When wishes come true


When wishes come trueI looked it up and I think the following story ist not online on this siteIts not my story and originally from Literotica.com from user called The_shadow_rising. Thanks dude for this hot story!The still night air, soaked in the warm breath of a summer’s twilight, caressed the shining jewel of Shorehaven as the city sparkled with its every present life, whether from the hum of the people, the twinkling of the neon lights or gently street lamps, or the sparkle of the clear, blue waters to the west.Tonight was no different, though most within the City of Taboo Dreams were now sound asleep, well, all of those who did not haunt the night of the great city. Within the houses and streets of the beautiful residential area of Gainborough, most houses and apartments lay dark and silent, their inhabitants sleeping, ready for the next day’s work, or as in most cases within the City, play. One of those apartments, though dark as the others, was not so silent. Within the spacious two bedroom apartment, soft moans of pleasure drifted through the still silence from the only room used as a bedroom as Alicia Brookes lay with her long, smooth legs wrapped tightly around her boyfriend’s own legs, her nails running softly down Nick Greeves’ back as he held himself above her in their bed, slowly pushing his hard, seven inch dick into his girlfriend’s tight, hot pussy.Both of them breathed heavily, their lips touching in a quick, loving kiss as the pair continued to slowly have sex, taking their time to enjoy the feel of each other, occasionally urging each other on to higher pleasure with words designed to stoke the love and lust within the other.”Tell…umm…tell me…a fantasy baby…umm…one you like…uh…you like me being the queen…and…and you a knight…” Alicia breathed softly as she felt Nick slowly fill her burning pussy with his hard dick. Oh that felt so good.Nick smiled as he looked down into her eyes, his face obviously red even in the faint light from the street lamps outside.”How about…uh…we talk about one…of your fantasies…fuck…” Alicia’s handsome, and oh so hot, boyfriend replied, still gently working his hard dick in and out of her, slowly building her to an intense orgasm.”…Me…?…Ummm…I…don’t have any baby…umm…only you fucking me…ohh…” Alicia replied softly, her body tingling softly, her large tits heaving as she ran her hands up and down Nick’s back.Nick smiled again above her, but this time his smile had a touch of playfulness about it, as did the glint in his eyes.”Um…I bet you’d like…a threesome Liss…” He teased, thrusting his dick into her a little harder with the last words.Alicia smiled playfully in return, purring as the feel of his sudden thrust sent shivers through her body and another soft moan from her soft lips; oh he knew just how to please her!”Ummm…I think that’s your fantasy baby…” Alicia replied, breathing heavier as her nails once again dragged down her boyfriend’s back. “You…umm…would love…oh…to see me with another woman…”Nick’s eyes seemed to hold a familiar expression at her words, though what Alicia couldn’t make out as he continued to slide his hard dick into her again, all the way to his balls…”You’d like that…with another woman…?” He asked before he leaned down to gently kiss her for a moment. His tone held that same expression…something Alicia knew but couldn’t quite tell…Running her hands up his back, she pulled him down to her, squashing her large tits against his naked chest.”Umm…I’ve never…really liked women…umm…but I know you like that fantasy…of me…ohh…with one…” She breathed heavily, sighing with delight as Nick gently began kissing the side of her neck as he continued sliding his hard dick into her.”What about…with another man?” Nick asked between kisses that sent shivers down the 21-year-old girlfriend’s spine.”Umm…the only man I want is you baby…” Alicia moaned in reply, the kisses sending flutters through her stomach to her pussy, spurring on her growing orgasm.”What if…I didn’t…mind…?” He asked moving his mouth to the other side of her neck, his voice heated as his lips touched her soft flesh.Alicia ran her hands through his hair, that beautiful dark brown hair that occasionally flopped down in front of Nick’s eyes when he got excited or moved around too much. Laughing lightly, she ran her hands down onto his naked back again and down to his ass, pulling him towards her.”Like you wouldn’t…uh…mind…another man…umm…touching me…” She replied breathily in dismissal, moaning as Nick suddenly thrust into her harder a couple of times.Suddenly he pushed himself back up again and began to pump his hard, seven inch dick into her with a little more force sending shivers of pleasure through Alicia’s hot body. For a moment Alicia closed her eyes, relishing in the feel of her boyfriend’s dick pumping in and out of her horny pussy, bringing her closer to her orgasm, until she suddenly realised after a few minutes that he hadn’t said anything since she had. Abruptly the earlier expression in his eyes and voice suddenly made sense. He hadn’t sounded interested in the idea of her being with another woman, at least not this time, instead he…Opening her eyes wide, Alicia stared into her loving boyfriend’s face as he continued to pump his dick into her a little faster above her.”That’s your fantasy!?” She asked sounding breathy but still incredulous. For a moment she stared into his face, however Nick did nothing but smile a small smile. “…uh…you fantasise about…a threesome…with me and…another man?”Nick did not say anything, however the sudden hard thrust of his dick into her was answer enough. For another moment Alicia stared at the man she had been going out with for the last year and a half. He had never hinted at any fantasy like this before now, and she had never expected it. She was his girlfriend, just as he was her boyfriend, she didn’t want any other guy, yet he…was he serious?Still holding on to his ass, her legs still laying on his as he continued pumping his entire dick into her harder and faster, Alicia moaned from the heightened force of the sex before she spoke, still sounding unbelieving, though her breathing grew heavier and her orgasm continued to grow.”Nick…oh…mmm…Nick, you…you’re telling me…that you want…umm…me to suck…another man’s dick…while you…you fuck me…uh…?” She asked and with each word her boyfriend put a little more effort into pumping his dick into her. The fires stoked higher within her hot body as he began fucking her.”Don’t…uh…you think it’d…be hot…?” He grunted from exertion, his face a mix of pleasure and focus on the effort he was giving.Alicia stared at him as he slammed his dick into her, her large tits jiggling and rolling around her chest as she clung harder to his ass, trying to pull him deeper into her. Oh this felt so good!”Fuck…Nick…oh yeah…mmm…oh…would you want him to fuck me too?” She meant it as an honest, disbelieving question, however it seemed to spur Nick on even more and Alicia couldn’t help but groan loudly as he began fucking her as hard as he could. Gripping onto him, she decided to see if he was really serious…how could he be…and so she spoke with words that stuttered due to how hard he continued to fuck her. “You think…it’s…hot…for…another…guy…to get…his dick…in me…?””Fuck!” Nick growled and rammed his entire seven inch dick into her hard bringing a forceful grunt from her as he drove most of the air from her lungs, not to mention sent a shock of fire through her pussy. She was close now.At the same time Alicia felt the tingling of her approaching orgasm and the need to feel her loving boyfriend fucking her, her mind reeled at the thought that he was actually serious, he actually found it a turn on to think of another guy having sex with her in a threesome.Suddenly she forgot any thought in her mind as Nick began to fuck her as hard as he could, pushing her ever closer to her own orgasm. Clawing at his back, Alicia panted heatedly, moaning from the pleasure until suddenly she felt the familiar feelings within her body.”Oh Nick! Nick! Yes! Ohhhh I’m cumming baby! Oh yes! Ohhhhh!” She moaned loudly, gripping onto his back as she groaned from the depths of her being as the world suddenly exploded and ecstasy wracked through her hot body.At the same time Nick’s thrusts began to become more erratic, until suddenly, with a loud groan, he jerked a couple of times and Alicia felt him bury his entire seven inches inside her before his dick exploded, shooting several loads of his hot cum into her waiting pussy, intensifying her own orgasm.Finally, the two of them slumped limply, both panting heavily as they lay in each other’s arms catching their breath. After a few moments, Nick rolled off her and onto his back, his now softening dick slipping from her body, as he lay there breathing heavily.”That was so fucking good!” He exclaimed breathily, raising his arm to wipe the sweat from his forehead.Alicia couldn’t agree more, that had been amazing! However she lay there a moment as her senses slowly returned to her, catching her breath, when suddenly the thoughts of what she had discovered came back to her.Rolling onto her side, Alicia propped her head up with her hand and rested the other on Nick’s chest. Still breathing hard, her naked tits heaved as she watched him a moment.”That really turned you on didn’t it?” She asked as she traced her hand up and down his chest, her eyes never leaving his face however.Nick glanced out of the corner of his eye at her before he answered.”You’re not mad are you?” He asked, obviously a little wary.Shaking her head slightly, Alicia gave him a small smile.”I’m not mad, I just don’t get it.” She said honestly, “I don’t find the idea of you with another woman a turn on, but you find it hot to think of a threesome with another guy? I mean, not just a blowjob either, but full, proper sex?”Saying it out loud seemed just as confusing as the thought, however Nick didn’t seem phased by it at all, not like she was.”Well, it’s not like I’m suggesting you’d be going off with someone else, I’d be there.” He said in an attempt to explain. Turning his face to look at her, he gave her the smile that had won her over the first time she had seen him.”I just don’t understand why you think me being with another guy is hot. I love you, I don’t want anyone else.” She replied, watching him confusedly.”I know babe, and you know I love you. I guess I just can’t explain it, I just think it would be hot.” He said as he gently traced a finger down her cheek, before adding with a light laugh, “And if you think that is weird I’d hate to think what you thought of other fantasies I had.”Raising her eyebrows, Alicia eyed him both curiously and with more than a little surprise. What could possibly be more shocking than him wanting a threesome with her and another guy!?”What do you mean?” She asked, resting her hand on his chest now.”Oh no, you’ve been freaked out enough by that one, I’m not having you go off on one about fantasies I have of you.” He replied, a smile on his face, though wariness shone in his eyes.”Oh come on, after what you’ve told me nothing could be that bad, unless you fantasise about me having sex with my dad or something?” She said with a hint of question.”What? Oh no, no, nothing like that.” Nick replied adamantly and Alicia felt herself relax slightly in relief.”Well, if it’s not that, what else then?” She asked, and as she noticed Nick slipping into his stubbornness, she added in a sterner tone, “Come on, tell me.”Eying her a moment, plainly considering his options, her boyfriend finally gave in and sighed.”Alright, I’ll tell you.” He said finally. “I also think it would be hot…” He gave her a look as if he were about to try to make an excuse not to say anything, but one raised eyebrow of hers soon made him carry on. “…well, I just think it would be really hot, more than the threesome, to you know…watch you have sex with another guy.”Blinking, Alicia stared at her boyfriend of a year and a half in stunned silence. Watch her? Alone? With another guy? He meant he thought it would be hot for him to watch…the rest of the thought came out in words.”You think it would be hot to watch your girlfriend have sex with some other guy!?” She asked in a mix of shock and more than a touch of anger. She was his girlfriend, did he not care for her at all to think…!”I knew you’d react like that.” Nick replied calmly. Calmly!”What? You tell me you would like to see another guy shove his dick into me and fuck me while you watch and you think I wouldn’t mind!?” She said irritably, staring at his calm expression made her more so and so she rolled over with a huff and pulled the blankets up, muttering to herself angrily.Sighing behind her, Alicia heard Nick mutter to himself…like he had a right to after what he had just said!…as he too rolled over to go to sleep.For a long time silence stretched in the darkness of the night before Alicia’s anger subsided enough for her to give in to the call of sleep. Her dreams were surprisingly pleasant as she slept, a most welcome relaxation filled with thoughts of hot sex like she had just had with her handsome, loving boyfriend, despite the argument, and despite her earlier anger.The next day, Alicia hardly spoke to Nick, giving him a quick peck on the cheek before he headed out to meet up with a few of his friends for a football match. Nick of course knew what he was meant to have done wrong, though he did not apologise, instead he sighed and walked out on his way to his friends and Alicia folded her arms beneath her breasts muttering to herself.Throughout the day Alicia kept herself busy, unlike Nick she couldn’t go out to meet her friends as she had to wait for an important phone call which of course didn’t happen on time. The thoughts of her boyfriend’s fantasies continued to irritate the attractive girlfriend and so after she finally received her call she decided to phone one of her friend’s to ask their advice, and that was how she found herself talking to Sophie about Nick’s strange fantasies a few minutes later.”He likes the idea of what?” Sophie asked in her usual pleasant manner, though this time she seemed slightly amused.”He told me while we were having sex last night.” Alicia replied as she frowned and wound the phone cord around her finger. “He basically admitted that he wanted to watch another guy have sex with me. I mean, what guy would want to watch someone else fuck their girlfriend?”Sophie laughed lightly, that sweet sound that matched her natural beauty, before she replied.”Oh come on Liss, you’re ok with him having a fantasy about you and another woman but not about another guy with you?” Her blonde friend asked sounding highly amused this time. Alicia felt her irritation at Nick lighten a touch as he friend seemed to take the whole thing so casually.”That’s different.” She replied, a touch of a smile on her own lips a moment. “The threesome thing I can understand, I suppose, but he actually thinks it would be hotter to watch me have sex with another guy without him. I mean, be honest Soph, what would you think if Josh told you that?””I doubt he would, but if he did what’s wrong with a little fantasy.” Sophie answered, her voice now a calm self-assurance.”But don’t you think it’s odd, your boyfriend wanting to watch you screw some other guy?” She asked confusedly.”Honestly, Liss, nope.” Sophie replied nonchalantly, “Come on, you’re no prude, you know that fantasies are by their nature out there, that’s why they’re fantasies. Besides, I bet when you were talking about it the sex was hotter than normal?”Unwinding her finger, Alicia took a large sip of her tropical juice before she answered; reluctantly.”Well, yeah, it was, but…” She admitted grudgingly, however Sophie interrupted.”But nothing.” Her friend said, her smile obvious even down the phone. “Alicia, fantasies are meant to make the sex different, and from the sounds of it you enjoyed what it did to Nick just as much as he did. That doesn’t mean you love each other less. You should loosen up a little, you might enjoy it.”Sighing, Alicia nodded though her friend obviously could not see it. She had half-expected this response, Sophie was a more confident and sexually-outgoing person, not that she was not sexually-outgoing, she and Nick had done their fair share of having sex in public places and such, but with Sophie…there was just an air about her, as if nothing shocked her. She was open-minded about things most people would find odd, to say the least.”So you think I should encourage him?” She asked, taking another large sip of her tropical juice.”Totally, and when you do, you watch how hot the sex is.” Sophie answered in her bright way. “Just give it a try, fantasies don’t hurt.”And that was exactly what Alicia decided to do that night, albeit half-heartedly. When Nick came through the door she began talking to him like nothing had been wrong between the two of them. Sophie had said that it wasn’t his fault what he liked and it wasn’t exactly harmful anyway. Despite her friend being right, Alicia at first still felt irritation, however she soon focused on how good the sex had been last night, not that it wasn’t always good, and soon she found her horniness dulling the other sensation out.By the time the two of them headed to bed, she was purring like a car that was ready to unleash all of its horsepower in one fell swoop, and so when they both lay down, Alicia didn’t wait long before she began kissing her hot boyfriend’s neck. It didn’t take long before the two of them were naked and Nick had his beautiful dick buried inside her hungry pussy. As he held himself above her, hornily pumping his hard dick into her, Alicia knew it was now or never. It was just a fantasy, and she wanted to please him, and she knew he would please her if she did, and so as Nick continued to work his hard dick in and out of her pussy, sending shrills of electricity through her body, Alicia took one of his hands and looked into his eyes as she began to suck on his finger as if she were giving another dick a blowjob.”Mmmm.” She moaned as she sucked his finger into her mouth, hollowing her cheeks before she pulled it out and looked deep into Nick’s eyes, breathing heavier. “You like that baby?”Nick nodded slightly, though Alicia could tell he didn’t understand her full meaning, and so she decided to just follow Sophie’s advice.Licking up and down his finger as he continued to slide his beautiful dick in and out of her, Alicia circled her tongue around his finger, her eyes still locked on his, before she spoke again, this time breathily.”Mmmm, is this what you want to see your girlfriend do baby, suck a hard cock while you fuck her?” She made herself sound as sultry, yet innocent, as she could. It was not a wasted effort.The immediate effect on her loving boyfriend was firstly a moment of shock at her words and actions and then as he realised she was playing his game a deep, horny smile spread across his handsome face and he nodded, ramming his hard dick into her with renewed force and vigour.The sudden increase in effort drove the air from Alicia’s lungs and she groaned loudly as Nick began to literally pound his dick into her as hard as he could. For a moment all she could do was moan and grip onto him as he began to screw her as hard as he could. Her legs wrapped around him, pulling his hammering dick into her deeper and pushing the hot, blazing sensations in her pussy higher.After a moment, Alicia opened her eyes, lust burning hotly within them, as she grabbed hold of her boyfriend’s hand again and began sucking on his finger in earnest, moaning loudly around it as he continued to ram his dick into her harder and faster.Nick was definitely getting off on her actions and oh fuck…she was really getting off on how it had affected him! As he fucked her, she continued sucking his finger and looking into his eyes, moaning as if she were really sucking another cock while he screwed her, which drove him on, and the harder he fucked her, the more effort Alicia put into her little role-play.With the ever increasing lust and heat it didn’t take long until both of them erupted in loud, powerful orgasms that seemed to blow both of their minds, leaving both of them a panting, satisfied, limp heap as they lay their catching their breath afterwards. As Alicia lay there, she couldn’t believe how amazing the sex had been, and just how turned on her little role-play had got her boyfriend. Damn, he had never fucked her so good, and he was always amazing in bed! Panting and smiling, Alicia revelled in how good she felt.”Fuck me that was hot!” Nick exclaimed as he rolled off her heaving chest onto his back, grinning like a Cheshire cat.”Mmm, I know.” Alicia purred contentedly, her body still buzzing with the tingling sensation of orgasmic pleasure.”What made you decide to do that?” He asked as he rolled over, his face practically glowing as he smiled broadly.Rolling onto her side, Alicia smiled right back at him.”I thought you’d like it.” She answered, tracing her finger down his jaw gently. “I take it you did?””What do you think!?” He replied with amusement and Alicia laughed lightly. “The question is, did you?”Continuing to run her hand down his face Alicia thought about that question for a moment. She no longer felt angry at him, and it had spurred him on to fantastic sex, and she would be lying if she said she hadn’t felt a little turned on during it all, but something still held her back inside. Telling Nick that, Alicia watched him smile and touch her nose, amusement plain in his eyes.”You’ll get over that next time.” He said and Alicia smiled amusedly at him in return.”What makes you think there’ll be a next time?” She asked playfully.”Because…” He began to answer before he leaned towards her and began kissing her slowly at first, then quickly becoming more heated and more passionate, until he once again rolled on top of her and Alicia felt his once again hard dick pressing against her suddenly tingling pussy.”Mmmm…” Alicia hummed with a pleased smile as she ran her hands through his hair. “Seems like you’re ‘up’ for round two, do you think the other guy is?”A teasing, horny smile, suddenly painted her boyfriend’s handsome face before he began tracing two fingers around her lips before he pushed them into her mouth forcefully. Keeping her eyes on his she sucked hard, moaning once again around his fingers as she danced her tongue across them. Nick’s face grew hornier by the second and as he kept his fingers in her mouth, he thrust forward hard, burying his entire seven inches inside her.”Ohhmmmmph!” Alicia moaned loudly around his fingers before the feel of her boyfriend’s dick inside her for the second time that night spurred her on to suck harder on his fingers.Once again their bedroom was filled with the sounds of sex and Alicia’s moans and slurps as she sucked on her boyfriend’s fingers as if they were another hard cock being shoved into her mouth while he fucked her. This time neither of them lasted very long as Alicia gave everything she could into trying to make the entire role-play as believable as possible, moaning and telling Nick how good the dick felt in her mouth while he screwed her. After only a few hot and horny minutes of screwing like they never had before, both of them exploded in world-rending orgasms that had Alicia clawing hard down Nick’s back and screaming in ecstasy before