What are Slaves For?


The stoned-faced men standing guard were obvious to the young male slave as he scaled the monstrously high walls of the Atilius Villa. They didn’t set eyes on his lithe form as he slipped inside the main chambers that housed the Dominus and his family.

As silent as a cat, Gannicus made his way along the tiled floor of the exquisitely beautiful house. He has heard many tales spoken about the unparalleled beauty of this villa and the immense wealth of the Dominus Crixus Atilius. Panting heavily, he strode past gold gilded pillars and vast chambers shrouded in darkness. They looked like prospective hiding places but he was wary of being caught. His heart pounded in terror at the thought of being handed back to his owners. He thanked his lucky stars that he had been able to escape unharmed. He would rather die than go back to the Cassius Villa.

Approaching a chamber that was brightly lit up, he quickly hid behind a pillar before he could be spotted by the standing guards on sight. He darted into an adjacent corridor lit by a row of torches. One of the opposite walls of the corridor was punctuated with holes that one can utilize to gaze into the rooms in the hall. Attracted by the sound of music and the smell of food and something else that sounded a lot like the groans and moans of sexual pleasure, he leaned over the wall and peered into one of the holes. The sight he beheld heated his blood and awakened his libido.

There was an orgy going on in the room. Gannicus drank in the sight of the writhing naked bodies of men and women that were lost in a sensual world of pleasure. There were women who he recognized as Dominas present, being fucked in all the various sexual positions known to man by the male slaves of the villa whilst their husbands watched on or engaged in similar trysts themselves. He was so enflamed by the two slave girls who were passionately licking at each other’s cunts that he almost groaned out his frustration. It was then he set eyes on the son of the Domina of the villa, Marcus Atilius. He was furiously pumping his cock into the arse of Illithia, the wife of the great General Cornelius of the fifth legion of the Roman Army. She was moaning and writhing underneath him in encouragement.

Gannicus wanted to remain and watch but he knew he needed to find a place to hide before he was detected. The orgy was an indication that the other rooms in the villa were probably empty. He could hide into one of them till morning and find a way out of the villa. He planned to earn enough money for him to be able to leave Capua for good. His fate laid elsewhere and not in remaining a slave for the rest of his life. Jupiter was his witness; he was not going to die a slave! Carefully, he opened the door of the next chamber in the hall and silently closed it. Before he could breathe a sigh of relief, he felt the cool steely edge of a dagger thrust painfully into his back.

‘Put your hands up and slowly turn around before I drive this dagger into you,’ the husky sound of a female voice hissed into the room. ‘Do it now,’ she snarled when he seemed to hesitate.

Gannicus cursed under his breath at his carelessness and proceeded to do as he was told. He slowly turned around into the brightly lit chamber and faced the woman who had his life at her mercy. She took a step back as they stood face to face and he sucked in a breath of wonder at the ethereal beauty he beheld. The dagger that now pointed at his stomach was long forgotten. He was transfixed, enchanted, a hypnotic spell woven around him and he was helpless to stop the smile that slowly curved around his lips. He had stepped right into paradise because this was how he had always pictured angels looked like.

‘Quit smiling, you brute!’ she hissed, her eyes flashing sapphire fire, they were truly the most magnificent colour of blue in existence and Gannicus wanted to stare into their depths for all eternity. ‘What are you doing here, slave? Are your owners attending the orgy?’

Gannicus shook his head, forcing himself to sober up as a brilliant plan began to form in his head. ‘My name is Gannicus Canius and I’ve escaped from the Cassius Villa. There are guards who are scouring the streets in search for me. They are ordered to kill me on sight.’

The ferocious expression on her lovely face softened somewhat but the dagger was still in place. ‘Why did you escape?’ she enquired in a neutral voice, her gaze intently fixed on his face.

‘I had committed a grave crime and wasn’t ready for the punishment my Dominus wanted to inflict and so I made a run for it and scaled the walls of the first villa that came in sight,’ he answered her honestly, maintaining eye contact in order to convince her that he spoke the truth.

She finally dropped the dagger, an indication that she believed him. She sauntered to her bed and sat on the edge. ‘What crime did you commit?’ He chose to ignore the question. Leaning against the wall, he asked one instead. ‘Pardon me for asking but who are you?’

