When I met Annie


When I met AnnieIt’s my first try and pure fictionOne of my c***dhood friends invited me to his birthday in some campingsite on seaside. I was surprised, I had lost touch with the guy years ago. First I though I won’t go, venue is in the middle of nowhere, I’d lose all weekend and probably won’t know most of the people in there. Then I had busy couple of weeks at work and really needed a break. So what the hell, I’ll go and give it a tryI was one of the last to arrive, I reckognised few faces, said hellos, had a toast with birthday boy and settled down with a drink. There was loud music coming from the distance, somebody explained that some k**s have another party on the other side of the compoundI had surprisingly good time, chatting with strangers, walking around. At some point two parties met in the middle of the site and alcohol helped to create new bonds. I ended up chatting with a young girl, she said her name is Annie. It was her sister’s twentieth birthday and her parents made the ultimate present by not attending the party. Somehow we clicked, we walked away from the party, talked. There was some kissing and fondling but nothing more. I was getting tired, rough week and few too many drinks took its tollI woke up because somebody moved next to me. I opened my eyes, starting to remember last night. I was in the bed, in the caravan appointed to me. I turned my head and saw Annie next to me, my arm around her. I lifted the blanket, we both had our underwear on.”Good morning, sunshine” she smiled to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I had some blanks from last night, how did we end up in bed togehter and did something happen? She seemed to read my mind. “Relax, you were a gentleman, we just kissed and cuddled a bit and you fell a sleep” I wasn’t sure should I be relieved or disapointed. “How old are you? I think I didn’t ask last night”. “F*****n,” she said with a smirk. “And you?” “I’m 39” “Really, you look lot younger and you’re quite fit” I almost blushedShe jumped out of bed and grabbed a bottle of water from the table. I looked at her, she was short, really skinny,I think my arms were bigger than her legs. She had medium lenght blondish hair. She was wearing white cotton panties and a bra. To be honest, she almost didn’t need a bra, she probably had AA cup, her dark nipples glowing through the fabric. I love small tits, I could get my eyes off her while trying to be not too obvious. She didn’t seem to be embarrased of her skimpy outfit. She walked around the caravan, looked out of the window and the walked back to the bed. “Can I take a ciggie from you?” “Sure, it’s in my jacket pocket”She walked back to the table, found ciggies and a lighter from my pocket and sat down on the chair. Her legs were spread and cameltoe clearly visible. All this had expected effect on me and I couldn’t hide a lump under the blanket. She saw it too and just giggled a bit. She finished the ciggie and said she’s going to take a shower. She walked towards the shower room, unhooking her bra on the way, taking it off just before entering but without turning aroundI was on fire. I started jacking off under the blanket but then noticed that shower door was ajar. Did she leave it open intentionally? “Stop it, she’s just f*****n!” I told bahis siteleri myself. But my cock was stronger than my brain. I got up from the bed and walked to the door. I took a deep breath, opened the door, stepped in and pulled shower curtan aside.She had her back to me, I had a glance of her little tasty ass but she turned around instantly. She wasn’t scared or surprised, she didn’t try to cover herself, she just stood there. Her small skinny body, her little titties and her hairless pussy killed last of my brainfunction. I pulled my boxers down, exposing the raging hard on. Her eyes widened a bit but she still did’t show any signs that situation might be uncomfortable to her.I closed the water, grabbed her into my arms and walked back to living area. I threw her on the bed, she laid on her back and opened her legs, she knew what was going to happen. I climbed on top of her and rammed my cock into her pussy. She wasn’t a virgin but she was real tight. I just laid like that for a second to savour the moment and then started pumping. She had surrendering look in her eyes whcih turned me on even more. Knowing that she wouldn’t be able to fight me off even if she wanted to, seeing that little body under me, feeling tightest pussy I’ve ever had around my cock, it all had effect on me and after minute or two I emptied myself inside her.I collapsed and couldn’t move fro few moments. Then I pulled out and roll off her and put my arm around her. I felt really guilty, I guess she saw the look on my face. “It’s OK, I wanted it too” and she gave me a kiss. I put my hand on her little breast and played with her nipple. “Sorry for not using the condom.” “No worries, I like it better without and will take the morning after pill later” Wow, this girl was too good to be true. “Sorry for coming so quick, but you really turned me on” “What are you talking about? You lasted longer than the guys I’ve been with before!” For sure she hasn’t been with men, just boys. I kissed her and kept fondling her tiny breast. I sat up so I could look at her little naked body. She wasn’t ashamed, but seemed to enjoy it or at least didn’t want to cover herself. “How many guys have you been with if you don’t mind me asking?”She didn’t mind. She had lost her virginity about a year ago to bit older guy who said he loves her. Of course he didn’t even want to know her after he got what he wanted. She cried her eyes out because of that and decided that she won’t have any feelings, just sex, that one time assured her that she likes it. After that she had fucked two guys few times and gave a blowjob to third one so she wasn’t very experienced. And as she mentioned before, boys finished real quick so she had never had an orgasm from sex, only from fingering herself. She wasn’t planning to hook up with anyone last night but somehow got talking to me and decided to let me fuck her should I want to. Listening her and looking at her laying there naked made my cock twitch again. She notcied it and put her hand on it. “You’re so big, I was surprised you fit in me” Again, I almost blushed and gave a kiss to both of her nipples. I had full erection againI grabed her head and pulled it towards my cock. She didn’t resist and opened her mouth. I believed that she canlı bahis had sucked off only one guy. “Slowly, less teeht, more lips and tongue. Pull the