they both soon fell asleep content and extremely satisfied.The next night Alicia did not hesitate to play the role again, only this time using her vibrator as the second dick, holding onto it as if she were pumping her hand up and down, sucking it deep into her mouth as Nick pounded her from behind for the second time that night.And so the next few nights passed, with Alicia and Nick enjoying the role-play, her, surprisingly, as much as him after some time, then a few days after that first night, Nick asked her if she felt like pretending as if he was watching her, and though she didn’t really like the idea at first, she finally decided to do it just to see how hot it got Nick. What happened surprised her. As his first orgasm ended after fucking her to a powerful one of her own, Nick did not even stop to catch his breath, instead, with his dick still hard, he proceeded to fuck her through her own orgasm until they both exploded in a second powerful climax half-an-hour later, sweating and panting heavily. After that Alicia alternated between the ‘threesome’ role-play and the ‘voyeur’ role-play, driving Nick wild, which in turn drove her even wilder, as she slowly got more and more into the role. After a few nights she was begging Nick to ‘fuck her’ as if he were watching and even looked over to the chair in the corner of the smallish bedroom as if he were sitting there, asking the pretend Nick if he liked watching her have sex with another guy. Surprisingly she came harder, as did Nick, than she ever had before, and so soon the steamy role-play sessions became part of their regular sex life and Alicia found herself no longer feeling odd or irritated about either of her boyfriend’s fantasies, but instead she found that she tried hard to find ways to make it seem more real to him, make it a little different, and each time she was rewarded with the best sex of her life. One time Nick even asked her to pretend he was someone else, use a name and so on, and to think of who it could be. That night proved to be the most intense sex of all, and so from then on they continued to think of scenarios of how it had all happened and who the guy was.All in all, Alicia’s sex life shot from being great to being absolutely amazing, and she of course had to admit to Sophie just how right her friend had been.”I knew you’d love it!” Alicia’s blonde friend said proudly on the phone when she told her. “You should keep an eye open for random guys you meet, that’ll make it seem more real. Or you could bring up someone you or Nick know from work or something, the more realistic the hotter it will be, I promise.””Sounds like you have some hidden secrets.” Alicia teased before she giggled down the phone.”Trust me Liss, if there’s one thing I know, it’s that the more realistic the fantasy, the hotter the sex.” Sophie replied sounding very sure of herself. Alicia was about to ask more about it when she heard Nick coming in the front door.”Oh, that’s Nick back Soph, I best get going.” She said as she looked over her shoulder and gave her handsome, loving boyfriend a small wave before blowing him a kiss.”Oh yeah, you better.” Her friend teased insinuatingly, causing Alicia to laugh lightly before she said goodbye.Implementing what her friend had suggested, Alicia found Nick to be surprisingly open to the idea, after an initial look of surprise at the suggestion, not to mention seeming taken aback for a moment. However Alicia didn’t even need to try to convince him about it, not that she knew how, it was just a suggestion after all, as Nick took the idea on quite quickly, and so soon the two of them were coming up with scenarios of role-play of Nick watching her with his boss, and even with this cocky, arrogant guy from Alicia’s office. She liked neither of them, but the added reality seemed to intensify Nick’s a****l lust and soon the two of them were fucking like rabbits all around the apartment as they both enjoyed the hot sex and role-play.The next step came almost naturally, with Nick talking dirty during the sexual role-play, urging his hot girlfriend on and, quicker than Alicia had thought, she was joining in, telling Nick how good it felt having him watch her while the ‘other guy’ in the fantasy was on top of her.All in all, their sex life exploded over the following couple of weeks, and often it was Alicia rather than Nick who instigated the sexual role-play, often suggesting new additions like the scenarios with people from their work. She had surprised herself with how much she had changed over the last few weeks when she looked back. She remembered being appalled by the idea of such a fantasy not so long ago, and now here she was, the whole thing turning her on so much that the sex had become unbelievable.It was each little step that led, oh so innocently, to the next, that led Nick and Alicia to a fateful night a few weeks after that first mention of the fantasy what seemed like a year ago.Nick was once again between his hot girlfriend’s slender legs, slamming home his hard seven inch dick after the two of them had abstained from sex for two whole days, looking down at his very horny and very lust-filled girlfriend as she clawed at him and moaned in passionate lust. She was deep into the fantasy they had started when he had first thrown her hornily onto the double bed of theirs, moaning and occasionally glancing over at the chair not far from the bed that she pretended he was sitting in. Nick had thought and rethought what he was about to say, and each time it made his dick rock hard, and now he had Alicia in the perfect place, at the perfect time, hopefully she would take what he had to ask better while she was incredibly horny.Ramming his hard dick into her, Nick panted hard.”Fuck Liss, I’d love to watch you getting fucked by another guy!” The heavy breathing boyfriend said tightly, his hips moving swiftly as he continued to thrust his hard dick into his horny girlfriend’s body.”Mmmm…ohhh baby…I bet you’d love to…fuck…see him fucking me like this…uhh…with his big dick sliding in and out of my pussy…YES!” Alicia moaned, her eyes as a****listic as her throaty voice.”Fuck yeah!” Nick growled, “I bet you’d love to have him screw the hell out of you too ah?”Alicia moaned so loud it almost drowned out the sound of the bed gently squeaking as Nick continued to ram his dick into her pussy, sending bolts of pure pleasure lancing through her burning body.”Yeah…ohmmm yeah…to watch you while another guy fucks me!!! OHHHHH! Filling me with his big…FUCKING….OHHH…DICKKK! UGHHH OHHHH I’M CUMMMING!!” The thoughts and words pushed the stunning girlfriend over the edge and her body tensed before convulsing powerfully in a raging orgasm that tore through her as an ear-piercing scream sounded from her mouth as she arched her back, clawing deeply into Nick’s flesh with her nails.The whole thing pushed Nick over the edge too and before long he grunted heavily before he too came hard, deep inside Alicia’s still shaking body. Finally, however, both of them came down from their heights, but this time Nick held himself above his beautiful girlfriend, staring intently into her eyes as she smiled, tired but satisfied, up at him.For a moment he didn’t say anything, then as he did, his heart almost beat out of his chest.”So, how about it then?” He asked, and Alicia stared up at him confusedly for a moment.”How about what?” She whispered, still smiling, her chest heaving as she caught her breath.Nick’s look was significant enough, however it still took Alicia a couple of minutes before it suddenly dawned on her what her loving boyfriend was asking her, then she blinked.”You mean…?” She asked, not finishing the rest of the sentence.It was strange. As she lay there, naked and breathing heavily, knowing her boyfriend was actually asking if she would sleep with another guy while he watched, she didn’t feel angry or appalled at all. She didn’t feel turned on by the idea either, but she just felt…considerate. Strange.Looking up into Nick’s sparkling eyes, Alicia watched as he looked at her, obviously trying to see if she was mad, before he nodded in answer to her unasked question.”You really want me to have sex with another guy, to have another man push his dick into me, while you watch?” She asked as if they were talking about what to have for dinner tomorrow.Nick nodded slightly.”It would be so hot.” He answered, stroking her hair gently from her face.”But I don’t want another guy, I love you.” She said softly, smiling gently.”I know babe, and I love you too.” Nick replied just as lovingly, “But it would just be sex, and if we’re all ok with it, well, it’s not really hurting anyone is it?”Alicia looked deep in to Nick’s eyes, searching them as she thought. He really liked the idea of this, and he was right, if they all agreed then surely it wasn’t going to hurt any of them. The whole fantasy exploring had made the whole idea quite a turn on, she could understand why it would be after all they had done, but could she actually bring herself to have sex with another guy? Even if they all agreed? Sure, some guys were attractive, she wasn’t oblivious to that, but she loved Nick with all of her heart, somehow sleeping with another guy, even with him agreeing seemed…unfaithful. But then, as she thought of the reality a little more, it was slightly appealing.Shaking her head lightly a moment, Alicia smiled up at her caring boyfriend.”I don’t know babe.” She answered honestly, “I think we would have to think about it seriously. I mean once it’s done, we can’t go back, you know?”Nick nodded, smiling slightly as he kissed her nose.”Of course babe, I don’t want you to do something you don’t want to, but for me, I would like to, so if you’re worrying about me or what I would think, there’s no need.” He replied and Alicia nodded before she reached up to wrap her arms around him, pulling him close to hug him tightly.For the next few days the thought filled her mind, and she talked it over with Sophie, who of course urged her on to try new things, it was strange how far her friend pushed her to go and how positive she was about the whole thing. The more Alicia thought about it, however, the closer she got to making a decision, especially as she considered what Nick had said at the end. Her main concern was in hurting him she figured, and while she wasn’t exactly hot for screwing another guy, she knew that watching Nick while they did have sex as he watched them would be very hot indeed. So, after deciding that Nick wouldn’t get hurt, as he assured her time and again, and that she was not averse to the idea, Alicia decided to agree, which, when she told Nick that night, made him over the moon.”But not just with anybody, we have to be sure about the guy, ok?” She said, her stomach tingling softly as she realised that she had just actually agreed to have sex with another guy! And in front of her boyfriend too!Nick grinned and nodded.”Of course!” He agreed, wrapping his arms around her in a hug that lifted her from the floor and spun her around. “This is going to be so hot!”The sex that night was even more intense than ever, and became even more so as the two of them tried to decide who to ask and when. At first they came up with ideas and suggestions, however neither could agree with the other. They then moved on to considering people when they went on nights out, or were at work, however they could not figure that out either. In fact, none of their planning seemed to work. That was when the night arrived when Nick had gone out to hang out with a couple of his friends, who also happened to work with him, at the football stadium. Nick had told Alicia that he wouldn’t be back late and that he would bring back a film for them to watch together so that they could have a quiet night in alone.That was why Alicia had threw on some comfortable clothes, though she had decided to wear something a little more up market from her slacks and baggy t-shirts. Instead she had chosen to wear her white lace underwear, her blue jeans that were snugly tight around her sexy thighs and tight ass, and a tight white t-shirt that dipped with its neck to show a moderate, but tantalising hint, of her impressive 36D cleavage. The clothes showed off her flat, toned stomach, her smooth, long legs and large tits beautifully. The sexy 21-year-old girlfriend had straightened her long, light brown hair, which was streaked with highlights, and framed her beautiful, grey-eyed face perfectly.Placing her hands on her slim waist as she looked through the large refrigerator, Alicia smiled to herself as she pulled out one of the bottles of wine that she and Nick had bought a few days ago and proceeded to pull the cork out. As the hot girlfriend reached to take down a couple of glasses from the shelves above the counter, she heard the front door to the apartment being opened, followed swiftly by laughter and the sound of numerous voices. So much for their quiet night in she thought as she walked around the counter to look down the hallway to the front door.Nick was wearing one of his favourite football tops, the Dolphins if Alicia remembered rightly, and was laughing as he held the door open for three of his other friends, similarly dressed as they walked through into the apartment, talking loudly. A momentary flash of surprise went through Alicia’s mind as she noticed that her boyfriend wasn’t alone, however she quickly recovered and smiled as Nick looked over towards her with a wide grin.”Hey babe.” Nick greeted her sounding very happy. Alicia figured his team had won today, when they lost he was always so depressed.”Hey.” Alicia replied with a warm smile before her eyes flicked to his friends momentarily.Glancing over his shoulder at his three friends briefly, Nick’s smile took on an all too familiar expression, the one that knew he had interrupted something she had been planning and was trying to win her over with it. As usual, that smile of his worked.”Oh, yeah, Liss, this is Aran, Greg and Eric; the guys from work I go to the game with.” He added as he indicated each in turn. Alicia smiled and nodded to each politely before she looked back to Nick.”I opened a bottle of wine if any of you want some, or we have beer?” She asked and smiled to herself when none of the four opted for the wine.Alicia headed round the kitchen counter again as Nick and his three friends made their way into the lounge. After she had pulled the bottles from the refrigerator and opened each, she placed them on the kitchen counter and called to Nick, (the usefulness of a combined kitchen and lounge in an apartment was a positive point Alicia always pointed out to her beloved boyfriend), before she began to pour herself some wine as she watched the guys sit down and turn on the television, straight to the replay of yesterday’s baseball game.Placing the now open wine back in the refrigerator, Alicia made her way over to join the four guys, sitting on the arm of the chair Nick had sat in, placing her arm around him as he wrapped one arm around her slim waist.”So, are you going to introduce us to your beautiful lady then Nick?” One of the guys asked, Eric if she remembered right.Laughing lightly as he took a swig of his beer, Nick nodded with a smile.”Guys, this is Alicia, the graceful hostess who doesn’t mind you barging into her home like this, or making her boyfriend watch baseball, ah Liss?” Nick said, looking cheekily up at her by the end.”Why should I mind if you guys want to watch a group of men run around all night?” She joked teasingly back and all four of them laughed.”She got you there man.” One of the guys said, this one was Aran, that made the not so tall one Greg.”Touché.” Nick replied, raising his beer to salute her with a pleased smile.Alicia returned his smile with her own before she raised her slim glass to her lips, her eyes falling on the television a moment before she turned to ask the already baseball-focused guys about what they did at work. That question enlightened Alicia very much in what Nick did all day, which from the stories the four of them began to reel off, was not a lot.And so the night went on, and though it was not the night in alone with her boyfriend she had planned, it was still a lot of fun. More stories unfolded, most of them designed to embarrass or jest with one or more of the others, such as the one Nick told about when Aran and Greg had gotten locked in a supply closet for six hours, while others were more of a remembrance at some specific antics or other. The guys also asked Alicia there own fair share of questions and she told them all about her job and answered that she did indeed have some single friends, but that they would have to speak to each other, she never did like setting people up on dates.And so the time began to pass quite pleasantly. Conversation, jokes, cheers at the on-going game on television, and even the occasional knowing smile from Nick to her. At first it took Alicia a while to understand what Nick was meaning by that smile, however it suddenly came to her when she looked at Greg again that he had been one of the guys from Nick’s work that he had ‘played’ in one of their role-play sex sessions. After that it took her a while before she could look at Greg without blushing deeply, which was silly really as Greg was no doubt oblivious to her and Nick’s sex life escapades. That thought finally helped her get over her embarrassment, well, after a good half an hour anyway.Still, the night went on and the five of them enjoyed the time, deciding to take out Nick’s Xbox 360 to play Guitar Hero when the baseball game finally ended which turned out to be a whole lot of fun, not to mention hilarious when it came to watching each person getting into the role of a lead guitarist in a rock band. The game passed a couple more hours and the night began to grow later and later until finally Aran passed the guitar to Nick for his turn and with that said his ‘goodnights’ and headed off. A little while later, Greg too decided to call it a night as the four of them decided to change the game to something different, one of Alicia’s favourites too, and so with the door closing behind him, Alicia found herself holding the controller as the game came on while Nick handed Eric another beer from the refrigerator.”At last, a decent game.” Alicia joked as she glanced at her sweet boyfriend, smiling amusedly as he smirked back at her.”I thought you liked Guitar Hero?” He asked with that amused smile of his and Alicia concealed her own amusement as she took a small sip from her wine glass.”I do, I do, but this is more my style.” She answered as she leaned back against the bottom of the chair Nick was sitting in, making herself comfortable for when the game began. “Which do you prefer Eric?”Nick’s friend looked away from the television to glance at both Alicia and Nick before he focused on her, smiling a rather charming smile.”I like both to be honest, depends what mood I’m in.” He replied in that strong, yet smooth voice of his.”You mean whether your in a musical mood or a ‘let’s beat the crap out of the other guy’ mood?” Nick teased with that small, amused smirk of his, and Eric just laughed lightly.”Depends what kind of day I’ve had I suppose.” He replied with a grin, “If I’ve got lots of pent up frustration, from a bad day say, then I’d prefer this one. Otherwise, who can resist jamming to some of those songs?”Nick nodded as Alicia began to flick through the settings of the game, making sure she set it to the hardest setting as she usually played it on.”Well, Liss must have a whole load of pent up frustration, ’cause this is her favourite and she kicks ass on it totally.” Nick said and Alicia looked up at him with a loving smile. She was a badass on this game, even if she did say so herself.”A load of pent up frustration ah?” Eric replied, his voice as insinuating as the look he gave her and Nick, “Going out with this guy though I’m not surprised.”Nick smirked at the friendly taunt and Alicia couldn’t help but laugh lightly also as she looked from her boyfriend to his friend, who gave her a very thorough look. He was obviously joking, however his look had something of an appreciation for what he saw, and he was looking only at Alicia then. Alicia found herself smiling a little shyly, looking away for a moment before she looked back to see Eric still watching her before she turned her attention to the screen.”It’s time to kick some ass.” She said trying to focus her mind, and the conversation, on something other than her.And kick some ass the hot girlfriend did indeed, much to the admiration of Eric and the pride of her caring boyfriend. Alicia knew she was very good at this game, and so she intended to show Nick’s friend just how good she was, which she did over the course of the next half an hour, defeating every opponent on the hardest game setting quickly and stylishly.”Wow, you really are good at this.” Eric stated, sounding as impressed as his expression looked. “You really need to find other ways of letting that pent up frustration out.”Riding on her own pride at how good she was at the game, not to mention how obviously impressed Nick’s friend was, and surprised, Alicia didn’t feel any embarrassment at all at the obvious insinuation. Instead she smiled proudly and took a sip of her wine.”Nick enjoys it when I take my ‘frustration’ out on him.” She jibed in return as she looked at Eric with a steady gaze. A small smile touched his lips as he looked back at her.”Obviously Nicky here ain’t using all your energies up.” Eric replied, his voice as focused on her as his eyes, “There are other ways of using up that surplus, if you can’t find someone to help you use them all.”Alicia smiled to herself as she took another sip of her wine, watching Eric over the rim of the glass before she replied calmly.”Oh yeah?” She asked serenely and watched as Eric nodded before she looked up at Nick who seemed to be watching them both silently, still smiling calmly. “I think your friend thinks he can beat me on here.” She said with a slightly amused tone.Nick’s smile brightened amusedly as he reached forward to stroke her long hair behind one ear before he looked over to where his friend sat on the sofa.”I warn you Eric man, she’s a demon on this thing. You sure you’re up for the challenge?” He asked as he took a swig of his beer.Glancing between Nick and Alicia for a moment, Eric swelled up in all his male pride.”Sure, though don’t go crying when I beat you down.” He answered and both Nick and Alicia laughed lightly, mostly out of amused-contempt for the boast.Reaching for the other controller, Alicia handed it to Eric before she once again settled herself and went into the game to set the contest up. When they began, Eric lasted less than twenty seconds before Alicia’s character knocked his out with a flurry of blows.”Wha..?” Eric began, blinking in consternation, however Alicia interrupted him with an amused, and very smug smile.”Oh, don’t go crying now Eric.” She teased and smiled deeply at the look that came on his face.Determination set in as Nick chuckled to himself behind Alicia and Eric set himself for the next round.”Alright, no holding back now.” He said, readying himself.True to his word, Nick’s friend didn’t hold back on the next fight, and he managed to get two or three blows in. Focusing more on kadıköy escort the fight than her smugness, Alicia concentrated and once