Welcome To The Cum Factory Ch. 8


Chris woke up late again on Sunday. After fucking Cindy one more time, and blowing another huge load down her throat, he had managed to get home and crash. Just your average Saturday night fucking your classmate’s mom.

He woke up with a massive hard-on, however, thinking about the afternoon with Casey which lay ahead. After showering and eating, he headed over to the Marks’ house around mid-afternoon. He knocked softly on the front door. Cindy answered it immediately. She was wearing a long silk robe.

“Hey there, big boy,” she said leaning in close and kissing him deeply. He felt her hand reach down and grab his crotch, which was already starting to fill out. “Come on in. Casey’s laying out by the pool. You know the plan. “

“Sure. ” Chris went into the playroom in the back of the house and started to strip down. Cindy walked in as he was finishing getting undressed carrying a large ribbon. She came up and dropped the ribbon on the couch.

“Oh wow,” she said staring at his growing cock. “Even after last night, I still can’t get over how wonderful that cock is!” She said. She looked up at him with a smile and pulled open her robe, revealing her amazing, naked body. Chris was now rock hard. She walked up and pushed him back onto the couch, before kneeling between his knees. She took his long, hard member in her hand and curled her long tongue around his cock and over and around his cockhead. She began giving him a slow, fantastic blowjob, taking his cock in her mouth and slowly bobbing her head up and down his shaft. Chris lay his head back and moaned. Reluctantly, Cindy pulled away. “I want more of that later,” she said with a wink. “Now it’s time for Casey’s present. ” She got up tied her robe, and got the ribbon, draping it over Chris’s chest so that the oversized bow covered his crotch. Then she walked over to the door leading to the backyard and opened it.

“Casey, sweetey, can you come here a minute?” she yelled out to the pool. She stepped just outside the door.

“Whoa,” Chris muttered to himself as he saw Casey through the window walk up the steps from the pool. She was wearing an incredibly skimpy lime green string bikini. Her huge tits were jiggling all over the place as she half jogged up the steps, covered only by two very small triangles, the sides of her tits clearly exposed and bulging. Her toned, flat stomach was tanned and glistening. She came up and hugged her mom. Chris’s cock stirred has he watched these two beautiful bodies embrace. He could overhear Cindy’s illegal bahis conversation with her daughter.

“Hey, sweetheart. Well, I thought it was time to give you your birthday present. I know I’ve been strict with you over the years, and you’ve handled it very well. You’ve done a great job in school and I’m very proud of you. Now my little baby is 18, and I think you’ve earned the right to spread your wings. I wanted to help get you started. So… your present from me is waiting inside,” Cindy said with a smile and wave of her hand.

Casey smiled and then walked through the door. “OH MY… !!” She exclaimed, bringing her hands to her mouth in totoal shock as she saw Chris. She looked into his eyes for a moment, before her eyes were drawn, as if by magnetism, to the bow covering his crotch. She spun around, giving Chris a great view of her perfectly round, hear-shaped, high, toned ass revealed by her thong bikini pants. “Mom!! Are you kidding!!”

“Nope,” Cindy said as she walked in behind Casey. “He’s all yours. Every bit of him,” she said with a wink and a laugh. She gave Casey a big hug and kiss on the cheek. “Happy birthday, honey. Have fun!!” With that she turned and walked up the stairs, closing the door at the top behind her.

Casey turned back toward Chris, her hands still up by her mouth. Chris smiled. “Happy Birthday, Casey!!” he said.

“Oh my God!! Thanks. I mean… ” she whispered in disbelief. “Is this for real? I don’t know what to say!”

“Why don’t you come over here so I can give you a birthday kiss,” Chris said.

Casey just stood there mesmorized for a moment, before slowly walking over to him. She sat down next to him. Chris put his arm around her and pulled her close, kissing her slowly but passionately. Casey was nervous, and reluctant at first, but slowly became swept up in the kiss and began kissing Chris back. Before long they were kissing wildly, and Chris pulled her close, feeling her tits press agaisnt him, her nipples getting hard. Casey moaned as she ran her hand over Chris’s chest. Chris pulled back. “Would you like to unwrap you present?”

“Oh, God, yes!! I’ve been thinking about nothing but your cock since Friday night, Chris. I wanted you so badly the other night,” Casey said, as she reached out and tore the ribbon over his chest. She pulled it off of him, and he sat there completely naked, his cock rock hard and throbbing. “Ooohhhhh!!” Casey moaned staring at him. She reached out slowly and wrapped her small fingers around his shaft. illegal bahis siteleri “Oh wow!! It’s incredible. I can’t believe I’m holding your cock. I mean… I’m a… ” She whispered.