skin back and lick around the top” I guided her. Her inexperience and enthusiasm turned me on. She could fit about half of my cock in her mouth, I didn’t push deeper, I could feel she already gagged a bit.I pulled out of her mouth and told her I want to fuck her again, this time her on top of me. “I haven’t done it like that before,” she giggled. I laid on my back and she straddled me, she grabbed my cock and guided it to the entrance. She slowly lowered herself until I was all the way inside her, it wasn’t too difficlut since my cum was still in her, giving extra lubrication. Since I already had one release there was no danger of coming qucikly again. Now she will know what it feels to be fucked by a man. She bounced on top of me and I could see from her face that she really enjoyed it. Her eyes were half closed, her mouth open and she made a quiet little noise. I put my hands on her breasts and fondled them, then grabbed her small ass, touching her anus with my fingertip. I moved my hand to her hips to control the pace. I really enjoyed the view. Her tits were so small that they stood still even though she was jumping up and down quite fast, her hairless pussy gave me good view of my cock slipping in and out.Suddenly her body went stiff, she started shaking and noises she made got louder. Then she collapsed on my chest. “Holy fuck, I just came. Thank you, it was amazing!” But I wasn’t done, I turned over, leaving her under me and started pumping faster. “Ouch, be careful, I’m really sensitive right now!” “Sorry, I’m almost done too” I kept bounding and soon shot second load into her pussyWe kissed and cuddled for a long time and she gave kiss to my cock too. “I’m going to finish my shower now” she got up and walked to shower room, wiggeling her skinny little ass. I got up too and took a ciggie. I saw her wallet on the table and opened it. I noticed her student ID and had a look. She had lied to me, she had her t*******th birthday couple of months ago. I had just barebacked and creampied t******n year old. Twice. Thought of that got me hard instantly. I had to have her again. To do everthing with her and to her. I decided I will take her to heaven before having my way with her, hurting her.I joined her in the shower. “Oh wow, again” she saw my erection. We washed each other gently, every part of our bodies was cleaned. I icked her nipples and fingered her clit gently, she kneeled on front of me and and made sure my cock is clean with her tongue.We moved back to bed, I laid on top of her and kissed her, then started moving down, kissing and licking her neck, her flat chest and stomach, her belly button, her pussy mound, inside of her legs, her toes. Then up again. I blew air gently on her clit, kissed it, licked between her pussy lips and took the clit to my mouth, and played with my tongue. “Don’t stop, it feels soooooo good. Nobody has done it to me before” Didn’t take long for her to orgasm. I gave her clit few more gentle kisses and then kissed her mouth. “I don’t taste bad at all” she giggledI stood on my knees and she understood that she should return the güvenilir bahis favor. This time I wasn’t so gentle. I grabbed her neck and pulled hard. I cock hit her throat and she gagged. She tried to pull away but I didn’t let her. Almost all of my cock was in her mouth now, tip of it down her throat. She was gasping for air and I pulled out. “Did you like that?” “It hurt but somehow I almost came again”. I put my cock back in her mouth and let her gag bit more”I will fuck you from behind now” She got on all fours and I admired the view before entering her. I wasn’t too rough, fucking her slowly, she was very wet. I pushed tip of my finger in her ass, you can imagine how tight it was. She squeeled but didn’t protest. I fucked her few minutes and pulled out. She looked back over her shoulder. “You didn’t come yet?” I told her to hold the position and licked her pussy then moving up. I spreaded her cheecks and licked the asshole. “OH MY GOD, didn’t know it could feel so good!” I kept licking and pushed my tongue in her ass a bit. I continued until she had another orgasm.Now it was my turn. I put mu cock into her pussy to make it wet and pulled out. I positioned tip of my cock on her asshole. She realised instantly what I was about to do. “No, please don’t, I’m afraid it will hurt.I haven’t done anal!” I told her to be quiet and relax and started pushing. She resisted but I got the tip of my cock in. Felt like no way I’m gonna get any deeper, her asshole was so tight. I kept pushing and she sobbed. “Please stop, it hurts!” “It hurts less if you stop resisting and relax” I kept edging my cock deeper. I took some time but finally I was balls deep in t*******n year old ass. I started fucking, she cried but I didn’t care, I wanted that ass. After few minutes of fucking tightes thing I’ve ever had I was ready to come. I pulled out and turned her over.She was so releaved that she didn’t even protest. She opened her mouth and took my cock in. I pumped bit more and cummed third time this morning. And I cummed hard. She tried to swallow but it was too much. She coughed, cum was dripping down her chin, it came out of her nose. I stayed in her mouth until I was finished and told her to lick me clean. She obeyed. She still had tears in her eyes. “Why did you have to do it, it really hurt.” “Sooner or later someone would have fucked you in the ass, I wanted to be first” I fondled her tits and moved my had to her pussy. It was really wet! “But you liked it?” “I don’t understand it. It was painful and good at the same time. It turned me on that you can do whatever you want with me and I can’t stop you” God, I’m going to have so much fun with this girl. But not today, my cock was worn out. I licked her nipples and clit bit more to make her feel better, then her phone rang”It was my sister, they are looking for me, I have to run” She jumped out of bed, her legs trembling. “Look what you did to me, I can barely walk!” “I want to do it again sometimes”She didn’t say anything, just pulled her dress over her naked body, wiped my cum from her chin and grabbed her things from the table. I stood up, walked behind her and put my hand under her dress. I pushed one finger into her pussy and another one in her ass. She lowered herself, trying to push my fingers deeper. “Shit, I really have to go.” I pulled my fingers out and put them in her mouth, she licked them without a protest. I grabbed her phone and dialled my number “I’ll call you” I said when she ran out of the door

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