again took Eric’s character down pretty quickly.”Damn.” Eric exclaimed, focusing once more intently on the screen. “Again.”Smiling smugly to herself Alicia began again. Four more times they fought on the game and although Eric got a little better each time, Alicia still beat him pretty easily on each round.”How about you and Nick have a go? That way you can try me again later.” Alicia said calmly, confidently, and a little proudly, as she reached behind her to hand the controller to her boyfriend, who took it with a smile.Eric shook his head, surprised by just how good Alicia actually was, before he nodded slightly and Alicia leaned back, smiling proudly to herself as she sipped her wine and watched the boys fight against each other.At first Nick won most of the matches, however quickly Eric began to even up the odds a little at a time until he began to win more. At that point, Alicia had finished her wine, and so she stood up and headed towards the kitchen, opening the refrigerator to take out the now-almost empty bottle of wine, topping her glass up before she placed the bottle in the bin.The sudden feel of a pair of hands wrapping around her slim waist caused Alicia to jump and spin around quickly. A soft, amused smile spread her luscious lips as she locked eyes with her handsome boyfriend and placed one arm around his neck, the other hand still holding her now full wine glass.”Finished your beers already?” She asked amusedly as she looked up into Nick’s handsome face.”Nah, still got most of mine left. I just thought Eric could use a little practice before he took you on again.” He answered before he leaned down to gently kiss her nose.Alicia smiled slightly, and then a wicked thought came to her, her smile taking on a more dirty tone.”I can’t believe you brought Greg here, after the other night.” She teased, though the thought was true enough.Nick smiled a very pleased smile as he patted her tight ass gently.”You didn’t seem to mind.” He teased back, pulling her a little closer to him.Alicia purred lightly as she reached her other arm around his neck, conscious of the fact that if Eric turned around he would catch them being lovey-dovey.”I bet you enjoyed it, didn’t you?” She said in a soft voice, dripping with insinuation and playfulness. “The idea of having him here after our little role-play the other day must have turned you on.”Nick’s eyes took on a slight glow that told Alicia she had indeed hit on the truth. Not that she minded, in fact, the thought had sent a shiver through her body also, after she had gotten over her initial embarrassment.”Hmm, I can’t wait till we’re alone tonight.” She purred softly and once more she felt a shiver run through her, her body tingling at the thought of how good the sex was going to be, it always was the more she teased him and the more she got into the role-play. That was why the next words slipped from her mouth. “When I realised who it was, I thought you had decided on Greg for our little…’get together’.”The words did not surprise Alicia, she had meant what she had said, and with her horniness on a steady simmer she meant it all the more so, however she knew that Nick wouldn’t have chosen Greg without consulting her first. They had agreed about their little ‘get together’, but it was going to be something planned out…at least that’s what she thought.Nick’s smile froze as he suddenly stared at her intently, and for a moment, despite the fact that she doubted it, Alicia wondered if she had offended her boyfriend. However, his next words proved the thought false.”Would you have liked that?” He asked, his eyes telling her that he was sounding her out and not in the least offended.It was Alicia’s turn to sound him out now. Was he serious? He seemed to be. He really was serious. For a moment Alicia’s mind reeled, trying to come up with an answer. They had agreed that they would both have to agree on who the guy was for their little ‘get together’, but for some reason she had expected it to be a slow, careful decision, not a sudden ‘how about this guy’ choice. Though, as sudden as it was, Alicia couldn’t help but feel a little more turned on by the unexpected abruptness and lustfulness of the situation, and so taking a moment, she thought about Nick’s question. Greg was a nice guy, and he wasn’t bad looking either, though nothing like her gorgeous Nick. He might be worth considering.The fact that she was here, with her arms around her boyfriend’s neck, seriously thinking about whether one of his friends was the right guy for her to have sex with in front of her boyfriend sent a strong, hot, tingling through her body and her heart began to beat faster in her chest as she once more looked into Nick’s beautiful eyes, her own shining with the feelings inside her, as she finally answered him.”Maybe.” She replied, her voice steady and teasing despite her heart beating faster. Alicia smiled playfully as she continued. “What about you?”The feel of a hard bulge against her stomach told Alicia the answer before Nick even spoke.”I think you already know my answer to that.” He replied, his voice a little hoarse with the sudden horniness building within him. “Damn, I’m so fucking hot for you right now thinking about this.”Alicia’s smile deepened and her grey eyes sparkled; she could tell just how hot her boyfriend was by the now solid bulge pressing hard against her flat stomach. Fuck! She was just as horny as he was now! Who would have thought it a short time ago?”Too bad he’s not here.” She teased softly, her free hand’s fingers gently dancing on the back of Nick’s neck. “Or you could have watched him screw me tonight.”Those words made Nick’s hard bulge somehow grow bigger and more solid at the same time as what felt like lightning shot through Alicia’s body, her eyes practically glowing. Oh, tonight they were going to fuck so hard!Nick growled gently, sounding almost a****listic as his eyes told Alicia that he wanted to rip her clothes off right now.A sudden cheer followed by triumphant laughter came from across the room, shaking both Nick and Alicia from their heated conversation to look over. Apparently Eric had just beaten his first fight on the game’s hardest setting, a non-too easy feat, and was ecstatic, too ecstatic to look over at them as he got ready for the next level.Turning back to look at her boyfriend, Alicia found him to be once more staring at her intently, his eyes still burning with hunger that reflected in her. Suddenly a small smile spread his lips, growing rapidly as he looked at her.”What?” She asked, her body still gently simmering as she unwound one of her arms to take a sip from her wine glass.Nick shook his head as if to say ‘nothing’ before he looked over to Eric then looked back to her. He did that once more before Alicia asked him again.”Come on, what are you thinking?” She asked, teasing the back of his neck with her nails again to try to make him tell her.”You want to know?” He asked her, gentle amusement touching his still hungry eyes. Alicia nodded, smiling slightly at his expression, as he replied. “What do you think of Eric?”Eyeing him a little confusedly for a brief moment, Alicia glanced over at Nick’s friend before she looked back at him and shrugged.”He seems fun, why?” She asked, sipping her wine and watching Nick with a puzzled expression.Nick’s smile deepened, as did the burning in his eyes; the bulge pressing in to Alicia’s stomach was still hard.”I mean, ‘what do you think about him’?.” Nick asked, emphasising his words.For a moment Alicia wondered why her boyfriend had repeated the same question when suddenly his emphasis and his expression were connected in her thoughts and her eyes widened as she understood.Alicia’s heart suddenly began to beat faster in her chest as she realised what Nick was asking her and she quickly turned her head to once more look over at his friend as he continued to play on the game before she looked back at her boyfriend.”Eric? Are you serious?” She asked in surprise.Nick smiled and nodded and Alicia once more turned to look over at her boyfriend’s friend, her heart beating faster and her mind reeling.Until now she hadn’t really thought of Nick’s friend of anything other than that, and it took the hot 21-year-old girlfriend a moment to settle her thoughts on the fact that Nick was serious about this before she actually looked at Eric properly for the first time.Eric Carlson was slightly taller and more broad shouldered than Nick was. The 21-year-old was muscular and had chiselled features which made him look quite attractive, more so with his short spiked dirty-blonde hair. His football shirt didn’t hide, and in fact emphasised his frame, especially around his muscular arms, and with his stonewashed jeans, showed him to be toned and well-built, yet only in proportion to his body and height. In short, Alicia definitely found him attractive, and he was amusing, if a little sure of himself and rather openly flirty and insinuating. Still, all of this was so sudden. Turning back to once more look at her boyfriend, Alicia felt deep consternation at the sudden reality of possibly having sex with another guy in front of Nick, however at the same time her body burned with lust-filled horniness because it was so suddenly real.Nick’s eyes were both caring and considerate towards her while they burned with lust-blazing hunger, a mix of love and pure lust.”Maybe, I don’t know, it’s just a bit…sudden.” She answered finally before she once more looked over at Eric as he continued playing the game.He was even more attractive this time when she looked at him, and the sudden thought that Nick was suggesting this guy getting his dick into her while he sat and watched abruptly sent a blazing fire through her body, her pussy suddenly buzzing with horniness as she looked back at her boyfriend, her heart pounding in her chest.”Are you sure about this?” She asked, not knowing what else to say right then.Nick once again nodded; his expression steady. Alicia once more looked over towards Eric, her body feeling alive with electricity as she felt nervous and excited, the growing horniness within her slowly settling the anxious feelings within. She had after all agreed to this, and even after some time come to want it for herself not only to please Nick, and Eric was hot, besides, would she feel any more prepared if they talked about it for weeks? The suddenness of the situation somehow made the feelings seem more heightened.Breathing a little heavier, Alicia once more looked at Nick.”Tonight?” She asked, her pussy tingling as Nick nodded and Alicia thought that this might actually happen, really, tonight.Breathing heavily, heart pounding, she glanced one more time at Nick’s friend before settling her eyes on him once more.”Let’s get this straight,” She began, glad that Nick was still holding her as her stomach fluttered with the reality of what she was about to say. “You want to watch me have sex with Eric, right here, tonight?”Nick’s smile deepened, mimicking the horniness in his eyes, as he nodded once more. Alicia felt like a butterfly the size of her fist was rampaging inside her stomach as she watched Nick watching her. This was real. The whole thing was so real. And then she nodded.”Alright.” She agreed finally and Nick’s eyes brightened and he grinned broadly at the same time as Alicia felt hornier than she ever had before. She could hardly believe that this was actually happening, but fuck, did it make her feel delirious.”Fuck your hot!” Her loving boyfriend said in a half growl of pure desire, his hands gripping her ass as he pulled her into that solid bulge of his.That large, hard bulge sent shivers once more through Alicia’s body, especially when she thought that tonight that would be Eric pressing his hard, bulging dick against her while Nick watched. Both of these brought a soft purring growl from Alicia’s throat, her eyes burning as she took a deeper drink of her wine, hoping to settle her stomach and strengthen her knees, which felt more than a little weak right then.”So, how do you want to ask him?” She asked as she lowered the glass, still breathing heavier as her heart beat rapidly, trying to pound through her chest.Nick’s smile turned into a smirk.”I doubt we’ll need to ask, from the moment we got here Eric’s been checking you out, he’d be up for it I think.” He replied, and added before she could speak, “But I’ve got the perfect idea of how to set it up. Go with me alright?”Noting the mischievous glint in his eyes, Alicia smiled playfully herself as she began to grow less nervous, and more excited at what was to come.”Alright baby, you set your girl up to be screwed by your friend, I’ll follow your lead.” She teased and once more that hard bulge twitched against her stomach as Nick’s eyes blazed with horniness.Smiling playfully, Alicia unwound her other arm from around her boyfriend’s neck and took another deep drink of her wine as she watched him remove his arms from her waist, and smiling mischievously, made his way around the kitchen counter and into the lounge.Alicia stood watching her boyfriend as he sat down by his friend as if he wasn’t planning at all to ask him to bang his girlfriend in front of him. Her heart pounded rapidly in her chest and her breathing deepened. Taking a deep swig from her glass to steady the rush of adrenaline within her veins, Alicia felt her stomach twisting in knots as she watched the two guys talk as normal for a moment. Any doubts about what she had agreed to do had been long laid to rest after all they had been through the last couple of weeks, however that didn’t make it any the less nerve wracking now it was actually going to happen. She could hardly believe that she was agreeing to have sex with Eric in front of Nick, the guy she loved with all of her heart. She had long since understood why her boyfriend was turned on by the idea, it was sending intense waves of pleasure rushing through her body already, and Eric didn’t even know anything about it yet, let alone begun to touch her.Looking at her boyfriend’s friend Alicia began to feel her stomach tingle in excitement. He was much hotter than Greg, and she had to agree with Nick, it seemed unlikely that he would turn down a good fuck with someone as hot as she was, all she had to do now was wait and follow Nick’s lead, the tension made her want to scream as her body felt alive and electrified by how hot the whole situation was, but she had to let things play out, if she knew her boyfriend at all, what he had planned was going to blow her mind away. And so, taking another deep drink of her wine, draining the glass to less than half its contents, Alicia made her way around the kitchen counter, feeling as if she were walking on air, until she came to where she had been sitting before.”Alright, I think I’m ready for you now.” Eric said suddenly and Alicia’s eyes widened for a moment as she looked at him.He stared back at her smiling smugly holding the joypad in his hands. After a moment of staring at each other Alicia’s mind clicked and her cheeks brightened as she realised that he meant that he was ready to face her on the game, not ready to screw her. Smiling a touch embarrassedly, Alicia sat where she had before and took the other pad, feeling her head swimming with adrenaline.”This time your ass is mine.” Eric said smugly as he looked from Alicia to the television.Glancing at him a moment, Alicia thought that he had no idea just how true that statement was going to be tonight. The thought coloured her cheeks even more, she really had to get a hold of herself, and so she took a deep breath and turned her attention to the game, trying to concentrate on that rather than the fire in her pussy.The short time of practicing had definitely paid off as Eric was not as bad as he had been earlier on that night, however despite knocking Alicia’s character down to half health he still didn’t manage to win the first few fights. With each win Alicia’s confidence once more took over her earlier embarrassment and soon she was, while not completely calm, at least not flustered anymore.”I’m getting better, you’ve got to admit that.” Eric exclaimed as Alicia once more won the fight, though her character had only a quarter of its health left.Nick’s girlfriend smiled that smile that made her already gorgeous face light up even more. Damn! No wonder he couldn’t win any of these fights, Eric thought to himself, looking at her was distracting him, what with those tight jeans showing her legs and ass off so well, and that t-shirt clinging to her slim waist and her full, round tits that just begged to be squeezed. Shaking his head, Eric diverted his eyes from his friend’s girlfriend’s chest, concentrating as hard as he could again on the television as he felt his dick hardening in his jeans. He was never going to win against her if he kept staring at her like that, but then she was just too damn hot not to.He had known Nick for a year or so now, and they had become good friends at work and in their social lives too, but tonight was the first time he had actually met the stunning woman Nick was always bragging about to him and the others, and Eric really had to admit that Nick’s description of the knockout brunette had been no exaggeration, if anything, he had failed to describe just how hot this woman was. It had taken all the effort Eric could muster not to ogle this gorgeous woman since the moment he had come in, and from the reaction of Aran and Greg too when they saw her, he would say they had the same thoughts as he had. Still, this was his friend’s girlfriend, and as fucking sexy as she looked, and as much as he would fantasise about banging the fuck out of her when he got home, he wasn’t going to let Nick notice that he was drooling over his girlfriend, let alone trying to strip her with his eyes.Still, he could catch a glimpse every now and then when no one was looking, that wasn’t a crime.”You’re a lot better,” Alicia replied in a tone that seemed to strangely match the odd look in her large, grey eyes; a look that seemed…intent…as she watched him. “Sometimes practice makes perfect, and lots of practice is sometimes needed, especially if you’re going to take me on.”Staring at his friend’s stunning girlfriend, Eric was sure he heard some flirtation in her tone, or at least some insinuation, however he quickly dismissed that thought as he watched her glance up at Nick and smile warmly, receiving a smile just as loving in return. That momentary distraction gave Eric a short, but oh so good, look over Alicia’s stunning body, damn but she was made to be screwed!”That’s alright, I’ve almost beaten you now, give me a couple more rounds and you’ll be struggling to keep up.” He retorted, a proud smile on his own face as Alicia once more met his eyes, her own seeming to glow.”Sure, we’ll see about that.” She teased in reply, giving him a very playful smile that made his blood boil and his already hardening dick to grow solid within his jeans.And so the game continued, however despite almost defeating her in two rounds, Eric was still unable to knock her character out, even when he wasn’t casting quick glances at Alicia. Although the couple of times she caught him looking her over…especially when she smiled amusedly at him when she did!…made him lose his concentration and consequently the fight very quickly. The way she was behaving was most confusing, teasing yet innocent. Perhaps she was just trying to make him off balance so she could win, though something in her eyes said it was more than that, however Eric couldn’t quite put his finger on it. Whatever it was the game continued, and no matter how hard he tried, nor how close he came to winning, so did Alicia’s winning streak. That was, until Nick spoke…then the whole course of Eric’s evening, Alicia’s life, and unbeknownst to him, Nick’s relationship, changed forever.”He’s getting better, don’t you think?” Nick suddenly asked after Alicia beat Eric once again, just though this time.Looking over her shoulder she smiled at her boyfriend and nodded agreement.”Yep, but he’s still got a lot to learn.” She replied with a jibing look at Eric who only smiled a rather cheeky smile back at her.”Hmm, well I think incentives usually help.” Nick replied calmly and Alicia felt her heart jump before beating swiftly within her chest as she looked back at her boyfriend who now wore a small, amused smile.”Incentives? What like, shots?” Eric asked, leaning forward on his chair as he looked at his friend amusedly, and totally unaware of what was really going on. Alicia glanced at him briefly, her heart pounding and her body feeling as if thousands of volts of electricity were being shot through her.”Not quite.” Nick answered, taking a swig from his bottle as he sat calmly in his chair, then added, “I was thinking more along the lines of bets, like in poker.”Eric regarded them both now for a moment, eyeing them warily as if he suspected himself of getting hustled, however he must have figured that to do that they would have most likely have let him win more as he nodded thoughtfully after a moment.”How much a round?” Nick’s friend asked, now concentrating his gaze on Alicia’s boyfriend.Alicia’s eyes moved from Nick to Eric in turn, however right then neither was looking at her. She was going to be the object of all this, she understood Nick’s plan now, and neither of them were even looking at her! Somehow, and for some reason, that made her hotter.”Not money.” Nick replied, shaking his head, and Eric eyed him confusedly, and then Alicia’s boyfriend said the words that were to change that whole evening, and more in the future. “I was thinking more along the lines of strip poker, where the loser has to remove a piece of their clothing each round.”The mood in the room changed in an instant with those words. Alicia felt her heart stop at the same time she shuddered with more horniness than she had ever felt; it was finally all real. Eric, well he stared first at Nick with very wide eyes and then looked to Alicia as if stunned, and rightly he should be, his friend was suggesting he play to see his girlfriend naked! Meanwhile, Nick sat as calm and composed as ever, coolly drinking from his beer as his friend sat stupefied and his girlfriend sat silent, and buzzing from the heat raging within her.After staring between the two of them for a while, Eric spoke, his eyes still wide and unbelieving.”You’re serious?” He asked sounding exactly as he looked, and when Nick nodded calmly, he smiled, though it looked more bewildered than pleased, which Alicia understood. “You mean, if I beat Liss, she has to take off a piece of her clothing each time?””And you do if she wins.” Nick affirmed and Eric shared his glance between them before he settled his eyes on Alicia.”And you’re alright with this too?” He asked, sounding wary and sceptical.Alicia felt her veins flow with something that made her feel alive and powerful, something that made her want to laugh and scream with delirium, however she knew that she sat very still and looked very timid despite how she knew she wanted to do this as much as Nick now, and so she nodded gently giving her boyfriend’s friend a small, fragile smile.Eric let out a large breath and looked between them again before settling his eyes on Alicia again and very clearly, and very openly, looking her over. The feel of his eyes wandering over her clothed body sent