condom off and I’ll drink your hot cum.” As I did, Sam, with his cock still in my ass, reached around my face, shoved the condom in my mouth and said, “no need, I just filled your ass.” It turns out that just as he was about fuck me doggystyle he slipped the condom off and fucked me raw. With that, Sam smacked my ass one final time, slipped his cock out of my ass with a *pop* and proceeded to grab his clothes and exit the quarry. I was left bent over on the picnic table as cum began to leak out of my hole and down my leg.

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