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She is completely nude. He lifts her legs straight up into the air. She lifts her hips and supports them with her hands. Her elbows support her hands. He spreads her legs. Her position completely exposes her nether regions to his admiring view. He leans forward and kisses her gently on the lips of her asshole.

The couple doesn’t say a word.

He takes one strawberry from the bowl on the night table and places it securely on her love opening. He places a smaller strawberry in her anus. He shakes the aerosol can of whipped topping and, starting at her tailbone, applies the whipping to the length of her cleft, over her strawberry-covered anus, over her strawberry covered vaginal opening, across her urethra, and her clit. Some whipping floats into her bush.

He starts by licking the whipped cream from his wife’s tailbone. He works his way through her cleft to her asshole. He sucks up the strawberry from her anus and licks her asshole clean. He tongues her rectal opening several times as he loiters there a while. Softly, she moans approval throughout his extended attentions.

He licks her perineum. She tells him of her pleasures by squirming and by moaning more loudly. He lingers longer.

He licks all the whipped topping from her vaginal strawberry before he sucks the strawberry into his mouth and swallows it. Then he concentrates on licking the juices of her vagina. Her squirming continues but is less pronounced.

He doesn’t batıkent escort notice her peehole as his tongue clears her urethra on its way to her clit. His tongue licks her clit clean of the whipped topping. His tongue clears the whipped topping from her pubic bush before returning to her clit. It lingers at her clit. It licks. It sucks. It nibbles. She sends a squirt of her juices to his face. He licks his chops and dives back to licking, sucking, and nibbling on her now not-so-hard clit.

As he lowers her hips to the bed, his finger probes her anus.

She is now flat on her back. He is kneeling between her widespread legs. They smile at one another as she says, “That was good.”

He nods agreement.

She asks, “Are you going to put a fuck in me now?”

He says nothing. He slowly leans forward onto his elbows and stops, poised inches above her luscious form. She reaches between their hot bodies, takes his penis in her hand, and guides it to her opening. He leans further forward and feels his dick penetrate his loving wife. He leans further forward. His dick is deep inside her. He thrusts slowly. Her long legs wrap around his slim waist. He thrusts again. Her exhausted hips accept his thrusts but don’t rise to meet them. He groans, “Aargh” as he cums deep inside his wife.

“I feel your dick throbbing,” she says.

“I love you,” he says. They fell asleep.

The next morning, he awakens to find beşevler escort his wife gone. As his head clears, he hears the toilet flush. He arises and goes to the bathroom. He finds the door open and his nude wife inside, about to enter the shower.

“Will you shower with me,” she asks.

“I have to pee first.”

“Save it. You can use it to rinse me in the shower. I’ll hold your dick for you.”

They get in the shower. She covers herself with a bubbly soap. She takes her husband’s dick in her hands and rinses her soap covered self with his urine. He does the peeing while she does the aiming.

He washes her genitals with soap and water. She does the same to his penis but she does it so vigorously that he cums in her hand.

“That isn’t fair,” he complains.

“So, what are you going to do about it? Fuck me?”

“I’ll fuck you tonight when I get home from work.”

“I’ll have the strawberries ready for your dessert.”

The loving couple rinse and dry themselves before dressing and going to work.

She is home from work before he is. She washes herself, especially her vulva. “He likes me clean'”

She dresses in loose-fitting clothes. A scoop neck blouse to give him easy access to her tits. A skirt to give him access to her lower regions. Yellow panties to stimulate his lust.

“As if his lust will need stimulation,” she thinks as she puts on her yellow panties.

She protects ankara escort her clothing with an apron. She knows that after dinner her husband will want to watch TV and feel her up during the commercials. Then, she prepares their dinner which includes a bowl of strawberries for dessert.

She is at the kitchen sink when he arrives home. He walks up behind her, picks up her skirt, pulls down her panties, and, with no foreplay, says, “Bend over. I told you that I was going to fuck you when I got home from work.”

She bends over. He tries to enter her rectum with his dry cock. No luck. She reaches back with her soapy hand, lubricates his penis, and says, “Try again.”

This time he is successful. He fucks his wife in the ass and then says “I love you. What did you prepare for dinner?”

She turns, kisses him, and answers, “My pussy. Go to our bed.”

He goes to the master bedroom, undresses, and lies on the bed, face up. His cock, recently drained into his wife’s rectum, is flaccid. She enters the room, strips from her comfortable clothes, mounts her husband, her pussy covers his mouth and nose. She says one word, “Eat.”

Somehow, he manages to breathe as she fucks on his tongue and nose. She exhausts herself without squirting. In a matter-of-fact tone, she says, “Go washup while I put dinner on the table.”

Ever obedient, he leaves the room to wash up.

She too washes up. Then she dresses, returns to the kitchen, and serves dinner.

After dinner, there are no leftovers except two strawberries. She puts them in a bowl on the night table next to her side of the bed.

They watch television. He feels her up during the commercials. They go to bed.

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