shivers through her. This time there was no hidden pretence, he was undressing her with his eyes, and he liked what he saw as the incredulousness slowly receded and a pleased, hungry smile lit up his handsome face and made his deep eyes shine.”Damn! How could I fucking say no to that!” Eric exclaimed, his face now bright with obvious happiness and anticipation.”Liss?” Nick asked, looking down at her smiling calmly.Knowing the question, Alicia took a deep breath before she nodded and forced a smile, though the effort was only due to the fact that she was nervous, never having had sex with anyone in front of her boyfriend before, and oh so fucking excited that she could hardly do anything other than try to settle the raging torrent of power that rushed through her. She felt like she was going to shake from lust and horniness!”He’s got to beat me first, or he won’t see anything.” She teased, each word making her breathing heavier, though embracing the whole lust seemed to make it that much easier to control. Fuck she felt so hot!”With an incentive like that, I’ll be the king baby!” Eric replied half playfully and half determinedly as he turned to concentrate completely on the game. “Now, let’s get that first piece off you!”Alicia turned to look up at Nick, smiling up at him teasingly as he looked down at her, the huge bulge in his jeans showing that he was enjoying the whole situation as much as she was.Giving him a look that said that this was it now, that there was no turning back, Alicia turned to look at the television and prepared herself. She wasn’t going to go easy on Eric just because she was hot and horny, nor because she knew where Nick, and her now, wanted this whole thing to go. If Eric was going to get a piece of her ass, he was going to have to earn it. With that thought, Alicia began the game.The first round began much the same as the others, however this time both Alicia and Eric played as hard as they could. Despite her heart beating almost out of her chest, Alicia managed to keep her focus, especially as she felt like she was alive with electric energy she was so excited and turned on, and so with she won, though with a little more difficulty than earlier.”Damn!” Eric cursed as his character finally fell and Alicia let a breath go, her blood pumping hard and her eyes shining with the electricity within her as she turned to look at her boyfriend’s friend.”Guess that’s one for me.” She teased with a small, amused and confident smile, though she was still sounding a little nervous.Eric looked over to her, his frustration at not getting a piece of her clothes off apparent, though he quickly regained his composure as he looked Alicia over and reached for his left foot to remove his shoe. Alicia felt her blood boiling as his eyes openly devoured her and she glanced back at Nick, who gave her a warm, amused and excited smile, before she turned back to look at his friend.”You better get ready to add the second shoe to that.” She said with a little less nervousness, her own composure settling once again.Eric smirked as he once again took the controller in his hands.”I don’t mind taking my shoes off.” Eric replied, looking from Alicia to Nick briefly, “You can put your underwear on them when I beat you.”The words sent a shock of lust through Alicia’s body and she shuddered, a small smile spreading her lips as she kept her eyes locked on Eric’s for a moment before she turned once more to begin the second round.Once again Alicia beat Eric, however this time he concentrated even more, his determination to see her strip before him improving his abilities, and Alicia won by a margin with Eric being one hit away from defeating her.His other shoe joined the first and the third round began, however this time Eric finally managed to beat her. Alicia didn’t know at first whether she was surprised, shocked at being beaten, or secretly glad as her body seemed to burn the more with horniness. However she just gave Eric a playful, amused smile, hiding her mixed emotions, as she reached for her own shoe, taking it off and waving it before placing it beside her. Her boyfriend’s friend watched as avidly as if the shoe had been her bra however it was not long before they once again were playing.Alicia won the next round, leaving Eric with only one sock, before Eric pulled off a surprise and beat her for a second time, allowing Alicia’s first shoe to be joined by her other. She thought that her intense horniness must be causing her to not focus, it was the only thing that made sense as to why she was losing, however part of her wondered if she wanted to lose. Having her boyfriend sit behind her, watching as she slowly stripped her clothes for his friend, piece by piece, was turning her on like crazy. Could she be actually wanting to lose? She was about to pick up the controller again when Nick suddenly leaned forward and spoke.”You know what, I think we should play a different game.” Her boyfriend said suddenly and Alicia’s heart began pounding faster; he wanted her to lose…the horniness grew. “Something a little more…competition-like and appropriate I think.”With those words, and an interested stare from his friend, Nick moved to change the game, switching the current disc for the Guitar Hero disc before he grabbed the two game-guitars and handed one to each of them. This of course meant that Alicia and Eric had to stand up, and as Alicia looked into her boyfriend’s eyes, not to mention his mischievous smile as he sat down, she knew that was exactly what he wanted. No doubt so he could watch her stand in front of him while she slowly stripped for his friend if he won, which was a more likely now, when she had faced Eric earlier in the night on this game when everyone had been playing they had been an equal match. Turning her attention from her loving boyfriend to his friend, Alicia held the guitar and spoke calmly and confidently.”You pick the first song then mister.” She teased making sure her voice had a hint of teasing to it as did her expression.Eric smiled amusedly, and proudly, to himself and the guitar battle began.Eric’s heart beat a little faster and the bulge in his jeans was certainly becoming more prominent as the guitar battle went on. As the first song ended, Eric watched intently as his friend’s girlfriend bent down to remove one of her socks, tossing it carelessly across the room, her eyes first locked on his before they turned to regard her boyfriend a moment. As Nick smiled at her, Eric stared at his friend. He could hardly believe that his friend was alright with the idea of his girlfriend stripping in front of his friend, no, more than that, it had been his idea in the first place! Looking once more to Alicia, her sexy body being shown off wonderfully in those tight jeans and tight t-shirt, Eric couldn’t believe his luck. Oh he couldn’t wait to see what was beneath those clothes. His dick hardened more.The next song-battle began, however this time at its conclusion it was himself that was removing his other sock, copying Alicia as he tossed it carelessly with a smile to his friend’s girlfriend as his eyes remained on hers.The next round began and this time Eric won and Alicia’s final sock was tossed across the room as the two of them kept their eyes locked on each other’s. The sexual tension within the room suddenly grew until both Eric thought sparks should be flying. This was it now, the next round would see one of them removing something interesting. All thoughts of Nick were gone from Eric’s mind, and the fact that this knockout woman was his friend’s girlfriend, not to mention the fact that Nick was sitting right next to where Alicia stood, made Eric’s heart beat faster and his hunger to see, and touch, all the more powerful.”Now it gets interesting.” He said as he kept his eyes locked on Alicia’s. His friend’s girlfriend nodded, her smile and eyes showing her obvious heated state, while the fact her large tits heaved erotically showed her heart was pounding just as much as his was.And so the next round began. This time they both played hard, occasionally glimpsing at one another or making jibing comments to try to throw the other off, however as the battle ended, Eric smiled widely as he watched Alicia pout, though from the gleam in her eyes she was obviously not upset about having lost.”I guess you won that one.” She said with more than a hint of teasing-playfulness in her voice as she removed the guitar for a moment before crossing her arms as she took hold of the bottom of her tight t-shirt. “Time for your prize.”Eric watched intently, his eyes staring unblinkingly, as he watched his friend’s girlfriend slowly, oh so slowly, pull her arms upwards, peeling her tight-white t-shirt up her slender, stunning body in front of both him and her boyfriend. First her smooth, flat stomach came into sight, then her slim waist that begged to be held by his hands, ever more inching upwards until the slightest sight of white bra came into sight. Continuing to peel the t-shirt upwards, Eric’s eyes widened and his dick stood hard at attention as Alicia pulled the tight clothing up, revealing her large, heavy tits held beautifully in the confines of the white lace bra, standing proudly on her chest. Pulling the t-shirt over her head, she once more kept her eyes locked on his, a deep smile and eyes that blazed with obvious horniness at the whole situation, as she tossed the t-shirt towards him.Catching the piece of clothing that had moments before been concealing this gorgeous body, Eric stared openly as Alicia stood in front of him a moment, watching him with a sly smile, topless except for her white lace bra in front of her boyfriend who watched with obvious enjoyment, before she straightened her hair a moment and unhurriedly reached for her guitar, her large tits in full view as she bent over, before she straightened and once again placed the strap over her head. Oh, she was teasing him now, and he would be damned if she wasn’t enjoying it! Fuck, his dick felt like it was going to rip through his jeans!”Damn!” Was all he could say as he ogled his friend’s girlfriend’s body a moment longer. A small, pleased smile spread Alicia’s luscious lips as she looked over at him.”Time to make it even.” She said and sure enough when the next guitar battle ended, it was Eric’s turn to pull his t-shirt over his head, revealing his chiselled, muscular body to an obviously impressed Alicia as she guided her eyes over him for a moment.The next battle began and once more Eric won, much to his satisfaction. Watching Alicia once again remove the guitar, setting it beside Nick before she once more turned her eyes to Eric and proceeded to unbutton her tight jeans, opening them slowly before she half turned so that her tight ass was half facing him before she unhurriedly began to push the tight material down her long, smooth, slender legs, with Eric’s eyes following the gradual movement, completely transfixed, before the stunning 21-year-old girlfriend straightened and kicked the jeans from her feet.Placing her slender hands on her hips, Alicia turned to stand facing him once more, now only wearing her matching white lace underwear as she smiled and kept her sparkling grey eyes locked on his.”You’ve got me down to my underwear, but that’s as far as you’ll go.” She said, her voice a mix of playful teasing and a huskiness brought on from her obviously growing horniness.Eric smiled in return as he allowed his eyes to wander all over his friend’s girlfriend’s hot body as she obviously wanted him to as she stood there, hands on hips in all her glory, smiling softly at him.”You’re girlfriend is fucking hot man!” Eric said without thought to his friend, looking over to him when he realised what he had said.Why he suddenly worried about whether his friend would be angry about the comment he didn’t know, after all, this had been all Nick’s idea, but Eric couldn’t help wonder if he had intended it to go this far. He got his answer when Nick smiled at Alicia proudly, still calmly sitting back, and took a swig from his beer before answering.”She sure is.” His friend replied calmly and proudly, “She’s also a very good gamer, so you’d better watch out now.”Eric grinned at his friend before he looked back at his friend’s half naked girlfriend. She had the guitar back on again, however that didn’t stop Eric letting his eyes wander over that gorgeous, sexy body for a small moment before once again readying for the next battle.This round didn’t go well for Eric as Nick predicted, mostly because he couldn’t get the image of Alicia out of his mind and so soon Eric was undoing his own jeans and pulling them somewhat less elegantly from his legs before kicking them away from him. He was down to only his boxers now, whereas Alicia still had her bra and panties left.”I think you’re enjoying this.” Alicia teased, her eyes going to the very prominent bulge in his boxers.Eric looked down a moment before grinning.”Take it as a compliment.” He replied as he smiled and Alicia purred softly, so softly he thought Nick hadn’t heard and that Alicia had meant no one to hear.”I think we’ll end this now.” She said in reply, her eyes slowly moving from his boxers up his body to his face.”Not quite yet, you’ve still got two to go.” He replied teasingly and Alicia’s smile deepened.”Then let’s see who’ll win.” She said as she turned back to the television and once more the guitar-battle began.This time when the round ended, Eric felt like shouting in celebration as he won again. Turning his attention swiftly to his friend’s girlfriend, he watched as she looked down at Nick a moment, obviously wondering if he wanted this to go as far as actually getting naked. Nick simply gave her a smile that said more than Eric could read, however all that he cared about really was the blazing horniness in Alicia’s eyes as she once more turned to look intently at him and slowly, oh so fucking slowly, reached behind her to unhook her bra.The thin straps loosened as Alicia unhooked the back before she reached up to take hold of one of the straps and slowly lowered the thin material from one of her slender shoulders, her eyes still held on his as she held the bra in place over her large, glorious tits while she slowly lowered the other strap. Eric’s dick was straining to push out from its confines as he watched his friend’s knockout girlfriend who he had met for the first time that night look deep into his eyes as she prepared to completely remove her bra and reveal her naked tits to him, in front of her boyfriend, his friend, too. Fuck, his dick had never been this hard! For what seemed like an eternity Alicia kept her eyes on him while his eyes were locked and unblinking on her impressive chest, and then she moved and tossed her bra towards him. For a moment all Eric could see was the white material coming towards him, however he caught it with his hands and his eyes fell on the most wondrous sight.Alicia Brookes stood once again with her hands on her hips, her eyes burning with lust and horniness as she kept her eyes on Eric while he stared in awe at the heavy, 36D tits that now stood naked and proud on her chest, her nipples hard. Her impressive tits heaved up and down as she breathed heavily, obviously extremely turned on by the whole situation, and it took everything Eric had in him not to move towards her to wrap his hands around those large, glorious mounds. For a long time Eric drank in the sight of his friend’s now topless girlfriend, his eyes not seeming to get their fill before he once more looked to her face as she spoke to him, bringing him out of his daze.”See something you like?” Nick’s girlfriend asked somewhat breathlessly and Eric nodded, his throat dry; he had never seen any woman so incredibly hot as this woman right now.”Damn! You’re so fucking hot Liss! Shame the others didn’t see this.” He replied, his own voice a little unsteady from the intense horniness he was feeling.Alicia trembled gently at his last words and her eyes grew a little more intense.”You’re the only guy who’s seen me this naked since I’ve been with Nick.” She replied in a voice that seemed as hot as her eyes, and then she looked to Nick who was sitting watching her with a look of intense horniness. “You don’t mind your friend ogling your girlfriend’s naked tits, do you baby?”Looking up at his half-naked girlfriend as she stood topless in front of his friend, Nick simply gave her a smile that was filled with as much lust as either Alicia or Eric’s was.”Not at all, this was the bet after all.” Eric’s friend, and Alicia’s boyfriend, replied and Alicia gave him a loving, and very turned-on smile, before she once more looked at Eric.The entire room crackled with sexual energy and for a moment Eric wondered why Nick was so cool and calm with letting his friend stare at his half-naked girlfriend, why he seemed to enjoy the fact that his own girlfriend was stripping for his friend, and enjoying it too! However right then he didn’t really care too much. Whatever his friend’s reasons were, Eric was getting to watch a gorgeous woman strip before him, and the fact she was his friend’s girlfriend only made it that much hotter.As Eric and Alicia stared heatedly into each other’s eyes, Eric felt it increasingly difficult not to grab this stunner and slam her against the wall and fuck her brains out. With the pure lustful look in her eyes right then as she stared at him only wearing her white lace panties, Eric wondered whether she would actually mind, regardless of whether Nick was there or not. Either way, after tonight and seeing Nick’s girlfriend this naked, Eric was definitely going to try to get into this chick, even if she was his friend’s girlfriend. Little did he know that was precisely what was going to happen soon enough.”Well, one last round it seems.” Alicia said after a little while, her voice husky and breathless, her heart pounding rapidly.”I can’t wait.” Eric replied, insinuating towards her last piece of clothing.Alicia smiled a very playful, and very dirty smile as her eyes flicked towards the huge bulge in his boxers. However she didn’t say a word, instead she took her guitar up and once more prepared, this time for the final round.The last battle was difficult for both of them due to their heightened horniness, and both wanted desperately to win. With hearts pounding and loins burning, the game began and after what seemed like an eternity, though in fact was only a few minutes, the game ended, and the winner had been decided.Turning to look at him triumphantly, Alicia removed her guitar before she once more placed her slender hands on her hips, her big naked tits standing proudly on her chest as she smiled proudly at him.”Looks like I’m the winner.” She said in a mix of pride and anticipation before her eyes glanced at his bulging boxers a moment. “It’s time for your friend to pay up baby.” She added to her boyfriend, which turned Eric’s smile into one of pride. Oh, she definitely wanted to see what was making that bulge.Glancing at Nick a moment to see if he had any objections, which he didn’t seem to, not that that should have been a surprise after allowing his girlfriend to strip almost naked for his friend on bets, Eric looked back to Alicia as he grabbed the waistband of his boxers. His friend’s hot girlfriend’s eyes immediately lowered and Eric smiled as he noted the anticipation on the topless stunner’s face before he yanked his last remaining piece of clothing off him in one swift motion before kicking them off and standing straight, his eyes solely on his friend’s girlfriend as he smiled proudly.The moment his hard dick came into view Alicia’s eyes widened and her mouth opened slightly for a moment, though she quickly closed it before Nick managed to see, however her eyes remained wide as she stared at his hard member for a long time before Eric decided to speak.”See something you like?” Eric said confidently, teasing Alicia in the same way she teased him earlier.Without thinking, his friend’s stunning girlfriend nodded, her entire attention on his nine inch, hard, thick dick. It was only after a moment of silence that Alicia looked up at his face, her expression now one of pure, agonized horniness. Oh, she was going to get on his dick, especially now she had seen it.”Looks like you won after all.” He said cockily and Alicia smiled weakly, her breathing still a little erratic.”I told you she was good.” Nick suddenly said as he stood up, looking from Eric to his girlfriend, who now held her eyes firmly on his face, though it was obvious that it was deliberate.”I’d never doubt that man.” Eric replied, the obvious insinuation not lost on his friend, nor on his girlfriend whose smile twitched in amusement as her large tits heaved. She must have been really turned on to have suddenly become so quiet. Looking between the two, as Nick placed his beer down and Alicia firmly kept her gaze on Eric’s face and continued to breath heavily, Eric asked what would turn out to be the fateful question of that night. “So, what now?”He had meant it half in jest, because he didn’t know how to top seeing his friend’s hot girlfriend strip, damn those tits were good!, nor the expression on her face which suggested she wanted his dick as much as he wanted to give it to her, and half out of genuine curiosity, as what indeed were they to do after this? They couldn’t exactly get dressed and go on talking about the day after all of this. It was Nick who answered, and in a way Eric had not expected.Looking from Alicia with a small, loving smile, Nick turned to look at Eric, calm and confident, though with a hint of enjoying the whole situation. Eric found out why when he spoke.”What do you say we continue this in the bedroom?” His friend asked and it was Eric’s turn to go wide-eyed.For a long moment he stared at his friend. He couldn’t mean what he thought he meant surely? But then, what else could he have meant? Looking from Nick who was calm and confident, to Alicia who stared intently at Eric’s face, her breathing growing faster and heavier and her eyes shining like the sun as she stood naked except for her white lace panties, Eric’s eyes widened slightly more. If Nick meant what he thought he meant then Alicia must have known…she didn’t seem surprised…for a few moments Eric’s mind reeled.”Are you saying…?” Eric began, and trailed off as he looked between them both questioningly. Fuck! He wanted this so badly! But was this some kind of dream, or trick? If it was it was bloody cruel!Nick, however, nodded calmly and Eric let out a deep breath.”Damn.” He said as he stared at his friend and his girlfriend. He really wanted him to have sex with her! And here he had been thinking of how to get her alone…had they been planning this all night? Suddenly Eric shook himself. What was he doing? Here was his friend, offering him the chance to screw his hot girlfriend, and here he was thinking about it! What the fuck? There was one thing he had to make sure of though, and so looking to Alicia, he spoke. “And you want this too?”Alicia, looking oh so beautiful, with her long hair falling down her back and some gently over her large, round tits, half covering her nipples as she stood staring at him, took a deep breath, oh that was a magnificent sight, before she nodded. Her nod was very definite, üsküdar escort yet at the same time more than a little shaky. She was obviously very, very