Even though he fairly had a good idea who she was, he wanted to hear her confirm emek escort it. He has overheard Marcus bragging several times that he had the most beautiful sister in the entire Roman Empire. He hadn’t been exaggerating. She was blessed with the most exquisitely beautiful face with deep soulful eyes, an upturn nose and a sensual mouth that was made for kissing. She had auburn red hair that was piled high atop her head and held together by pins. Wayward tendrils of that silky hair framed her oval face and fell around her slender, swan-like graceful neck. Her peach silk dress opened to show her generous cleavage. The flimsy dress didn’t do much to cover her thighs and her long legs. Staring at this siren alone aroused Gannicus in a way that made his already hard cock throb for release. He ached to be buried in her softness, to be lost in her feminine beauty as they brought each other untold pleasure.

His gaze travelled back to her face and the primal lust that pounded at his loins must have been visible on his face for her own eyes clouded with an unreadable expression.

‘My name is Lucretius Atilius,’ she replied in a slightly breathless voice. ‘I am the daughter of the Dominus of this villa.

Even her name sounded like a sensual delight designed to drive a man crazy. Was there anything about this fascinating creature that wasn’t appealing? The plan he had devised was not going to be difficult to execute at all.

‘Tell me, Gannicus,’ she began softly, pulling her long beguiling legs up the bed, ‘give me one good reason why I shouldn’t have you taken back to the Cassius Villa.’

‘It would be in your best interest to keep me here, alive, where I can give you what you crave,’ he whispered huskily, eyes boring into hers suggestively.

She smiled, surprisingly revealing a pair of dimples and his heart skipped a beat. He was hooked and he didn’t know how to escape, wasn’t even sure he wanted to.

‘And what is this desire of mine?’

He ambled over to her bed and picked up the book that she had been leafing through. It was a book that contained erotic images, vividly depicted in a way that made them seemed alive. Beside it lay a marble dildo which he also picked up and waved in the air with a wicked grin. ‘Isn’t it obvious? The reason that you are cooped up in your room planning to pleasure yourself instead of joining an orgy is because—’

‘Is because unlike my brother, I’m not an exhibitionist,’ she cut in tartly. ‘I have no desire to have sex in front of several people. I have no shortage of lovers. What were you going to say? That I’m need of a man to take care of my needs instead of doing it myself…’

‘I was going to say that you need me to take care of your needs,’ he growled in a low voice, gently sitting on the bed beside her. He caught a waft of her scent and a shiver of arousal ran down his spine. ‘I am unlike any lover you have ever had, Lucretia,’ he breathed seductively. ‘I have the capability to fulfill every fantasy you’ve ever had, every forbidden desire, I can take you to places you never knew existed but have been yearning for. Just give me the chance to prove it you, right here, right now,’ he finished on a sigh, gaze transfixed on her lovely face.

She stared back at him for a while before getting up from the bed and turned her back on him. She was contemplating his words, he thought. Gannicus knew without a doubt that she was going to say yes. His seductive charms have never failed him and they never would.

Deep breaths, Lucretia… deep breaths, she muttered to herself, wringing her hands anxiously. She closed her eyes and exhaled loudly, the action seemingly bringing her a measure of calmness. What was she going to do? Did she want to give in to his proposal? Stupid question, she did want to give in. But should she? She had never been with a slave before but this one was more tempting than any she had ever met. And a troublemaker to boot apparently.

Turning around, her heart rate picked up its pace as she saw him taking off his shirt. Oh she wanted this slave alright. He had the face of a god and a body that rivaled the fittest of gladiators. His face was angular, features chiseled to perfection, golden brown eyes that made her heart flutter every time she gazed into their depths. He was a vision to behold, a magnificent man that was made to be lusted and coveted by women of all status. She licked her lips and proceeded forward as he threw his tunic on the floor. Her mind was made up. Lucretia Atilius was going to devour this delicious treat.

‘Let’s see if your actions are as impressive as your words,’ she husked lightly, straddling him. She moaned unapologetically as her drenched sex connected with his hard throbbing prick. Her hands held on to his wide muscled shoulders as their eyes collided on a hot gaze, the burning desire in hers reflected his.

‘I am going to rock your world,’ he avowed with a grin. ‘Now kiss me.’

She wasn’t about to be told twice. Lowering her head, she covered her mouth with his and their lips merged in a passionate eryaman escort kiss. Lucretia moaned low in her throat as he snaked his wet tongue in the hot cavern of her mouth and curled it around hers. She felt as if she had been transported into another planet were only pleasure existed and nothing else. His mouth dueled with hers; their tongues tangling savagely.

