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Driving is difficult with an erection but that’s what happens when you receive a dirty phone call just before picking her up from the station.

The previous week has been full of phone calls, phone sex and masturbation when the conversation turns to her skimpy underwear, her shaved pussy and her swelling nips whilst she runs her vibrator over them, thinking of your dick sliding into her.

Arriving at the station you arrange your dick so as to not be so obvious in your aroused state when you walk up to the building. Her train pulls in and you wait. Your mind drifts back to those panties, her pussy dripping her dew into them. Some old dears get off the train, pulling their oversized trunks onto the platform, but you hardly notice them, your thoughts wandering over her silken nether lips, the texture of them on your tongue. A mother with her child in a pushchair disembarks. Still you wait. The erection in your pants is clearly evident now, a teenage girl walking past points it out to her friend and laughs, but you don’t care. Finally She climbs off the train and straight into your waiting arms.

You güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri have to stop from eating her in your kiss right there, don’t want the laughing kids to put you off from your aim, to get her home and naked as soon as you can.

Your erection seems almost painful in your trousers as you walk back to your car. As you talk about her journey your gaze crosses those breasts, the nipples almost visible through her light top. Your memory of those wonderful globes is of her hands carressing them through her bra, pulling the cups aside and holding them in her hands before kneading them, the nipples husky pink, standing to attention.

On the drive home her hand rests on your thigh then reaches for your dick, caressing you through the fabric, tickling the head, the precum leaking from you. She slowly tugs at your zip and slips her hand inside your trousers, stroking your hard rod through your boxers. She comments on how hard you are, how she wants to take you into her willing mouth and lick you, taste your cum in her mouth.

She wants to feel güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri this wondeful thing inside her, filling her pussy, making her want it more and more until her cunt spasms around it, making her cry out in thrills of extacy.

Your house doesn’t come soon enough, and your hand fumbles with the key as it shakes in anticipation.

You enter the front room her hand is on your shirt, the buttons almost flying off as she rips it from you to caress your chest before wandering to your trousers, the zip still open. She mutters how much she has wanted your dick in her mouth, how she wants to taste the juices that flow so freely from you, the scent of your manhood, the texture.

Her lips enfold you, sinking three inches over your head before flicking her tongue over the glans. Your balls twitch in reaction.

Your hands wander naturally over her head, through her hair, pulling her head onto you, wanting her to pull you in deeper, deep into her throat.

You feel you can take no more, you pull her from you, you don’t want to cum there, you want güvenilir bahis şirketleri to taste her as she has tasted you.

Pushing her to the floor you lift her skirt, pull aside her thong and plunge you head for her flower, your tongue tracing a line from her bare cleft down over her labia.

Around and around your tongue draws closer to her centre, the flowing musk of her pussy, lapping on the edge before dipping into her sex. Her juices flow onto your tongue and you savour the taste, the milky fluid as you swallow, the aroma filling your nostrils as this woman groans under your touch.

“Fuck me” she pleads and you move. Covering her, both mainly dressed you thrust your loins to meet hers. Your dick feels little resistance as you pass her entrance to bury yourself within her.

You move frantically, the pressure building once more in your balls, and all of a sudden you are over the edge, past the point of no return.

Your senses explode when you cum inside her, spreading your seed in the place it belongs, deep within this woman. She has come to you to treat her how she loves, to be used and used over and over again. You never want this feeling to end and you continue to stroke her from within. Her own orgasm builds, she pulls you deeper and she cums, her mouth open, her eyes closed.

You know there will be more, but right now this is bliss and you wish it would never end.

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