turned on right then.”Damn.” He said finally, grinning broadly as his long, hard dick twitched at the thought of what was to come; he was actually going to bury his dick in his friend’s girlfriend! Fuck, that was a once in a lifetime situation! “I’m up for that, definitely!”Alicia seemed lost in her horniness as Nick nodded with a turned on smile.”I’ll be watching, but as long as you two agree, you can do whatever you want tonight.” He said and Eric nodded in return, brightening even more as he realised he would get this stunner all to himself, not to mention that he could do whatever to her! He would have to do his best, perhaps then she would beg him for more later, she already seemed transfixed with his dick.”Sure, sounds good to me.” Eric replied confidently now as he reached out his hand towards Alicia. He wasn’t going to argue. If Nick had a fetish of watching his hot girl getting screwed, well hey, as long as he was the one banging the hell out of her, who cared right?Alicia’s eyes sparkled once more as she looked at Nick for a moment before she reached out to gently take a hold of Eric’s hand before Nick led the way towards the bedroom he shared with Alicia, that was now going to be shared with his friend too.Eric couldn’t help but glance over his shoulder a couple of times as they made their way to the bedroom. Alicia looked stunning, and intensely horny, as he led her into the bedroom she shared with Nick, her large, naked tits jiggling erotically as she walked heavily, her mind reeling in lust.Eric smiled as his eyes fell on the room that was meant solely for Nick and Alicia, but would tonight be witness to his friend screwing her hard on the bed. The bed was a nice, large, double bed with a sturdy wooden headboard. There were wardrobes and dressing tables and such, however Eric didn’t pay much attention to those at that moment, he was only interested in the bed Alicia shared with Nick, that would be where he drilled her ass the first time, and damn, he would make sure there would be a second, and a third, and more, then he could focus on screwing her in various places, but tonight, he wanted to bang her senseless on their bed.As Eric came into the room, Nick sat down calmly on a chair that was by the door and at the bottom right of the large bed, facing more of the side than the base, though it was in a perfect position to see most of the bed. Obviously Nick had planned the best place to watch his girlfriend take another man’s cock.Looking from his friend to the bed, Eric led Alicia into the room and to the side of the bed before he stopped and turned to face her. They were standing a couple of feet directly in front of Nick now, Eric completely naked with his ragingly hard dick standing at attention in front of him, and Alicia naked except for her lace panties. Eric gave Nick a proud look before he turned his attention to his friend’s topless girlfriend. Alicia’s face was a mask of complete horniness, she was his for the taking now, and right in front of her boyfriend, his friend. Oh, he had the perfect idea of how he was going to make this girl scream in pleasure and just how he was going to make her his. Fuck, but this was going to be good!Alicia’s large 36D tits rose and fell heavily as her breathing grew heavy with the intense horniness pulsing from her pussy through her hot, 21-year-old body. She couldn’t believe that she was actually naked except for her panties in front of this friend of her boyfriend’s who she had only met today…naked and about to have sex with him! She could hardly think of anything other than that huge cock of his that was standing hard and long in front of him, almost touching her flat stomach. Of course, she couldn’t get her boyfriend out of her mind, he was only a couple of feet to the right of her. Oh fuck she felt on fire! There was no turning back now, if there ever had been.”Fuck, you’re gorgeous!” Eric said as he reached one of his strong hands and cupped her face, pulling her a little closer to him as his other hand laid gently on her slender hip, each touch sending shivers of pleasure through Alicia’s body.The stunning girlfriend didn’t reply, she didn’t know what to say and Alicia didn’t think she could actually manage to say anything right then, her head was spinning.Her lack of response didn’t deter her boyfriend’s friend at all, he simply gave her a smile that made the enormous butterflies in Alicia’s stomach grow twice as big, damn he was hot!, as he gently pulled her closer to him. The moment his hard, very fucking hard, dick touched Alicia’s stomach she shuddered visibly, a soft deep breath of exhilaration escaping her lips as her eyes remained locked on his.Ever closer, as if in a dream, Eric pulled her, until her hard nipples gently touched his chiselled chest and Eric slowly began to lower his face towards hers. It seemed to happen all in slow motion, however the moment her boyfriend’s friend’s lips met hers Alicia melted inside. At first the kissed lightly, softly, once, twice, then Alicia parted her lips a little, then Eric parted his a little more, until finally Eric pressed his lips against hers a little more tightly, though still gently, and as his lips opened and his tongue moved, hers did also, and Alicia closed her eyes as they began to kiss fully, their tongues dancing lightly in each other’s mouths. Her slender hands moved as if from instinct, her mind reeling from the knowledge that she was kissing another guy, half naked, right in front of her boyfriend as he watched excitedly. Her left hand rested on Eric’s arm while her right rested on his waist.The kiss seemed to last forever, however just a few moments after their lips met Eric broke the gentle kiss and Alicia opened her eyes and saw lust burning in the eyes of her boyfriend’s friend. That hunger for her set her pussy pulsing, especially as Eric lowered his hands to the waistline of her panties, their eyes following, before he finally pushed them down, removing the last remnants of Alicia’s clothes as they pooled around her feet.Alicia let them remain there as this time when Eric kissed her there was no sign of gentleness. Instead he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her hard against him, squashing her big tits flat against his solid chest and pressing that huge, rock solid cock of his hard into Alicia’s stomach. A deep, lustful moan escaped Alicia’s lips involuntarily as once again Eric’s lips met hers and their tongues began to dance in a kiss that was passionate and hot with the lust they were both filled with. For a moment Alicia forgot that she wasn’t single and that her own boyfriend was in fact a couple of feet away and watching her, as she flung her arms around Eric’s neck and grabbed a handful of his hair, pulling his face to hers. She was so incredibly horny, and this guy was turning her on so much, what, with his huge dick, his teasing and his assertiveness, not to mention his good looks, fuck, right then she didn’t know whether this whole thing was more for her now than it was for Nick and his fantasy.Suddenly Eric broke the kiss and with a look of utter lust spun her around so that her back was pressed against his body and turned so that she was standing facing Nick.”Look at your boyfriend Liss.” Eric said as he ran his hands from her slim waist onto her stomach and pulled her back against him.Alicia breathed heavier as she stared into her boyfriend’s eyes, his burning with the same lust she knew must be in her own. Eric’s huge dick was pressed against her ass as he began kissing down her neck before turning her face towards his and once again locking his lips on hers, though this time he made sure to kiss her so that Nick could see their tongues dancing together. As the hot kiss continued, Eric slowly slid his hands up her body to cup both of her large, heavy tits, letting his hands squeeze the soft but firm flesh of her 36D mounds, his fingers sinking into them, as he kneaded them and kissed her hard and passionately right in front of Nick’s face. Alicia couldn’t stop herself from moaning into Eric’s mouth as she reached back and ran her hands through his hair, giving him perfect access to take liberties with her tits as she arched her back slightly, pushing her ass back towards him and her tits hard into his hungry hands.At first the stunner had her eyes closed, revelling in how hot she felt and how good Eric was at kissing, not to mention how amazing his hands felt on her body, however before long she opened them, wanting to look in to her boyfriend’s eyes as he watched his friend taking so many liberties with her body. Breaking the kiss, Alicia kept her hands over her head in Eric’s hair, his hands still roughly groping her tits, full of her large breasts, as she once again locked eyes with Nick.Her boyfriend had undone his jeans and had his hand down them as he watched her being taken like only he should right in front of him. Alicia felt a thrill rush through her as they watched each other for a few minutes while Eric continued to enjoy her body with his hands and lips.”Enjoying watching me turn your girlfriend on Nick?” Eric asked as he looked up, his hands still squeezing her large tits roughly. “I think she likes it.”Alicia could hear the smug smile on Eric’s face though her eyes never left her boyfriend’s, however after he finished speaking, she saw the lust rage on Nick’s face and with a tingle in her belly, decided to join in.Turning her face half to Eric’s, she gently kissed his lips lovingly.”I love the way your hands feel on me.” She said truthfully in a voice that was far more huskier from horniness than she had realised. “It’s so hot having you take me in front of my boyfriend…ohmm fuck…you’re making me so horny!”Their lips locked for a brief moment before once again Eric broke the kiss. Alicia knew that she looked like she was about to beg for his cock, probably because she would right then, she didn’t know how much more she could take, the huge fucking pole was pressing roughly into her ass! Staring in to her boyfriend’s friend’s eyes as he continued groping her big tits, Alicia knew she had to get fucked right now!Glancing at Nick, Alicia turned to look at Eric heatedly.”I think he wants to watch you fuck me Eric…” Alicia said, running her hands over his and helping him to roughly squeeze her impressive tits. “…I think my boyfriend wants to watch you push that big…dick…into my pussy…and fuck me.”With every words Alicia felt lust and horniness take over more and more, and when she turned to look at Nick once again, she could see it had done the same with him. She was breathing so fast now it was like she had run a mile!”Is that what you want Nicky-boy?” Eric asked and Alicia felt a flood of electricity rage through her when her boyfriend nodded.”You want your friend to give me his hard dick baby?” Alicia asked, teasing and very horny.Once again Nick nodded, lust raging on his face and his hand pumping in his jeans. Turning her face to Eric, Alicia watched his eyes burning.”Well then, do you want to fuck your friend’s girl in front of him then Eric? Want to make me beg for your cock while you pound me on the bed?” She asked hornily, the words more instinct than thought, though Alicia knew she meant every word.Eric’s eyes flashed and his hands squeezed her tits as hard as they could bringing a soft, breathy moan from her throat before he released them and once more grabbed her waist and spun her round to once again face him.”I’ll take that as a yes.” She purred with a gentle, though hungry, smile as she traced her fingers up and down his muscular chest.”You tell me now Alicia, do you want me to fuck you in front of your boyfriend? Do you want my dick inside you right now, right here?” Nick’s friend asked her dominantly and Alicia felt a shiver flow down her spine as she looked up at his face from his impressive cock. Biting her bottom lip, she nodded definitely, however Eric wasn’t finished. “Then you better beg me to give it to you.”Alicia’s eyes sparkled and she smiled dirtily and looked over her shoulder at Nick.”Your friend wants me to beg him for his big dick…beg him to fuck me with it…” She said as she looked into Nick’s eyes and watched how hot he got from it. Such teasing was driving her crazy! It was so naughty, mostly because she was enjoying teasing her boyfriend so much about how she was going to screw his friend, not to mention actually looking forward to it! “…Mmmmm…I think I should…”Turning to look up at Eric once more, Alicia made sure Nick could see as she slowly ran her hand down Eric’s chest before wrapping her delicate fingers around the hard, thick shaft of his nine inch dick. Fuck, it felt so good in her hand! It was going to feel incredible when he drove that thing into her pussy!Squeezing the thick cock in her hand, Alicia looked deep into Eric’s eyes and did her best to sound pleading.”I want your big cock so badly Eric, I want you to put me on this bed I share with Nick and fuck me with this big, hard cock all you want. Please baby, please fuck me in front of my boyfriend on his bed. Please give me your big dick.” She said and heard Nick groan beside her.Eric simply smiled smugly as he looked down at her and Alicia knew that he could see that she really did mean everything she said, and that right then, she would have meant it even if Nick hadn’t have been there, she was that hot.”I’m gonna fuck the life out of you.” Nick’s friend boasted heatedly and was about to lead her towards the bed when Alicia shook her head with a playful smile.”You’ll get your chance to fuck this little girlfriend of your friend’s,” She teased hornily before she smiled wickedly, “But first, I need to get used to this thick cock of yours, you’re bigger and thicker than Nick, and I want to ride your big dick anyway, I want you and my boyfriend to watch me while I fuck myself on your big cock, you can watch my tits bounce while you think that you’re actually fucking Nick’s girlfriend and see just how much I love your dick in me.”Both Nick and Eric looked ready to explode by the time Alicia finished and with a very horny and very dirty smile, began to lead Eric towards the large double bed she shared with her boyfriend, by his hard dick. As Alicia let go and Eric climbed onto the bed and lay down so that he was almost side on to Nick, though with his head slightly angled towards the still clothed boyfriend, Alicia thought she was going to explode too she was that horny. This was it now, she was actually going to have another dick inside her body, and fuck, she was about to scream she felt so high!Nick’s dick was rock hard as he watched Alicia, their eyes locked, first place one bare knee on the large bed before she swung the other over Eric’s naked body. His huge, hard dick stood proud as Nick watched his hot girlfriend kneel over his naked friend, her pussy over his dick as she knelt watching him and breathing heavily.”There’s no turning back now baby, you’re going to have to watch your girl ride your friend’s big cock.” Alicia purred heatedly and Nick’s dick strained harder, he was going to cum soon if she carried on teasing him like this.If the horny boyfriend had been ready to cum right then, he didn’t know how he held back when he watched Alicia reach down between her legs to wrap her fingers around his friend’s hard dick, positioning the solid member beneath her before slowly lowering herself down.As Nick watched his friend’s hard nine inch dick first touch his girlfriend’s hot pussy, his hand flew in his jeans, and he knew he was going to cum. If only he had known what a Pandora’s box he had opened…The moment Eric’s dick pressed against Alicia’s pussy she shuddered throughout her entire body. Biting her bottom lip however she continued to lower herself down and then with a sudden push, she felt the thick head of her boyfriend’s friend’s dick push into her burning pussy.”Mmmm!” The stunning girlfriend moaned deeply as she continued to watch Eric’s dick slide into her as she lowered herself down its thick, long length.Each inch seemed twice as long and twice as thick as it looked as it slowly pushed further and deeper into her pussy, sending shivers of electricity shooting all through her.Looking up from the hard cock that was pushing into her, Alicia fixed lust-glazed eyes onto her boyfriend’s own and moaned deeply as she watched him as the thick cock continued to fill her up.”Ohhmm, this is soo fucking hot!” Alicia moaned breathily as Eric’s hands found her hips and began to pull her down the rest of the length of his glorious dick, all the while Alicia kept her eyes fastened on Nick’s. She couldn’t believe that here she was, lowering herself onto her boyfriend’s friend’s dick, on her and her boyfriend’s bed, while her boyfriend watched the whole thing! This was insane, but oh so fucking hot!!”Fuck! You’re so big!” She moaned again breathily as her eyes closed while she relished the feel of each thick inch pushing deep into her, filling her more than Nick ever had.After what seemed like an eternity, and what seemed like having a baseball bat shoved inside her, Alicia felt herself resting on Eric’s legs, his huge cock now buried naked, and balls deep inside her very hot, and very horny pussy.Opening her lust-filled eyes, she first looked to Eric, who stared back at her with a hugely smug grin on his face, which he should have, here he was with his friend’s girlfriend on his dick in front of his friend! Then she looked once more to Nick, whose hand was now jacking his dick outside of his jeans as he watched the two of them intently.Having the hunger of two men watching her sent pulses through Alicia’s body, it felt good to be wanted so much. However, what felt much better was this huge, hot, different cock buried inside her. As she watched Nick a moment, Alicia was glad her boyfriend was enjoying his fantasy come true, but right then she was so fucking horny, and she had just the thing inside her to take care of it. Oh she was going to ride this friend of Nick’s raw!Looking back to Eric as he lay beneath her, Alicia gave him a wicked and playful smile before she leaned down, making sure she remained completely impaled on his hard, hot cock, and pressed her lips tightly against his for a moment. With her large tits squashed flat against his muscular chest, Alicia began kissing Eric passionately, holding his hands above his head for a moment before she finally broke the kiss, and breathlessly pushed herself up again so that she sat up, her hands lightly resting on Eric’s stomach.”Mmmm, your dick is so big.” Alicia purred erotically as she looked down at her boyfriend’s friend, uncaring if her boyfriend heard she was that horny. “You better fuck me good…shall we make a good show for Nick?”With those words Alicia began to rock her slender hips back and forth, pushing Eric’s big, hard cock in and out of her tight, oh so horny pussy. For the first few moments all the stunning girlfriend could do was hold her breath and close her eyes, relishing the feel of her boyfriend’s friend’s big naked dick sliding oh so stiffly in and out of her burning hot pussy while she knew that her boyfriend sat watching not a few feet away.Finally, after the first few movements of her hips, Alicia opened her glowing eyes and looked down at her boyfriend’s naked friend as he rested his hands on her long, smooth thighs. Her hands still rested on his muscular chest as she pushed her hips back and forth a little more intently as she grew accustomed to the large size of cock filling her up completely.”Mmm, fuck, your big cock feels good in me.” Alicia purred erotically as she stared into Eric’s eyes and used her arms to push her large, heavy tits closer together; the sight instantly drawing his eyes. “Do you want to see me fuck myself on it? Do you want to watch me bounce up and down on your huge dick?”Eric’s face was a mix of horny-lust and pride which sent shivers through Alicia’s body as he smirked and reached round with one hand to slap her ass as she slowly rocked back and forth on his enormous shaft.”Yeah, fuck that sweet ass on my dick Liss. Show me and your boyfriend what a slut girlfriend you really are.” Eric replied before he reached his other hand around to grab her tight ass, using his grip to move her faster up and down his rigid dick.Biting her bottom lip, Alicia groaned deeply at Eric’s words and the sudden feel of him pulling her up and down his solid shaft. Digging her nails gently into his muscular chest, she began to move her hips back and forth faster and with much more vigour until her big tits began to gently jiggle between her arms, her nipples hard.Looking up towards her boyfriend Alicia’s eyes blazed with lust as she saw his jeans around his ankles as he jacked off furiously as he watched her ride up and down his friend’s big cock.”Ummmm, yeah baby…ummm…fuck…are you enjoying yourself baby?” Alicia moaned breathily, her heart pounding as she continued to rock her hips back and forth with increasing energy. Fuck this cock inside her was big! “Are you enjoying watching your girlfriend bounce up and down on your friend’s….ohhhh….ummm….big fucking cock!”The last few words came out as a guttural groan as Alicia became lost for a moment in the feel of Eric’s huge dick sliding faster and faster in and out of her pussy. It felt so big and thick inside her, and what was hotter was the fact she was looking at, and talking to, her boyfriend while another dick filled her hot pussy! The feel of that long, hard, thick cock sinking and stretching deep into her pussy with every movement while she stared into the eyes of her boyfriend, the man she loved with all of her heart, made Alicia shudder and she couldn’t help but groan even more, her body reacting as she began to feel an orgasm growing within her already.”Of course he loves it; he wants to watch me fill you like you’ve never been filled before.” Eric replied with more than a hint of smugness in his tone as he placed his hands on her slim waist before adding in a more commanding tone, “Give me a kiss and let him watch while I fuck you better than he ever has.”Alicia loved her boyfriend, which was why she was fully impaled on his friend’s dick in the first place, and usually any kind of demeaning of him would have made her angry, however there was something exciting, something hot, about the whole situation, and instead of becoming indignant, Alicia found herself obeying her boyfriend’s friend.Leaning down Alicia pressed her full, luscious lips hard against Eric’s, mashing them together as their tongues danced and her large, round tits squashed into Eric’s chiselled torso while her hair fell around her face.”Mmmmmph!” She moaned passionately into Eric’s mouth as he grabbed the back of her head, pulling her face to his while she continued rocking her hips, pushing herself up and down his large, hard cock as best as she could in that position.Suddenly, Eric broke the kiss and grabbed hold of her waist before, with one swift movement that was lightning quick, he began thrusting his dick into her, slamming his long, hard, fat cock into her pussy while he held her close to him. Alicia was instantly caught off guard, however the sudden pounding her boyfriend’s friend began to give her drove everything out of her mind as he began fucking his huge dick in and out of her mercilessly.”Oh fuck! Yes! Yes! Oh fuck, fuck fuck…uh uh uh uh…Eric…fuck…yes…ummmmoohhhhhhh!” Alicia