Everything seemed to disappear for Lucretia as she kissed Gannicus over again and again. His taste was more intoxicating than the most potent of wines and right at that moment, she was drowning in lust, consumed with the need for more. His hands caressed her silk-covered back with an expertise that made her shiver with delight. Then they proceeded to roughly cup her soft buttocks as she wantonly rocked against his huge erection.

Suddenly, he roughly pushed her away, his heavy panting breaths marching her own as he stood up and faced her. He ripped her dress and threw away the tatters as he was in a hurry to behold her naked form.

Gannicus tried to see clearly through the fog of desire that clouded his vision. Had he ever been gripped by such a strong hunger to possess? His brain was finding it difficult to process the absolute naked beauty that stood before him. He was surprised by the fact that his hands were trembling as they touched her soft skin. He slowly ran his hands over her abdomen until his fingers began to caress the undersides of her breasts.

Those generous creamy breasts rose and fell with each labored breath she took. Pink nipples jutted out invitingly, begging for his mouth and proving to be too much of a temptation for him to resist.

She groaned out loud as he bent his head and sucked on the erect nipple almost painfully. His enjoyment at giving pleasure was almost as great as hers. He continued to suck relentlessly as her erotic moans further enflamed him. His hand travelled down her abdomen and tentatively touched her sex. She was hot and wet and so soft that he almost came in his pants. He stroked her for a while until the desire to taste consumed. He unceremoniously threw her on the bed. She lied on her back. Her lovely face flushed to a bright red, her eyes shining brightly with desire. Her nipples were puffy from his attention. Her creamy skin gleamed in the torch-lit chamber. Her sexy legs were wide apart, exposing her swollen red cunt and erect clit. Gannicus closed his eyes and prayed for control. How his cock ached to be buried in her feminine softness.

With two hurried strides, he was seated on the bed between her legs.

‘If only you could see how beautiful you look spread out before me as you are,’ he said in a voice that had turned gravelly with arousal.

Before, she could respond to that, he slipped two fingers into her slippery softness. She gasped out loud, almost bounding off the bed when he rotated those fingers inside of her.

‘Gannicus,’ she breathed. ‘Fuck me please.’

He grinned, the wicked bastard he was enjoyed her sexual agony greatly. ‘Not yet.’

He removed his fingers from her burning pussy and rubbed her cream all over her breasts. As she watched him with wanton eyes, he slowly licked his fingers.

‘Mmm… delicious,’ he moaned. ‘Such beautiful tits … could drive a man crazy.’ He licked her breasts, biting at her nipples, holding her hips steady as she writhed on the bed.

‘I want to fuck you so badly,’ he husked in her ear. He captured her mouth in a deep kiss before she could reply.

He abruptly pulled away and regarded her under his thick long lashes.

‘Lick me,’ she whispered softly. ‘I want to feel your tongue on my pussy.’

‘Beg,’ he demanded wickedly, mouth hovering above her wet sex, she could feel his breath on her sensitive aroused flesh.

‘Please, Gannicus. Lick my cunny.’

Gannicus almost fainted as he kissed her soft vaginal lips. Her cream was a delight on his taste buds and he wanted to lap as much of it as he could. His tongue flicked over her clit and then latched on to it, the desire to suck it was overpowering and he gave in. Her cries of passion as he pleasured her made him feel invincible, as if he had just defeated the champion of Capua and was the strongest gladiator alive.

‘Oh I’m coming, Gannicus,’ she announced breathlessly, right before her body began to quake powerfully in the throes of her orgasm. He eagerly devoured all the delicious wetness that gushed out of her sex. He couldn’t seem to get enough of her taste. He pulled away and made a hasty work of removing his pants.

Lucretia whimpered faintly as his massive cock sprang free. Her vaginal muscles clenched violently and another mini orgasm racked her body. She stared in fascination as he roughly stroked the large prick.

‘See how hard my cock is for you,’ he growled out, briefly closing his eyes, obviously savoring the pleasure that his hands brought him.

She knelt on the bed as he did and slanted her mouth over his, moaning in her throat as his addictively potent taste crept into her being. Her hands ran the extensive length ankara escort of his back, loving the hard feel of muscles below the soft skin. Her fingers trailed down to his hard buttocks and her hands gripped the hard cheeks. His chest rumbled and she knew he liked that.