“Well, maybe we’ll do something about that,” Chris said with a laugh. As Casey began stroking his cock up and down his shaft, Chris reached up and pulled the string of her bikini top hanging on the back of her neck. He untied it easily and her top fell off quickly, releasing those incredible tits. “Wow. You’ve got an incredible body, Casey. “

Casey shook herself out of the trance she was in staring at Chris’s dick. “You think? You, you really want me?”

“Are you kidding? Me and every guy in the school,” Chris laughed.

“Well, I’m yours, Chris. I want you to take me. I want that big cock of yours. You can do anything, Chris, anything. I just want your cock!!” Casey said, forgetting her nervousness and succumbing to her urges.

Chris kissed her again, and then worked his way down her neck to her tits, greedily sucking her nipples into his mouth and kneeding those huge, pillowy mounds. Casey wrapped her hands around his head, pulling him into her chest, moaning loudly. Chris let a hand wander down and come to rest on top of her mound. He could feel the heat eminating from her crotch and that she was already getting wet. He pulled her bikini bottoms to the side and let a finger slide over her pussy before slipping inside.

“OHHHHH!! YES!! YES!!” Casey moaned, beginning to buck her hips against Chris’s hand. This girl’s going to be as wild in the sack as her mom, Chris thought with a smirk. Casey reached down and pulled her thong off, giving Chris better access. He slid down her body and between her legs. He let his tongue wander up and down her pussy lips before settling in on her swelling clit, which he attacked with abandon. This sent Casey into a whirlwind.

“AAAAAHHHHH!! OH!! OH!! YES!! YEAH!! FUCK YES!! OH GOD THAT’S INCREDIBLE!! OH, MY… CHRIS!! I’M CUMMMMMMMMM!!” She couldn’t even finish as her initial intense orgasm swept over her. She bucked and thrashed wildly beneath Chris, squeezing his head between her thighs tightly. Chris had thought about seeing if Casey had inherited any of her mother’s cocksucking abilities, but he decided he would find that out later. Right now, he had to fuck that virgin pussy. He climbed up the couch over her. Casey was panting, trying hard to catch her breath. Then she felt his thick swollen cockhead press against her pussy.

“OH, CHRIS, canlı bahis siteleri YESSSSS!! PLEASE FUCK ME!! MAKE ME A WOMAN, CHRIS!! FUCK ME!! FUCK THAT HUGE COCK INTO ME!! PLEASE, PLEASE!!” She screamed, still writing beneath him, pushing her hips up toward him, urging him to fuck her.

Chris slowly leaned his hips forward and slid his cock into her. They both moaned deeply. Chris could not get over how tight she was. Not to mention blazing hot and wet. He got about a quarter of the way into her before feeling the pressure he was anticipating. “This might hurt a little,” he whispered in a pant.

Casey looked into his eyes and then kissed him. She wrapped her arms around his waist and grabbed his ass. In a forceful move, she pulled him toward her, and Chris pushed pass the pressure and plunged all the way into her tight cunt. Casey’s mouth opened wide as she tried to adjust to the sensations of being completely filled with cock for the first time. Chris just lay there for a moment, letting her come to grips. After only a moment, Casey leaned her head back and moaned, “Oh, wow!! Sooooo good!! Fuck me, Chris!! Fuck me hard!!”

Chris smiled and pulled about ¾ of the way out before pounding his long cock into her tight cunt. He got into a steady rhythm as he began fucking her in earnest. They were both moaning and screaming. Chris could not get over how intense this was, almost better than when he lost his virginity. Casey wrapped her legs around his waist and bucked her hips into his, meeting his thrusts. “OH, YEAH!! I’M CUMMMING!! OOOOHHHHHHH!!” She screamed.

Casey squeezed Chris against her as her whole body shook with an incredibly powerful orgasm. The quivering of her tight pussy was too much and Chris felt himself nearing the edge. “Oh, Casey!! I’m, I’m… “


Chris quickly pulled out of her cunt. Casey squeezed her tits together just as Chris moved up and unleashed one of the biggest loads of his life. Rope after thick rope of his hot cum shot coated Casey’s tits. As his semen covered her nipples, Casey fell into another quivering orgasm as wave after wave washed through her. Shot after shot erupted from Chris’s cock as they both moaned in ecstasy. Finally, Chris’s cum subsided. Casey continued moaning and panting as she rubbed his cum all over her tits before bringing her hands up and licking them clean. Then she pulled Chris down on top of her in a tight embrace.

“Oh, Chris. That was the most amazing experience of my life. That was incredible!!”

It was, Chris thought, feeling something for this girl he had not felt before. But then he felt something he knew he would feel more of – Casey’s hand had moved to take hold of his throbbing, hard cock.

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