began to moan vocally, her hair covering her face as she gripped the bed covers either side of Eric’s head, holding on for dear life while he held her to him and slammed his hard cock into her from underneath her.”You like that slut?” Eric growled harshly from the exertion and the feel of her tight, red hot pussy gripping to his thick shaft.”Oh yeah! Yes! Oh fuck yes! I…I…ohhhhh! Fuck me with that big cock!” Alicia moaned, though with some trouble from the pounding she was receiving. “Ohhhhmmmm.”Her mind, and pussy, were reeling from the onslaught Eric’s dick was giving to her, and Alicia soon found her lips once more mashing against Eric’s, her tongue dancing with his as they kissed loudly and she continued to moan into his mouth hotly.”Fuck me baby, fuck me baby.” Alicia whispered as she broke the kiss, breathing heavily as their lips still touched and they stared into each other’s eyes.It was then that Alicia realised she was now fucking her boyfriend’s friend for herself. She was enjoying it completely and wanted more than anything to reach that intense orgasm she knew was building, and right then, if Nick asked her to stop, she didn’t think she could. Eric seemed to see this in her eyes as he smiled a deep and satisfied smile as he looked up at her as they shared that private moment, hidden by Alicia’s hair as it fell all around their faces.Just as suddenly as Eric had began holding her to him and fucking her hard and fast, he stopped. Breathing heavily, panting, and staring into his eyes, Alicia listened as he whispered for her ears only.”Ride my dick Liss, show me how much you love it.” Her boyfriend’s friend once again commanded, and once again Alicia knew she would obey, this time, she smiled naughtily first.”Are you trying to make me want your cock again?” She asked with more than a hint of horniness in her voice. She knew that must be why he was trying to make her show her ‘appreciation’ for him, not to mention his control, strange thing was, it was getting her more and more excited. She loved Nick though, and this would just be a one time thing, but hey, she was allowed to enjoy herself right now.”I already know you do, now show Nick just how much you love having my dick inside you without my help.” He answered confidently and his words sent shivers down Alicia’s spine. They were true, but she would deal with them after the sex, right now, she had an orgasm approaching.Smiling wickedly, Alicia slowly pushed herself back up, her eyes never leaving Eric’s until she sat up and pushed her hair back from her face and shoulders. Sitting straight, her large, heavy tits displayed proudly Alicia kept her eyes on her boyfriend’s friend’s as she once again began to move her hips, picking up her pace until she was soon bouncing up and down his nine-inch pole, her big tits bouncing up and down lightly.Eric stared up in awe at the goddess riding up and down his ragingly hard pole, fucking herself and looking oh so fucking hot while doing it.Running his hands up his friend’s girlfriend’s smooth thighs, Eric reached her slim waist and settling his hands firmly proceeded to help lift her up and down his thick cock. Fuck, her pussy was so fucking tight, he felt like he was going to cum any second!”Fuck!” Eric breathed heatedly as he leaned his head back, relishing in the feel of Alicia sliding herself up and down his dick faster and faster.Opening his eyes he saw Nick staring hornily into his eyes. Why the guy was enjoying watching his girlfriend stuff herself full of his friend’s big dick Eric would never understand, but it had gotten him in to Alicia’s ass, so he wasn’t going to stop now.”Fuck man, you’re girlfriend is one hot fuck!” He grunted out as he looked upside down into Nick’s eyes, his hands still holding a firm grip on Alicia’s slim waist.The words made Alicia moan loudly and she began to bounce up and down his hard cock with more force, running her nails down his chest. Nick too seemed to enjoy them, strange man Eric thought, but he wasn’t going to complain.”Mmmm, oh fuck yees!” Alicia purred contentedly as she rode up and down. Her increased fervour instantly drew Eric’s attention back to the stunning brunette girlfriend.With eyes that blazed lust, the hot brunette took hold of Eric’s hands and entwined her fingers through his, all the while pushing herself a little faster up and down his long cock.”Mmmm.” She purred again as she used her new grip to steady herself as she lifted herself almost completely off Eric’s nine inch cock before quickly slamming herself all the way down, impaling herself on his rigid member in one go. “Oh fuck!”Again and again Nick’s girlfriend rose up and dropped herself down all nine inches of Eric’s thick cock, moaning deeper each time, and soon setting a rhythm that set her big 36D tits bouncing lustfully up and down, not to mention the mattress in unison.”Oh baby…I’m fucking your friend…oh fuck, he feels so good! Oh yes! Ohhmmm fuuck!” Alicia moaned and groaned deeply as she glanced over to her boyfriend, who grunted in pleasure, however Eric didn’t turn to look, he kept his eyes on the stunner riding his dick.Turning her own blazing eyes back to Eric, Alicia pulled his hands towards her large, luscious tits. Eric didn’t need any further encouragement, and so soon his hands were filled with the soft, oh so soft, but firm flesh of his friend’s girlfriend’s big tits. Squeezing so hard his fingers sank into the supple flesh, Eric stared transfixed at Alicia’s impressive rack as she held her hands on his, helping him to grope her roughly as she continued riding him harder and faster.”Oh yeah, squeeze my tits Eric! Ummm fuckk! Play with them like only my boyfriend should baby…squeeze them while I fuck myself on your…ummm…ohhh, fucking big dick!” Alicia growled, gripping his hands and forcing his fingers harder into her tits as she began pushing herself more forcefully up and down his shaft, obviously growing more and more turned on as he groped her naked body while she fucked him in front of her boyfriend. “Ummm! Oh baby, fuck, ohhh look at your friend…umm squeezing my tits while I ride his cock…ohhh fuck! You like this? Ummm yeahh…ohhh…”The grunts and moans from behind him told Eric that Nick did indeed enjoy the whole scene, however right then Eric couldn’t have cared less if his friend hated the sight of his girlfriend stuffed full of his friend’s dick.Alicia had removed her hands from his, and while he continued to knead those magnificent, big tits, she had ran her hands sexily up into her hair, pushing it back as she rocked her hips back and forth, by now with intense vigour and force. The bed was lightly rocking back and forth with how much energy Alicia was putting in to driving herself up and down his hard cock, and her eyes had closed, her beautiful face contorting in ecstasy as she relished in the feel of a big, thick cock pushing in and out of her, one that she knew didn’t belong to her boyfriend.For a long moment Eric watched the intensely sexy girlfriend of his friend bounce lustfully up and down his nine inch dick, moaning and groaning lightly as she did. The whole situation made the fact of screwing this knockout so much hotter, as how hot was it that here he was, with a stunning, big-titted brunette bouncing up and down his naked, unprotected dick, on the bed she shared with her long-term boyfriend, while her boyfriend watched with approval just a few feet away!The whole thing had Eric struggling to stop himself from shooting his load inside Alicia right then and there, but he wanted to make sure he made an impression. That had been his plan the moment he had found out what Nick and Alicia wanted, he was going to give his friend exactly what he wanted, a chance to watch his girlfriend have great sex with someone else. However, he also intended to make sure that Alicia would remember this fuck, and moreover, that she would come back for more. Now he had gotten a taste of this hot piece of ass, Eric had every intention of making this a regular thing, with or without Nick’s knowing. The first part of his plan had worked, get her feeling comfortable, now it was time to show his friend’s hot girlfriend just how much better he was at nailing her than her boyfriend.Nick’s hand jacked harder than he had ever done before as he watched his stunningly hot girlfriend ride his friend’s hard dick so hard and fast that he knew she was about to cum soon, he had screwed her enough himself to know the signs, and right then, with her hands holding her hair up slightly, Eric’s hands cupping and mauling her big tits while she bounced up and down on his nine inch shaft, all the time moaning and groaning with her eyes shut or flashing from him to Eric…damn, she was so fucking hot!Nick’s hand flew up and down his dick faster as he stared transfixed as his girlfriend and friend had sex on the bed he shared with Alicia, watching her hot body writhe and shudder from the intense pleasure she was obviously feeling, and expressing vocally so well. Nick was glad that Alicia had gotten in to the whole thing, she had been reluctant at first but now…now she was as into it as he was himself, and fuck, but this was better than he had ever imagined.Little did the voyeuristic boyfriend know just how much his gorgeous girlfriend was enjoying the feel of his friend’s dick, a dick that was bigger and thicker than his, impaling her tight, hot, and oh so very horny pussy again and again right in front of him. Right then Alicia was lost in lust-blasted pleasure as Eric’s dick continued to fill and refill her burning pussy as he thrust upwards from the bed every time Alicia slammed herself down forcefully, driving his huge cock deep into her horny body. The sexy girlfriend revelled in the electric sensations her boyfriend’s friend’s hands were causing as they roughly massaged her heavy tits while she rode his cock hard and fast.More so…Nick was unaware of the ‘can of worms’ he had opened with his friend. While he watched his girlfriend and Alicia moaned and groaned hornily as she bounced up and down lustfully, the lust-filled boyfriend was unaware that the friend he asked to screw his girlfriend was planning on nailing his girl so good that she would beg him for more, with or without Nick being there…little did he know the risk he had taken…little did he know that the whole night had only just begun and his friend was about to give his girlfriend the fucking of her life…right in front of him…right on the bed they shared…with plans for more to come…Little did he know just how much his faithful girlfriend was enjoying his friend’s big dick deep inside her.Alicia couldn’t believe how good she felt as she continued to bounce up and down Eric’s dick, she had never felt this good, even with Nick. All the stunning brunette girlfriend wanted right then was to keep on riding this huge dick forever, however, her boyfriend’s friend had other ideas.As Alicia continued to ride his dick, her eyes closed as she moaned gently, Eric suddenly released his grip on her large tits and once more found her slim waist. Alicia smiled down at him as she opened her eyes, however as her eyes fell on the handsome face of her boyfriend’s friend and work mate, Eric suddenly lifted Alicia up and off his huge, hard pole, causing her to sigh as the nine-inch rod slid easily from her horny pussy as he pushed her to the side of him.Looking at him a little confusedly as she knelt naked on the bed in front of her boyfriend, now gently stroking his seven-inch dick as he watched and waited to see what his friend was up to, Alicia watched Eric push himself up onto his knees before he took her by the waist and manoeuvred her on the bed. At first Alicia was a little confused as to what he actually wanted her to do, not to mention where he wanted her to be, however as he positioned her to face Nick on the bed and moved behind her, his huge dick swinging though it was still hard, and spoke, a deep, wicked smile painted her luscious lips.”I think we’ve gotten to know each other a bit better now, ah Liss,” Eric said as he held onto her waist from behind and as she remained kneeling on the bed, he began to softly kiss her neck and shoulders, all the while Nick watched on directly in front of them. “What do you say we really get into this and you let me take control?”A shiver of horny lust rushed through Alicia’s body at the words. It felt so hot hearing her boyfriend’s friend suggest ‘taking control’ of her right in front of her boyfriend while they were on their bed. Her pussy burned and ached to be filled once again by his long, hard, thick cock, and so right then Alicia’s smile deepened as her breathing did and looked over at Nick as she replied to his friend.”What do you have in mind big boy?” She asked in a voice that dripped with a teasing innocence; her stomach fluttering in excitement.”I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you.” Eric answered in a tone that was all a****l-lust and full of self-confident command. “Doggie style…right in front of your boyfriend!”Before she could even purr in horny-delight Eric pushed her forward gently, though with enough force to send a second shiver of delight through her body at his dominance. Landing on her hands, Alicia looked up towards Nick with eyes that burned with horniness and blazed with the begging she felt to be filled with Eric’s dick and for him to fuck her however he wanted to, fuck, for as long as he wanted to. Her large 36D tits swung heavily beneath her as she held herself naked on her hands and knees while Eric, with one hand holding her slim waist, positioned himself behind her and gently teased her with his dick, leaving it just outside her hungry pussy as he spoke.”Do you want me to fuck you Alicia?” He asked in a voice that was smug and confident; it sent her body wild.”Mmmmm…” She purred in reply, her eyes brightening as she pushed herself back gently trying to impale herself on his hard nine-inch dick.”No, no, not until you tell me what you want.” Eric replied in that smug tone. Damn him, he knew what she wanted…fuck, she wanted it so badly. His teasing her made her a little irritated but oh so fucking horny too.”I want your cock…” Alicia purred heatedly, knowing he wanted to hear her say the words in front of Nick.The moment she said those four words, Eric pushed the tiniest tip of his hard dick into her pussy. The feeling sent waves of burning fire through her body and her mind reeled. Trying to push back to feel all of that magnificent rod burying itself within, Alicia moaned as her breathing deepened.”Make sure Nick can hear you baby, he wants to watch after all, so give him something to enjoy.” Her boyfriend’s friend teased in that same smug tone. Damn, he was setting her mind ablaze.A flash of a thought blinked through the horny girlfriend’s mind, that Nick did want to watch, but did he want to be shown up like this, with these words. The thought however didn’t last long, mostly because of how desperately horny she was right then, but also because as Alicia focused on her boyfriend, who sat a few feet directly in front of her face, she saw Nick’s eyes blazing as she knew hers were and his hand flying up and down his hard cock. He was obviously enjoying himself, she might as well allow herself to fully enjoy herself too, after all, this had all been his idea anyway.That was the moment Alicia Brookes let herself go…”Ummm, I want your big, thick cock baby.” Alicia purred sexily to her boyfriend’s friend while keeping her eyes locked on her boyfriend’s own, “Push that long, hard dick into my pussy and screw me like a slut…” With every word she spoke Eric slowly, so slowly, pushed more and more of his hard dick into her tight, hot pussy, and with each inch, Alicia’s words grew hotter and hornier… “Ohhhh, yes Eric…slide that big cock into your friend’s girlfriend…ummmm yeah baby…fill me up with your hot cock while Nick watches…”Not being able to resist her words or her tight pussy any longer, Eric thrust forward hard, driving the rest of his huge dick fully into her body.”Oohhhhuughhh!” Alicia groaned in delight, throwing her head back as she arched her back slightly as the entire nine inches was buried balls deep into her from behind. Fuck, she had never felt so full, nor so fucking good, in her life! FUCK!Eric’s other hand found her waist and without wasting another moment, her boyfriend’s friend quickly pulled his long, hard cock from her before driving the thick shaft all the way back into her tight pussy hard, fast and without mercy; Alicia almost screamed with how amazing it felt.”OHHHH FUCKK!” Alicia groaned loudly in a guttural cry.Eric wasted no time in establishing a quick, unforgiving rhythm, ramming his long, hard, thick cock deep into her burning pussy with such heat and lust that Alicia’s head spun as her first orgasm began to build swiftly and with tremendous force.”Oh yes baby! Fuck me Eric! Oh shit, this feels so fucking good!” The horny girlfriend groaned just as loudly as before as her boyfriend’s friend continued to relentlessly pound his hard, nine-inch dick deep into her from behind.”Yeah, fuck! You like this Liss? Huh? You like being fucked like a slut?” Eric growled between clenched teeth from behind her, the words sending a shiver through Alicia’s body and a bolt of fire to her pussy.”Ummmm, oh yeah baby! Ohh, fuck me like a slut Eric…OHH…” Alicia began to reply as she panted heavily from the intense fucking Nick’s friend was giving her, the last moan coming out as a squeal of pleasure as Eric slammed his huge cock home hard and fast, before she continued, “…Ohhhummmm give me that big dick of yours! FUCK YES! Ohhuuuhhhhhh!”Eric of course obliged her and Alicia continued to moan deeply as she let her head fall forward, her long brown hair hanging over her face as she closed her eyes, revelling in how fantastic the sex was.All thoughts of her boyfriend were being driven out of her mind by the relentless pistoning of Eric’s huge dick into her tight, blazing hot pussy. Fuck! She had never felt so full of hard cock before, not even with Nick, and she had never been fucked so harshly in such a****l lust! Eric was not showing any love for her, all that his hard, powerful thrusts showed was a hunger to fuck her, a smugness at getting his huge dick into her in front of her boyfriend, and an arrogance to be the best fuck she had ever had, and oh, was he right on target for all of that!”Mmmmm, yeah! Oh yes! Oh fuck! Ummm! Fuck me baby! Ohuhh yeeaahhh! Uh!” Alicia moaned between heavy breaths as she held herself steady on arms that were quickly growing weak from the power and pleasure of this amazing fucking.”Fuck your pussy’s tight!” Eric almost growled as he continued pumping his long hard dick into her as he held her tightly by the waist.”Mmmmmmohhhhhh! Fuck! Uhhh!” Was all the stunning brunette girlfriend could manage to moan as she stared through almost closed eyes at the bed covers she shared with her loving boyfriend, the boyfriend who was watching his friend fuck her right now. That thought made Alicia groan deeply, her hands gripping to the covers a little more tightly. “Ummmmm ohhhh fuuuckk yess!””Damn, ugh, fuck!” Eric grunted, his hands pulling Alicia back onto his thick cock as he rammed the whole nine-inches deep into her mercilessly, “Ugh, man, thanks Nick…uh…for letting me bang your girlfriend man…shit, ugh…she’s a hot piece of ass!”Alicia’s eyes rolled in lust at those words and gripping tighter to the bed covers she slammed her tight ass back, impaling herself harder and faster on Eric’s cock, moaning louder as she heard Nick grunt in obvious pleasure a few feet away.”Fuck…wait ’till the guys hear about me getting in…ugh…your sweet pussy…fuck…they’ll be sorry they fucking left early! Damn!” Eric added and Alicia squealed gently as he renewed his pounding with increased vigour.”Oh baby! Oh fuck! Fuck! Ummmmohhhh yesss! Ohh fuck your cock iss sooo gooood! Ummm uhhh! Yes! Ohhh!” Alicia moaned as she repeatedly took the nine inch rod deep into her burning pussy, the hard thrusts of her boyfriend’s friend causing the hot girlfriend to rock back and forth on her hands and knees, her large, luscious tits swinging lustfully beneath her as she moaned in horny pleasure.”Yeah Liss, you love my cock fucking you huh?” Eric growled, pistoning his immense dick harder into her.”Oh yes! Fuck! Screw me baby, uh, give me that big cock of yours! Uh!” She moaned in response, her fingers gripping tightly to the bed covers, holding on for dear life as Eric seemed intent on driving his dick through to her womb.Suddenly one of Eric’s hands left her waist and soon took a strong grip in her long, brown hair, before abruptly, and not gently at all, he yanked her head back, pulling her hard onto his thrusting dick and bringing a strained groan from Alicia’s throat.”Fuck Liss, I bet you love being fucked by me on your boyfriend’s bed! Damn, you’re such a horny slut!” Her boyfriend’s friend growled harshly, there was nothing but a****l lust in his voice as he continued fucking the hell out of her.With the force he held her head back, Alicia could barely breathe let alone respond in anything but a horny, throaty groan as she revelled in the strength and lust that Eric was blazing with as he pounded her harder and faster than Nick ever had. She was glad that she could not reply right then, because oh, he was so right. Right then she knew she was totally in lust with this friend of her boyfriend’s. Her hands gripped the bed covers tightly as she rocked back and forth on her hands and knees from Eric’s powerful thrusts. Her large tits swung heavily and her head was held back, all directly in front of her boyfriend who was watching her get royally screwed. If only he knew just how much she was loving every inch of it, he may not have been so horny. Right then Alicia felt as if she would admit, and do, anything to be fucked as good as Eric was fucking her.”Look at your boyfriend there, he loves watching me screw you right in front of him.” Eric added, sounding both smug and more than a touch arrogant as he finally released his hold on her hair enough so that she could stare forward while he continued to fuck her from behind.Looking directly into Nick’s eyes while his friend fucked her from behind, seeing the absolute ecstasy on his face while she had another man’s dick sinking deeper, filling her far more, and banging her far better than he ever had, Alicia moaned deeply, the intense feeling of being thoroughly screwed while staring into the eyes of the guy she loved simply overtook her.”Ohhhh baby, look at your friend fucking me! Ummm! Ohhh! He’s ramming his…ummm…big dick into me! Oh! He’s banging your girl right in front of you baby! Oh fuck! Your friend is fucking your girlfriend! OHHUmmmmm! Oh…and he’s sooo good!” Alicia groaned in a deep purr, her eyes burning as she continued pushing herself back as Eric thrusted forward, driving his hard cock deeper into her tight pussy.”Fuck! Do…do you like him fucking you baby?” Nick asked in a tight voice, his face red and his eyes almost trance-like.Alicia purred hornily before she smiled wickedly at her boyfriend, watching him a moment as his friend fucked her, before she replied.”Mmmm I love it…” She answered finally, however she had tuzla escort to catch her breath mid-sentence as Eric changed his pace and began to really fuck her hard. “…Oh yes give me that big dick Eric! Oh fuck