She reluctantly broke the kiss, wanting to acquaint herself with every inch of his magnificent body. Her hands caressed his chest softly, kissing his neck, deeply inhaling his spicy scent. Her pussy juices began to flow anew as she licked his erect nipples. He chanted her name as if it were a prayer and Lucretia couldn’t remember ever feeling this glorious, ever feeling this deeply connected to another human being or wanting one with the gut-wrenching desire she felt for Gannicus.

She took hold of his cock, loving the way it throbbed hotly in her hands. Her eyes riveted on the beautiful penis. It was harder than iron and smoother than the finest of leathers. The slit in the bulbous head was moistly covered. Her fingers trailed down the heated pink flesh filled with the red blood of an aroused male. He closed his eyes again, groaning in tortured pleasure as she stroked him. Lucretia ached for more, yearned for his essence. Bending down, she took him in her mouth. Her tongue licked the head as her mouth got accustomed to his girth. The taste of his pre-cum wetted her appetite for more. She took all of him in her mouth and began to expertly suckle.

‘Jupiter’s cock!’ Gannicus cursed out loud, his brain scrambled with pleasure. ‘Lucretia, my cock in your mouth feels like paradise… it feels so good, my venus.’

Determined to drive him over the edge, one of her hands began to fondle his sperm-filled balls delicately whilst the other wound around his tight buttocks. She used two of her fingers to penetrate his arse-hole. He gasped and growled out in ecstatic abandon, shaking from head to toe. His hands tangled in her hair as he urged her on.

With the way she was finger-fucking his arse and sucking on his cock, it wasn’t long before his release came. He shouted it out, depositing large globules of hot delicious salty spunk in Lucretia’s mouth and she greedily swallowed to the last drop. She resumed her kneeling position, returning the satisfied grin he was wearing on his sinfully handsome face.

‘Are you ready to be fucked?’ he husked crudely.

Her eyes darted down at his cock and returned to his face in surprise. ‘You are still hard.’

He gently pushed her on the bed and she dropped flat on her back. ‘You don’t have any idea how much I want to feel that juicy cunt of yours around my hard dick now do you?’ he rumbled out, parting her legs.

‘I think I have a clue,’ she rejoined saucily, her eyes lighting up with longing. Jupiter, she was beautiful, he thought in admiration. Her hair had rebelliously escaped its pins. It gloriously spread out on the white sheet, the silky tresses forming a halo around her face. She bit her bottom lip, inhaling sharply as his fingers went around her thighs in preparation for his invasion.

‘I am going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before.’ His words were punctuated by the deliberate penetration of his cock. ‘I am going to bury my dick so deep in your pussy that you will never want me to pull out.’

‘Just get on with it already,’ she growled out impatiently, getting frustrated by the fact that he still wasn’t fully inside her.

‘Be careful what you ask for,’ he warned teasingly as he rammed the full length of his aroused cock deep within her tight hungry cunt.

They groaned in unison at the bliss the delicious contact brought. The soft confines of her warmth enclosed him snugly. He slowly started to move. Lucretia arched her back and let out a moan. Her hands circled his waist; urging him to move faster. Their eyes met and held. He increased the tempo and watched with pleasure as her face twist with ecstasy. They built a rhythm. She marched him thrust for thrust.

All the pent-up longing and desire that had been building inside her since the moment she had set eyes on this wonderful man were fast approaching a zenith of no return body.

Without warning, he pulled out of her channel and flipped her over face down. Gannicus groaned with renewed lust, staring at her upturned buttocks. His hands travelled down her back and molded her softer than silk ass-cheeks. Her whimpers of delight mingled with his pants of impatient need.

‘You have the most perfect ass I have ever been fortunate to touch,’ he praised gruffly, fingers digging into the soft flesh. ‘It is so round and smooth… sexy as hell.’ He spread soft kisses all over the twin cheeks. His tongue darted inside her crease and delightedly licked the puckered hole. She wreathed underneath him, screaming and yelling as the sensations his tongue ignited consumed her totally. He continued to lick and suck until she begged him to take her again.

Breathing hard, his cock entered her from the behind in one powerful thrust. He rammed into her again and again with such brutal force that the bed creaked in protest. Gannicus was out of control, thoroughly ruled by his unbridled lust to fuck her until they both couldn’t move. Her vaginal muscles clenched around his pulsating prick almost painfully and he completely lost himself in the mind-blowing pleasure that being buried inside her brought.

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