baby! Ummm yeah!” Gripping harder to the covers Alicia’s eyes burned as she stared at her boyfriend. “Oh Eric fuck me! Oh yes baby! Um! Oh! Uh! Yeah! Oh Nick, ohh, I love you baby, umm I love you so much!”Saying those words while his friend was literally fucking the life out of her on their bed right in front of him made Alicia’s body blaze with intense electric pleasure! She couldn’t believe how hot it was saying she loved her boyfriend while his friend’s dick was repeatedly burying itself deep in her burning pussy, fucking her ever closer to an amazing orgasm.While Eric continued to ram his big cock into her from behind, Alicia watched her boyfriend’s hand flying up and down his own hard dick. She felt so hot being the object of two men’s desire, and oh she felt so good right then, better than she ever had before. She was so glad she had agreed to this.But oh, the gorgeous girlfriend had no idea what happens when wishes came true.The reality of his fantasy was mind-blowing Nick thought as he avidly watched the intensely erotic scene before him as his hand glided swiftly up and down his seven-inch dick, despite the fact of having cum twice already.Alicia’s eyes were locked on his, her face changing between a contorted mask of pure ecstasy and a burning, wicked lust as she would bite her bottom lip gently between her loud and lustful moans and groans. It was hotter than Nick had ever imagined watching his gorgeous, knockout girlfriend, gripping the bed sheets white-knuckled as she rocked back and forth on her hands and knees as Nick’s own friend and co-worker repeatedly, and relentlessly, drove his nine-inch, hard, thick dick into her from behind. Her long brown hair fell down her back and shoulders, that which wasn’t gripped in Eric’s fist, occasionally being used to yank Alicia’s head back as he drove his long cock into her harder and faster, burying it deeper than Nick ever had, but even then Alicia kept her eyes firmly locked on his. With his other hand on her slim, sexy waist, that Nick had held so many times himself when they were having sex, Eric pistoned his rock hard dick hard and fast and all the while Alicia pushed back driving the solid shaft deep into her body with a throaty groan. Her large, heavy, 36D tits swung lustfully beneath her with every powerful, deep thrust into her body and the bed rocked back and forth, matching the rhythm of the pair on top of it.The fact that that bed belonged to him and Alicia only made the whole thing hotter Nick thought as he watched so closely he forgot to blink for minutes on end. His girlfriend was constantly moaning and groaning, often speaking dirtily to Eric as she stared into Nick’s eyes. Once she even smiled naughtily at him before she pushed herself up to passionately lock lips with Eric as he continued to drive his dick into her in the new position. However before long the pleasure overwhelmed her and she couldn’t steady herself any longer, despite Eric’s arms wrapping around her or groping her large tits, and she was soon back on all fours moaning and groaning erotically.The fact that Alicia was enjoying herself too made the whole fantasy that much more hotter for the horny boyfriend, if only he had known just how much the stunning girlfriend was enjoying his friend’s dick, and just how much Eric had her in the palm of his hand, he may have thought twice about the whole fantasy. However, right then, none of them were aware of just how much this whole fantasy-come-true was slowly altering their lives, for now, it was just a hot fuck session.And so, as his girlfriend continued to cry out in pleasure and Nick continued to watch his friend give her the fucking of her life, Eric began to prepare to make Alicia beg for his dick…With his friend’s girlfriend’s tight pussy wrapped like a vice around his hard dick, Eric was finding it difficult to hold back. His large, heavy balls were tingling and he knew that he wasn’t going to be able to last much longer, this girl, this whole situation of fucking a girl in front of her boyfriend, was all just too fucking hot!Letting go of Alicia’s hair and returning his hand to her waist, Eric looked up to meet Nick’s eyes and couldn’t help but give him a smug smile as he drove his hard cock into Nick’s girlfriend bringing a squeal of pleasure and a deeply erotic moan from Alicia as she gripped the bed sheets harder.Alicia was still keeping her eyes on her boyfriend and now Eric did too. Nick seemed lost in his horniness at the whole situation and was completely unaware of why Eric was smiling so smugly. No doubt his friend thought he was just smug because he had his dick in his girl, which of course Eric was, but it was the knowledge that his own dick was bigger and thicker than Nick’s and was no doubt buried deeper and fucking Alicia better than he ever could that was making Eric so smug.Having just met this girl tonight he had not dreamed that he would ever have gotten inside her, let alone what had actually happened, however he was damn sure he was going to get a second round with this gorgeous stunner, hopefully more, and from the way she was reacting to his fucking her, Eric thought he was making headway on that, all he had to do now was blow her mind, and he knew just how to do that.Sliding his strong hands up her smooth body, Eric slid his fingers down her soft side and let his hands cup Alicia’s big tits underneath her. His fingers sank into the soft, firm flesh as he squeezed and began to knead them a little roughly before he began to squeeze harder and began to pull the horny girlfriend back onto his dick. With his new grip, Eric began to jackhammer his hard cock with short, swift strokes into Alicia’s pussy which seemed to drive the hot girlfriend wild.”OH YES! YES! YES! OH FUCK! UH UH UH! OH FUCK ME! FUCK ME! OHHH!” Alicia began to scream hornily, her large tits swinging in Eric’s hands from the force of his fucking. “YES! YEAH! OHHHH UHHHH! UH UH UHHHHH!””Damn your girlfriend’s got some great tits Nick!” Eric grunted between clenched teeth as he concentrated on driving the girl impaled on his dick wild.”Ohhhh! Squeeze my tits hard baby! Oh fuuuckk your dick iss sooo fucking big! Ohhh fuck! Mmmm oh yes! Yes! OHHH! Fuck me Eric, oh fuck, give me your cock!” Alicia moaned in a high-pitched voice, her hair bouncing as her body shook. “Ohh fuck! Fuck me harder! Yes! Ohummmm! Fuck your friend’s girlfriend baby…yes…uhhh…give it to her gooood! Oh fuck…make me cum!”Eric smiled slightly to himself as he listened to the horny words. She was really starting to get into it all now and let herself go. At first Alicia had seemed reluctant to show just how much she was enjoying this whole sex session, now she was really starting to get verbal and say what she really felt. All he had to do now was get her to admit he was better than her boyfriend and she was his, whether she knew it or not, though Eric knew he had to take that step slowly, but she was almost there.”Do you want me to fuck you good Liss?” Eric asked in a tight voice, his hands mashing roughly into Nick’s girlfriend’s tits as he pulled her back onto his nine inch pole.”Ummmmmohhhh yeah baby! UH! Uhhohhh, screw me good with that thick cock! Ughh!” Alicia groaned in reply, her hands tight fists in the covers as she slammed herself back and forth in time with each of his hard thrusts.”Want me to make you cum?” He growled in reply, glancing up at Nick as he watched his girlfriend being thoroughly fucked.”Ohhh fuck…mmmmm, I’m almost there…ohhh fuuuckk…yes…ohh yes…make me cummm…uhhhh…” Alicia replied amidst her deep groaning and moaning, her pleasure-contorted face staring occasionally at her boyfriend opposite before she hung her head as Eric continued to pound his hard dick deep into her with hard, fast, deep strokes.”Fuck! I’m gonna make you scream!” Eric grunted before he reluctantly let his grip on Alicia’s amazing tits go and straightened, holding his hard dick deep within Alicia’s burning hot pussy. “But I want to see your face when you do.”Alicia tossed her head, throwing her hair over her one shoulder as she panted heavily and looked back over her other shoulder at him. Her eyes shone with heat and passion, however Eric didn’t give her time to question him, instead he slipped his big dick from inside her. The look of loss on Alicia’s face told Eric that he had been right in his reckoning, she was hungry for his dick now, and soon she would never want to be off it again.”On your back,” Eric said in a strong, confident tone, “I want to watch you when I make you cum.”Those words brought a deep gleam to the sexy girlfriend’s eyes and a deep smile to her luscious lips. As she turned around and sat down in front of him, Eric let his eyes wander all over Alicia’s hot body before resting on her face. In missionary he would drive his dick into her harder than before, and he would make her beg for his dick this time, he knew just how to make this stunner squeal. The fact that he fully intended on filling her womb with his hot cum also played a part, after all, it would be fucking hot to knock his friend’s girlfriend up right on their bed while her boyfriend, his friend, watched the whole thing, and missionary was the best position to make sure his cum shot as deep as it could go into her hot pussy.Keeping her horny eyes locked on his, his friend’s girlfriend lay back on her elbows and spread her long, smooth legs, placing her feet either side of him on the bed. Looking deep into his eyes and biting her bottom lip in anticipation as she slowly slid her gaze to his long, hard cock standing at attention proudly before him, Eric felt a rush of exhilaration flood through him. Damn this chick was hot, and damn he was going to fuck the hell out of her right now.Grabbing Alicia’s legs all of a sudden, Eric pulled her closer to him, causing the stunning girlfriend to drop from her elbows onto her back, her large tits shaking lustfully on her chest as she fell onto the mattress with a slight squeal of surprise. Her eyes however burned with hunger as she watched intently as Eric lined his huge dick up with her hot pussy before he slowly began to once more push the long, thick tool deep into her unprotected pussy.”Oohhh!” Alicia sighed in a deep groan as his thick cock began to once more push deep into her body.The gorgeous girlfriend kept her eyes tightly shut as she relished in every inch that Eric slowly pushed into her until finally he was once again balls deep inside her body, deeper than her boyfriend had, and could, ever go.Opening her eyes, Alicia stared up at Eric as she lay on the bed, her hair laying around her framing her beautiful face, her head near the edge of the side of the bed pointing directly towards where her boyfriend sat, watching heatedly as his friend stuck his long, hard dick into his girlfriend.Placing his hands either side of the luscious woman’s body that was now fully impaled on his rigid member, Eric braced himself to give her the pounding of her life. As he moved to hold himself above her, their eyes locking, deep in lust, Alicia ran her delicate hands up and down his strong arms.”Come on Eric, fuck me on our bed.” Alicia said slowly, intentionally and with enough lust in her voice she almost made Eric cum right then and there.The invitation was all too tempting, who was he to say no?Without wasting another second, in one swift, powerful move, Eric withdrew nearly all of his nine-inch dick from Alicia and slammed his hips down hard, driving his huge cock deep into the stunning, brunette girlfriend with such force he drove the air from her lungs in a deep grunt.”Ugh! Uh! Uh!” Alicia grunted, the air being fucked out of her body as Eric rammed his hard cock into her. It took her a couple of thrusts until she matched his powerful movements and managed to keep the air within her, only to let it out in moans and groans that came from the very bottom of her being.”Ohhhmmmm uhhhhhnnnn! Yes! Uhhhh yeahhh! Ohhh fuck! Ummmm ohh fuckk yeahhh! Uhhh!” Alicia moaned deeply, her long, slender legs pressing tightly against Eric’s waist as she kept her feet planted either side of him on the bed, using them to help her thrust up to meet each downward thrust of his, driving his huge dick deep into her with force. “Ohhhhh this is soo goood! Ohh baby fuuccck meee! Uhhhh yeeeahhh!”Eric watched his friend’s girlfriend writhe underneath him as he continued to piston his long, thick rod into her tight, burning hot pussy, filling her again and again with rapid, powerful thrusts that soon began to gently rock the bed and cause Alicia’s big tits to shake around her chest.”Fuuck! You’re one hot fuck Liss!” Eric said, his breathing heavy as his eyes wandered over Alicia’s fucking sexy-as-hell body before finally settling on her gorgeous face. Her eyes burned with passion and her open mouth moaned constantly as he continued pounding her harder.”Ummmmm ohhhh yeah! Ummm! Fuck! Oh yes!” Alicia moaned as she slowly ran her hands down his forearms, and then still keeping her eyes locked on his, reached down to grab her large tits.Cupping the huge 36D tits, Alicia began to squeeze them and roll them around her chest, pushing them together before tweaking her hard nipples as she moaned heatedly while Eric continued to fuck her.Eric was mesmerized by the whole sight, however he didn’t miss a beat, and instead began to slam his hard, nine inch dick into the sexy girlfriend harder and faster, ever more turned on by her hot display.”OH FUCK!” Alicia groaned deeply as Eric all of a sudden rammed his hard cock deep into her. Looking up at him her eyes blazed furiously and her hands began to grope her big tits more roughly as she smiled wickedly. “Ohummm, you like watching me squeeze my tits while you fuck me Eric? Ummm yeess! Oh fuuckk I love how I turn you on! Uhhh, fuckkk! Look at me squeezing my tits Eric…ughhh…yeah…watch your friend’s girlfriend squeeze her big tits while you fuck her with that…ohhh…fucking big cock!”Eric growled in lust and continued to give her every inch, increasing his pace and power so that the bed began to rock a little more.For a moment Alicia arched her back and groaned deeply, pushing her huge tits hard into her still groping hands. Her eyes squeezed tightly shut before she moaned so deeply Eric was sure that if those in the apartments above and below hadn’t heard what was going on before now, they had to have now.”UUGGHHHH OHHHH! FUCK YEAH! Give it to me baby! Uhh, yeah, fuck me with that thick cock! Ohh!” Alicia groaned deeply as she released her tits and once again grasped tightly to Eric’s forearms until she once again lay flat on the bed, her eyes raging now with horny lust.Sliding her hands up his arms, Nick’s girlfriend wove her arms around Eric’s neck while at the same time she lifted her smooth legs and wrapped them gently around his waist, her heels resting on his ass.”Ughhhmmm! Come on Eric…ughh…you’ve got me in bed, so fuck me! Ohughhh! Come on fuck me!” Alicia growled hornily as she thrust her hips up to meet every downward thrust Eric made. If Eric had somehow not been spurred on by those words, there was no way he could not have been by what the horny girlfriend said next. “UH! Yeah…umm…I bet you’ve…fuck…always wanted to fuck…one of your friend’s girlfriends! Ohhughhh! Oh fuck yes! Ohhh yes! Ughh give it to me harder baby! Yes! Ohhuhh! Fuck! Well…now you are…so fuck me you bastard! Oh…fuck me good! Uhh…make me scream…and umm…cum for you!”Eric smiled triumphantly down at his friend’s girlfriend as he began to ram his dick into her harder and faster, using every ounce of energy he had and every inch of leverage to fuck the hell out of her. This was the turning point, now more than any other. The sudden lust within Alicia, the sudden demand to be fulfilled, told Eric she desperately wanted, desperately needed to cum now, and cum like only his dick could make her. The sudden change in her voice, the raging look in her eyes, the way she now held onto him, told Eric that for Alicia Brookes now, this was no longer about putting on a ‘good show’ for Nick, this wasn’t about his fantasy any longer, this was all about a good, hard fuck, and the massive orgasm that must be almost within tasting distance for her.This, was the moment, the moment his friend’s girlfriend would become his piece of ass, his cock-hungry slut, the point of no return…Nick Greeves barely blinked as he watched avidly as his girlfriend’s legs began to bounce up and down on his friend’s back as Eric repeatedly buried his rock hard nine inch dick into her tight pussy, again and again. Alicia held on with her arms around Eric’s neck, occasionally arching her back and either squeezing her eyes shut as she moaned loudly or stared deeply, though upside down, into Nick’s eyes as his friend continued to fuck her ruthlessly. For his part, Eric’s face was a contorted mask of concentration and pleasure, though he breathed hard and showed signs of tiring as he held himself above Nick’s girlfriend the guy who Nick worked with and who had just so happened to have been there when Nick and Alicia had decided to make today the day, showed no sign of slowing down his intense pounding thrusts. In fact, Eric had begun to bang Nick’s girlfriend so hard that the bed now rocked back and forth and each time Eric drove his dick into Alicia, driving her into the bed’s mattress, the bed squeaked or creaked with the power and speed.The bedroom was now one big noise, filled with Alicia’s whole-hearted, and fully-vocal, moans of ecstasy as Eric gave her the fucking of her life. Mixed in was the constant sound of the bed springs squeaking, marking the illicit fucking going on between Nick’s girl and his friend.The whole scene was beyond words incredible, Nick would have thought had he been able to do anything other than watch transfixed and jack his hard dick, trying to keep his movements in time with his friend’s thrusts into his girlfriend.Nick had noticed how Alicia had completely thrown herself into the sex now, and he knew that meant she must be building up to a powerful orgasm soon, just like he was. To see his girlfriend having sex with someone else was the most intense fantasy he had ever had, and fuck, but it was so much better than it had been in his head. But the fact he was going to soon see his gorgeous, so-hot girlfriend cum, not to mention watching Eric cum with her, was just going to blow his mind, he knew it.Little did the horny boyfriend know as his hand flew up and down his seven-inch dick the thoughts and feelings rushing through his lust-filled girlfriend right then. More so, little did he expect what was about to happen.As Nick stared unblinking, Alicia released her arms from around Eric’s neck and gripped onto his back, her fingers clawing his back as her orgasm approached intensely…The feel of her boyfriend’s friend’s nine inch thick cock filling and re-filling her tight, red hot pussy again and again with such power and speed was driving Alicia into a higher and higher plane of ecstasy, so high she had never even believed that she could feel so…so fucking incredible! Her entire body was on fire and tingling throughout her, she was so alive, so full of hard cock, being fucked so incredibly! Nothing else existed in the whole world except that incredible dick and how amazing it was fucking her.”Oh fuck! Fuck me baby…ohhh fuck yess! Ummmmuhhhohh! Give me all of your big dick baby! OHHH! Ohhh fuck you’re soo big ummm! Sooo full of harrrd cocck! YES! OHMMM! Give me all your cock! Ohhummmm yes, fuck me harder!” Alicia moaned in a high-pitched voice as she ran her nails down Eric’s firm back, her long legs holding tightly around his waist though her feet flailed as he screwed her hard and fast. “Ohhh you’re sooo fucking good, Eric! Oh fuck me baby, oh I love this fucking…ughh…fuck me into this bed!”The bed she shared with Nick was rocking back and forth furiously, squeaking loudly as Eric continued his relentless pistoning of that huge, oh so fucking amazing dick!Alicia wanted to scream as she let her hands fall from Eric’s back to grab two fistfuls of the bed covers as she held on for dear life while Eric responded to her last plea and Alicia thought he literally was going to fuck her through the bed.”Ugh…you like my dick in you Liss?” Eric growled, his breathing heavy and his face hard with determination.Alicia’s mind reeled as once again Eric buried his entire nine-inch shaft deep into her with enough force to drive her deep into the mattress. The bed squealed in protest again.”Oh yes! YES! Uhohh fuck! Umm! I love your dick in me! Oh fuck, I feel sooo fucking full! Ugh…so fucking good!” She moaned honestly in reply, her knuckles going white from the death grip she held on the bed covers.Her reply spurred her boyfriend’s friend on even more, and with renewed energy he began pounding her harder and faster.”YES! FUCK ME ERIC! OHhhhhhh give it to me good! FUCK!” Alicia groaned so loudly she almost shouted, her back arching for a moment and her eyes glimpsing Nick in a blur before they once again settled on his friend above her as he once more drove his solid shaft hard into her driving her mind and body wild.”Do you like me fucking you Liss?” Eric growled again and a smile that was as lust-filled as her eyes painted Alicia’s beautiful face.”Ohh yes…ummm…yeah baby!” She moaned sweetly in reply, her long smooth legs tightening around his waist for a moment, pulling him deeper into her.”Say it.” He replied in a deep, tight voice as he watched her with eyes that burned deep into her. Fuck he looked so horny for her, she had never felt so desired!With another deeper smile, Alicia kept her eyes locked on his as she spoke very deliberately.”Fuck..Me..Eric…Ohhhh, I love the way you fuck me! Ughhh! YES! The way you’re fucking me! Ummm! Oh fuck!” Alicia said, her voice as filled with heat as her body and eyes. “Fill me with your big cock! Uhhh! Yeah, ram that hard dick deep in me! YES! OH FUCK YES! Uhhhmmm! Ohhh I love how your big dick feels inside me!”Her words were obviously what he wanted to hear as Eric growled hornily and continued slamming his entire hard nine-inches deep into her with as much force as he could, fucking so fast that Alicia began to moan a long, high-pitched, unintelligible moan. She was out of this world!Suddenly she felt Eric press her hands down just above her head, either side of her face, without even breaking his rhythm. Holding her hands down by her wrists, his face was closer to hers, her hard nipples a few inches from his muscular chest as he big tits shook forcefully around her chest, her legs locking tight around his waist.”Do you want me to keep fucking you?” Nick’s friend asked suddenly, punctuating his last two words by burying his huge dick completely inside her and driving her ass deep into the mattress.”Ughh…yes….yes….don’t stopp…ohhh fuck…please don’t stop….uhhh…keep fucking me Eric…ohhh…keep driving that big cock into me…umm…you’re so fucking good!” She groaned deeply in reply, a tinge of worry fleeting through her mind in case he was getting tired…she was so close…looking up at him as he held her arms down above her head, impaled on his solid member, Alicia felt beyond good. She had to cum. “I want you Eric, I want you to fuck me hard and make me cum for you. Oh fuck make me cum for you!”Resuming his ruthless movements, Eric smiled smugly down at her as he pushed himself to arms length whilst still holding her arms. Once more Alicia felt pure bliss.”OH FUCK YES! YES! OH FUCK ME! OH ERIC UHHH FUCK ME YEESS!” Alicia screamed in delight as the bed quickly began to shake back and forth in a loud series of squeaks and creaks.As his huge, hard, long dick rammed deep into her pussy, almost driving hard into her womb, Alicia wrapped her long, soft legs tighter around Eric’s waist, pulling him deeper into her with each thrust. She was in ecstasy! Fire and electricity shot through her body as she arched her back slightly, looking up with pure lust in her eyes. Fuck! She had never felt so good!”Oh yes! Oh nail me good baby! Uhhh! Oh fucking hell yeahhh…ughh…OHH…nail me to the bed baby…yes…fuck me with that gorgeous dick of yours…fill my pussy Eric…ohhh yess…ummm…oh fuck this iss sooo gooood!” Alicia groaned lustfully, her fingers linking with his as he shifted to hold her down by her hands. “Ummm…I’m gonna cum if you keep fucking me like this…ummmmohhhh…yeah…fuck me good Eric…YESS!”Right then Alicia had completely forgotten that her boyfriend was only a few feet away, watching and listening to the whole lucid scene. However right then all the stunning girlfriend was interested in, all she cared about, was how good this sex was, and how fucking close she was to cumming. Nothing else mattered, which Eric knew.”Uh fuck…you’re such a hot piece of ass Liss…fuck.” Eric grunted above her, straining hard to keep pounding his rigid dick into her as hard and as fast as he was; the bed was now one big noise. “Who’s fucking you good Liss?””Ohhh, fuuuckkk, you are baby…ummm…oh you’re screwing me sooo fucking good with your big cock!” Alicia groaned in lust-filled ecstasy, her hands gripping tightly to his, her legs holding him strongly as her eyes stared blazingly up at him.Eric momentarily leant down to brush her lips with his and Alicia felt her heart skip a beat as her hard nipples danced teasingly on his chest as her big tits shook around her chest as Eric never skipped a beat in his relentless thrusts.Holding himself above her once again, driving that thick, hard pole again and again into her, filling her completely, more than ever, he looked so incredibly hot…then he spoke ever hotter words.”Am I fucking you better than your boyfriend?” Eric growled as he drove his entire nine-inches deep into her burning pussy, and Alicia felt fire surge through her.Alicia looked up at her boyfriend’s friend and bit her bottom lip. Her mind and body were lost in ecstasy, and for a brief moment a thought flashed through her mind…however the pure pleasure and incredible sex instantly dispelled it from her mind, and with a wickedly horny look on her beautiful face, she replied.”Ohhhummm…it’s not enough that you’re…uhhh…fucking me in front of my boyfriend…oh yesss…on our bed…umm…and making me…ummm…tell you how good you are…uhhh…you want me to tell you…that I love your big fucking dick…yess…and that you’re…ohhhmmm…better at screwing me than Nick?” She asked teasingly, her stomach fluttering as Eric once more drove his big cock deep into her body powerfully. The look in his eyes and the knowledge that Nick was a few feet away and could hear her perfectly almost made Alicia cum right then!The hunger in Eric’s eyes was emphasised by the smug, arrogant smile that sent a shiver through Alicia’s pussy all the way up through her sexy body as he continued to fuck her. He knew exactly what the answer was…and right then, despite knowing how much she loved Nick, so did Alicia, after all, this was just sex, fucking great sex, and it had all been Nick’s idea…he had wanted her to enjoy this too…and boy, was she.”Ummm, fuck…yess!” Alicia moaned, arching her back slightly before she squeezed her eyes shut and concentrated on the incredible feeling of being stuffed repeatedly full of such big, hard cock. After a moment of being driven again and again into the bed by her boyfriend’s friend’s powerful thrusts, Alicia let go. “OHHH FUCK! YES ERIC OHHH FUUUCK YOU’RE SOOO FUCKING GOOD! UHHH GIVE IT TO ME! OHH FUCK! MMMMM!””Who’s the best at screwing you Liss?” Eric asked again, his voice strong and commanding.”YOU! OHHH BABY YOU! OHHH KEEP FUCKING ME! UHH!” She screamed in ecstasy, no longer holding back the intense feelings welling within.The words spurred Nick’s friend on and with a harsh growl Eric began pounding into her pussy for all he was worth. Every thrust drove Alicia’s tight ass deep into the bed as the whole of Eric’s nine-inches buried itself deep within her tight, hot pussy, only to swiftly almost pull completely out before relentlessly driving hard back into her.Alicia and the bed were one big noise. Her big tits shook and rolled around her chest rapidly, her legs and hands gripped tightly onto Eric and Alicia screamed in pleasure.”OH YOU’RE FUCKING ME SO GOOOD!” She screamed as she arched her back slightly.”Better than Nick?” Eric growled deeply in reply.”Oh yes! YES! Ohhh fuck! Ummm ohhhh! You’re fucking me sooo much better than Nick baby…ohh…screwing me sooo much better than my boyfriend!” She groaned deeply almost instantly in answer.”Fuck….ughh…I bet you’re glad your boyfriend…talked you into having sex with me…” Her boyfriend’s friend asked as he rapidly sawed his raging pole into her tight pussy again and again.”YES! Ummmm ohhh fuck! I’m soo glad you got your big dick in me! Ughhh…fuck me Eric…oh fuckk….I want you to fuck me with that thick cock forever!” Alicia groaned in reply, her mind reeling in so much ecstasy she thought she was going to explode…oh she was soo fucking close…..so close…”Ughh…I think…fuck…you should tell Nick…how you feel Liss…ugh…he does want to watch us have sex…” Eric said, and Alicia thought she noticed a tinge of smug-arrogance spark in his eye, however her body shook as she felt her orgasm approaching hard and fast with his words.Arching her back, Alicia looked back, though upside down, at her boyfriend who still sat in his chair a few feet away, his hand rapidly jacking at his dick despite all the things she had just said about his friend being a better fuck than he was. He perhaps thought that she hadn’t meant it, that it was all part of the fantasy scene. However, despite loving him and not wanting to hurt him, she had however, but there was something that just turned the hot girlfriend on even more watching him watch her getting royally screwed by his friend, especially while she told his friend just how much better he was than her boyfriend.”Oh baby…ohhmm…thank you…uhhh…thank you for letting your friend get his big dick in me…ughhh fuck…yes Eric fuck me like a slut baby…ohhh Nick baby…I’m so glad you talked me into this…ohh…Eric’s fucking me sooo good baby…yes! UGH! Ohhh…he’s filling me up so fucking much…ohh fuucckk…he’s soo big…uhhh…thank youuu foorr letting himm fuck me…ohh baby I love you!” Alicia moaned hotly as she stared at Nick while Eric continued to relentlessly pound her hot pussy, causing her tits to fly round and round on her chest as she clung to his hands tightly. Saying those last three words while another man’s dick repeatedly fucked her pussy hard drove Alicia wild and without warning her body began to tingle all over in the familiar sensations of an oncoming orgasm.Staring into her loving boyfriend’s eyes for a few more moments while his friend drove his hard cock into her again and again, Alicia once again lay flat on the bed, her breathing heavy, her big tits heaving, as she stared up into Eric’s eyes and began to thrust her hips up to meet each downward thrust he made into her, trying desperately to reach that orgasm that was ohh so close!”Oh baby, come on, fuck me Eric…fuck me baby…yesss..uhhh…I know you love fucking me on our bed…uhmm…fucking me in front of my boyfriend…OHH! I know you love driving your big…oohhummmm…cock into me while I tell you how much better you are at fucking meee than Nick is…uhmmm…give it to me Eric…I want it soo bad…I want you to fuck me…I want your dick…OH FUCK…you’re so much bigger than Nick…oh fuck…fuck…sooo…sooo much better than Nick…ughhh yess…yes…fuck me…fuck me…I want you to fuck your friend’s girlfriend in front of him…show him…ughhh…how to fuck me properly Eric! OH BABY YESS! YOU’RE FUCKING ME SOO MUCH BETTER THAN HE EVER HASS! OHHHH I’M GOING TO CUMM SOON…OHH YES…KEEP FUCKING ME ERIC….SO FUCKING GOOD….YEEESSS!” Alicia screamed loudly as she fucked her hips up and down, meeting each of her boyfriend’s friend’s swift, powerful thrusts in rhythmic unison, and driving that huge cock deep into her, pushing her so close to pure ecstasy…sooo close…ohh she wanted to cum so bad!A few more powerful thrusts and Eric suddenly released his grip on Alicia’s hands, planting his fists either side of her again as he began to jackhammer his huge shaft in and out of her now with a sense of urgency…he was going to cum soon…ohhh…he was going to cum inside her! The thought sent Alicia over the edge. Someone other than her boyfriend was going to fill her burning pussy with his cum…and right in front of Nick too!”OHHH YEESSS! YESS! THAT’S IT BABY! YES! UGHHH! I WANT YOU TO CUM INSIDE ME! UGHHH YEEAAHH! UMMM! OHHH CUM DEEEP INSIDE MY PUSSY BABY! OHH I’M ALMOST THERE…YES…OHHH GONNA CUM SOON…OHHH KEEP FUCKING ME…YES…YES…OH..OH FUCK…OHH FUCK…FUCK…OHHUUGGHH! OH FUCK I’M CUMMING! OH ERIC BABY I’M CUMMING UGGHHNNN!!!” Alicia screamed as her world suddenly exploded in a torrent of ecstasy and sparkling colours than shook her entire body.Her hands reached up and her fingers dug their nails deep into Eric’s back as Alicia arched her back so far that her large tits gently touched Eric’s chiselled chest above her. Her eyes were wide open and her mouth hung open as she screamed wordlessly as the biggest orgasm of her life wracked her hot, 21-year-old body. Her long smooth legs clamped tightly around Eric’s waist, pulling him hard towards her and burying his immense dick deep inside her vice-like pussy.The erotic sight, sound and intense feel of his friend’s girlfriend, naked and cumming underneath him, especially her tight, burning-hot pussy wrapped firmly around his hard dick, drove Eric over the edge too and with a loud bellowing-grunt he pushed his huge dick as deep into Alicia’s blazing pussy as he could before his balls tightened and his body shook as his own orgasm erupted.The intensity of the incredible sex and the unbelievable orgasm was powerful enough, however it only got more intense as Alicia felt Eric bury his nine-inch dick balls deep into her tight pussy, pushing deep towards her unprotected womb, before the thick head expanded. Without any further warning her boyfriend’s friend’s dick began to explode, shooting huge, huge thick globs of his hot, potent cum deep into her pussy and womb. Load after huge heavy load pumped again and again deep into Alicia’s unprotected pussy with such force that it sent Alicia even higher in her own orgasm.”ERIC!! OH BABY! OHH I CAN FEEL YOU CUMMING INSIDE ME…OHH FUUCKK…YEESSS…FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM BABY…UGHHH!” Alicia groaned hotly as she clung to Eric tightly, relishing in the feel of him unloading what felt like a gallon or two of life-creating cum directly into her pussy. Oh it felt so hot knowing Nick was watching his friend cum deep inside her unprotected pussy!Again and again and again Nick’s friend’s dick blasted huge, thick loads of his cum into her. Alicia could feel the hot, white seed filling her pussy, she could feel it deep within her, and she wanted it all.For what seemed like an eternity, but an oh so good one, Eric unloaded a seemingly endless amount of cum into her body, and Alicia gripped tightly to him as her own orgasm continued to rip through her…fuck, how long had it been since he last came?…however just as sudden as Eric had bellowed and began cumming he grunted and with a heavy sigh his dick finally finished filling her with his seed before, with another heavy breath, he gently lay down on Alicia’s naked chest, breathing as heavily as she was panting as her own orgasm finally began to subside in a tingle of pleasure throughout her body.For a few moments the pair of them lay panting heavily, Alicia with her arms now gently laying around Eric as she held him, her legs sliding from his waist to lie around his legs. After the constant squeaking of the bed and her almost non-stop moans, groans and screams of ecstasy, the room seemed silent and still to Alicia, though all that occupied her mind right then as she lay with her boyfriend’s friend’s dick still buried within her, was the lingering buzzing of pleasure and the absolute, complete satisfaction she felt. Right then Alicia knew she had never felt so completely satisfied in her life, nor so completely content, nor so full, or so aware, of so much cum filling her pussy.Nick Greeves sat back in his chair feeling completely spent for perhaps the fourth time that night as he watched Alicia moan loudly that she could feel Eric cumming inside her. Fuck, that had driven him over the edge! The whole scene had been incredibly hot, and Alicia had certainly lived up to all he had imagined of the fantasy come true. Damn he felt shattered now! Watching his friend screw his girlfriend had been intense, but fuck, watching him cum inside her had blown Nick’s mind. He was just glad that all three of them had enjoyed the whole fantasy.Little did the caring boyfriend know just how much Alicia had enjoyed it all, not to mention how honest she had been when in the throes of ecstasy. As his friend collapsed into his girlfriend’s arms, still with his slowly softening dick buried balls deep in her well-fucked, and cum-filled pussy, Nick caught his breath, and Alicia revelled in a pure feeling of bliss.Eric lay breathing heavily on top of Alicia for a good few minutes, not that the stunning brunette minded though, she lay quite happily with her arms and legs gently wrapped around the hot body of her boyfriend’s friend and co-worker as she too caught her breath, and she enjoyed the feel of her large 36D tits squashed flat against his hard, muscular chest as she felt his dick slowly soften within her.As they lay in silence, thoughts wandered through Alicia’s mind. She had actually had sex with someone other than Nick. Not only that, she had let him cum inside her, and more than that, she had let him fuck the life out of her literally in front of her boyfriend, right on the bed she shared with her boyfriend, and fuck had she enjoyed every moment, and every thick inch, of it!As she lay there gently stroking Eric’s hair as he lay panting on top of her, Alicia listened to the sounds of Nick’s heavy breathing a few feet away from where he watched in his chair. A thrill ran through her body at that thought, the thought of having another man’s dick inside her while her boyfriend still sat silently and watched a few feet away.Never would she have dreamt of entertaining a thought about this situation, let alone actually being in it, a few weeks ago. Now here she was, on her and Nick’s bed, stuffed full of slowly softening cock and filled with what felt like gallons of thick, hot cum after what had been the hottest sex she had ever had in her life!That thought sent another shiver through her body. She knew that she loved Nick, with all of her heart in fact, after all, she had agreed to this because she had loved him. However, she also knew that she had really meant it when she thanked him for letting his friend nail her, and she couldn’t get the thought of her mind that she had really meant it when she had told Eric he was better than Nick at fucking her. Still, this had all just been pure, lust-filled sex with Eric. She still loved Nick and that was that. After tonight her boyfriend would have lived out his hottest fantasy and they could carry on their loving lives. It didn’t matter how good, how amazing, sex with Eric had been, nor how big and hot his dick was. He may have been able to fuck her much better than Nick could, but she totally had no feelings towards him, and after tonight she wouldn’t think about him again and things would go back to being amazing with her loving boyfriend.Suddenly she felt Eric’s dick twitch inside her and Alicia smiled to herself as a small rush of electricity ran through her pussy and up her spine. Well, tonight wasn’t over yet, so it didn’t count if she enjoyed his touch or the thought of his big, hard…Eric’s sudden movements broke Alicia’s thoughts as he kissed her neck, deepening her smile, before he pushed himself up on what looked like weary arms. Holding himself above her a moment so that he could take a moment to look over her with eyes that made Alicia feel like the most beautiful, most sexy, woman in the world, Eric gave her a smile before he leaned back and slowly pulled his now soft dick from inside her.Alicia gave a soft whimper that was only barely audible to herself, let alone the two guys, as Eric’s dick slid from inside her and left her feeling empty. However her eyes did fix on that impressive cock that had given her so much pleasure tonight, for a few moments before she looked up into Eric’s eyes with a small, knowing smile.”Fuck! You are one hot fuck Liss!” Eric said as he sat back on his knees, gently unwinding her legs from around him first.Smiling playfully, Alicia ran her hands up her stomach, over her big tits and up over her head, stretching a moment before she replied.”Thank you.” She said with a small smile before she pushed herself up so that she too was sitting. Her own arms felt weary too, and her legs felt like jelly. “You too, you almost fucked the life out of me, not to mention almost fucking me through the bed!”The look of pride in Eric’s eyes made Alicia smile as she moved herself so that her legs hung over the edge of the bed. She had intended on getting up to go to Nick, but she doubted that her legs could hold her up right then. Damn! She had never been fucked so hard she couldn’t walk before!However she was saved from showing just how weak she felt as she watched a very happy looking Nick walk over and sit beside her on the bed, his arms quickly finding her waist in a loving touch. The feel of Nick’s arms made Alicia feel all warm inside and brim with love, so she smiled lovingly into his eyes and kissed him gently with the mouth that had been screaming how much she enjoyed his friend fucking her a few minutes before.”Did you enjoy yourself baby?” She asked both playfully and lovingly as she gently stroked one of his arms.”That was incredible babe, so much hotter than my fantasy. Fuck, I came four times!” Her loving boyfriend replied and Alicia laughed gently.It was strange. Here she was sitting naked between two men, one her boyfriend and the other his naked friend who had just screwed her, and she didn’t feel the least bit uncomfortable at all. In fact, she felt completely content.”I don’t think I need to ask if you two enjoyed yourselves, ah?” Nick asked with a small smile at both of them.Alicia smiled back and even without looking back knew that Eric had too.”Well, this will be a night to remember!” Eric exclaimed suddenly as Alicia gently kissed Nick again.Turning around and leaning back against her boyfriend, folding his arms around her naked stomach, Alicia smiled amusedly at his friend.”You mean the night you screwed your friend’s girlfriend on their bed in front of her boyfriend, your friend and co-worker?” She asked both playfully and innocently and felt a gentle surge of fire blink through her. Her eyes focused on Eric’s soft, but still appealing dick for a brief moment before she once more drew her eyes to his.”Something like that, yeah.” Her boyfriend’s friend replied with a look that was proud and somehow, knowing, though Alicia couldn’t think why right then.Smiling back she felt a small thrill run through her as Eric’s eyes looked over her naked body briefly, before she gently tilted her head back and kissed Nick on the cheek.Sighing lightly, she looked up at him lovingly, though feeling the night’s ‘hard work’ paying off as she sat there held in his loving arms.”Well I don’t know about you boys, but I’m all tired out.” She said finally, feeling thoroughly fucked, in both ways. “What time is it baby?”Nick glanced over at the clock on the bed side cabinet before looking back at her.”It’s getting late, and it’s work tomorrow for us.” He answered finally and Alicia nodded sleepily.”Yeah, I’ve gotta make that call tomorrow about that thing, remember? I forgot about that.” Eric added and both Nick and Alicia looked over, she resting her head sleepily back against Nick’s shoulder.”Well at least you get a day from the ‘office’ though.” Nick replied jestingly and both of them smiled amusedly.”True, true.” Eric replied before he too glanced at the clock. “Shit man, it is late.”Alicia smirked amusedly at that.”Didn’t keep you did I?” She teased and watched Eric smirk right back.”Not at all, time just flies when you’re having fun.” He replied smugly.”That’s true.” She said as her eyes sparkled gently, before she once again leaned into her boyfriend. The feeling of love for Nick contrasted strangely with the gentle pleasure of looking at and teasing Eric. It was strange, but then things often were when tired, Alicia thought, and she was really tired right then.”Shit guys, I don’t want to be a pain, but would you mind if I crashed here tonight? On your couch or something?” Eric asked suddenly after glancing at the clock once more.A fleeting feeling of excitement flashed through Alicia’s mind at the thought of having this guy she had just had sex with staying over night in their apartment. Fleeting it was though as she felt her eyes drooping as she lay comfortably in her adoring boyfriend’s arms. Oh how she loved this man, she thought sleepily.”Sure man, I think after tonight you’re welcome to crash here. What do you think babe?” Nick asked her lovingly and Alicia opened her drowsy eyes and nodded slightly.”Sure.” She said, and then added, though she didn’t know where this came from, “But after tonight he might as well sleep in here with us, I don’t think we’ve got much to hide from your friend now.”Nick laughed lightly at that as did Eric and Alicia smiled amusedly. It was true after all. Why should Eric have to sleep uncomfortably on the couch when the bed was more than big enough for them all, and they really didn’t have much to hide now.”It’s up to you Eric?” Nick said, and of course, Eric nodded.And so that was how Alicia Brookes found herself sleepily lying on top of the bed covers on that hot, summers night in the City of Taboo Dreams, with her boyfriend’s arms around her stomach and him kissing the back of her neck from behind, while his friend and co-worker Eric Carlson lay a little way away on the large bed…a foot or so, so it wasn’t like they were sleeping together or anything…facing her as they all slowly began to let the night’s weariness overtake them and sleep gently draw nearer.However as Alicia lay feeling happy and content, and more in love with Nick than ever, she couldn’t help but let her eyes, sneakily when Eric’s eyes were shut, glance down at his large, naked cock, and think on how good it had felt fucking her, how full she had felt when it was buried within her, and how much cum it had filled her with.As sleep softly took all three of them, Alicia’s mind returned to thoughts of her loving boyfriend, and all three of them slept soundly, unaware that the night was not yet over…- – – To Be Continued… – – –

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