Whole Truth


Whole TruthWhole TruthBy: Londebaaz ChohanWith all the homosexual fantasies and experiences; since the day his cock and balls had started to support Morgan’s encounters, he has come to believe that it was not a matter of luck or chance only. He had to think and ponder many ideas for his success to get his cock sucked or take some young ass for the pure pleasure of his sexy cock, always yearning and ready to fuck. Yes, he was gay and believed the theory of ‘Natured’ or ‘Nurtured’ whole heartedly. He also believed the fact that for enjoying whatever your sexual orientation is; you must indulge without hesitations, shame or shyness in all the taking and giving possibilities to a partner when naked and in the thick of it. By the time he graduated from the High School, he was a full-fledged aficionado in oral and anal gay activities for giving and taking.Coming to college, early during the freshman year, his thoughts were all shattered. The college atmosphere was much different; the guys were no more boys but young adults. They were more thoughtful, they were more conceit, they were into maligning, mud-slinging and looking for the chance to hang any of their fellow student without mercy. What a pity; to find a gay young man, by a gay young man had become so arduous. Every fucking move by the college was also of no help. Take the case of Dorm hall. There were couple of single rooms only for chief proctor and his wardens and for the few security desk workers. There were at least 2 and often 4 young guys in every room and even masturbating in a serene, placid environment was not possible, leave alone the possibility of 2 gay guys having sex, not knowing when any of the other roommate will walk in on them and spoil the joy. Thankfully, all young guys had testosterone raging in their bodies, they talked of sex, though not gay sex. Rare but nevertheless adult bookstore was mentioned. Morgan; in spite of all the maximum experiences had never visited an adult bookstore, so it was intriguing his interest. The guys had mentioned one such store on the outer fringes of the campus but nobody had confessed of going there, afraid of being caught by some other guy and being labeled; though it might have been out of the pure and untainted curiosity. One late afternoon, early evening; Morgan was lying in his bed with his erection raging under the covers. He had always hated, to masturbate in the bathroom and now he had no choice. He despised his present set up. Suddenly he was reminded of the adult store. He rushed to the bathroom, bakırköy escort put on a t shirt and jeans, grabbed the keys and dashed out. Amazed at the big parking lot, they owned and all monitored with the close circuit cameras, he parked in one of the slightly less used corner. Pacing a bit gingerly, he opened the door. He was already getting hard in his jeans. After about 15—20 minutes of wandering, browsing the racks full of porn books, magazines; shelves overfilled with sexy toys for any and every taste of the people, he found himself in the rear of the store with the booths showing the porn videos.“What the fuck” he thought. Busy with his college admission, running like a chicken with his head chopped off to arrange the necessary things, it was close to 2 months, he had not seen a good gay porn video. Luckily, he had enough quarters in his pocket too. Of course embarrassed, he did not want to miss the opportunity. Simply, keeping his head down, he just walked past the guys standing in a line along the wall of the booths. Now choosing carefully, he entered the last booth in the back where he would be relatively safer. The booth was very lightly lit and Morgan had to wait about a minute, until his eyes could see the slot in the poor light, to put the coins in. Soon as the TV screen came on, he turned to close and bolt the door behind him but much faster than him, a black man of a mature age; no less than 35 entered in. Morgan was shocked showing his being first time there but he also took it as an added opportunity and without much talk, bolted the door after the black man. They both stepped back to take a seat on the small bench along the wall opposite the TV screen. There were 2 young men sucking, licking and going down furiously at each other’s monstrous cock in 69 position while their fingers worked each other’s ass holes as well. Soon Morgan’s hard cock was straining against his jeans while his hand stroked it gently over the stiff fabric of his jeans. He glanced from the corner of his eye to witness the huge outline of the black man’s cock also pushing on the fabric of his shorts from inside. The black man saw Morgan’s neck turn a little and look at his erection. He smiled and reached for Morgan’s hand to hold it lovingly and bring it to his mammoth cock. Morgan could feel the heat and pulsing in his new friend’s shorts making his sexual desires and excitement rush to new heights. Uncontrollably, Morgan began to play with the steel hard cock in the shorts. His black beşiktaş escort friend soon reached, unbuttoned and unzipped Morgan’s jeans to his ankles making the white cock spring up freely. With no other choice; Morgan also reached, holding his elastic waistband, pulled the black man’s shorts to his knees exposing the gorgeous black beautiful cock for an open display. Even before coming to senses and being this open with this never known to him before friend, Morgan’s mouth was closing over the black cock head and licking the oozed pre cum drops. The deep musky aroma of black groin and wiry pubes were making a cock connoisseur like Morgan to act like it was his first cock and suck it like a villain. He was tasting the black cock like a novice, nestling his face into the low hanging balls. Continuously attempting to swallow the hefty black shaft to the hilt, Morgan had dropped to his knees, cupping the black, magic balls in his hands. His head was bobbing trying to reach from top hole to the thickest base like a tree stump. Soon the black guy was gasping to catch his breath. Morgan knew what was going to be next, started rubbing those balls, feeling the surging twitch of manly joy in them. Very first shot of black juice splashed right into Morgan’s throat. The warm, thick sticky taste of cum made Morgan to swallow all the spew his black friend fed him squirt after squirt until the black balls were empty, cock was spent and now it was extremely sensitive and pulled from his mouth. The black guy made Morgan to stand up to notice his dripping pre cum. He quickly turned Morgan around, pointing his cock at the hole in the side wall and urged him forward by squeezing his ass. Soon as Morgan’s cock got sent to the other side, it was swallowed by a warm, wet mouth. By now the black friend of Morgan was fingering his ass while rubbing his ass buns at the same time making him feel in bliss at both ends. Morgan could feel his rear hole open enough for 2 and then 3 fingers of the black friend. He was loving something this fit in his ass that he tried to push his hole back on the black hand but the guy on the other side of the wall was sucking and fucking his cock so delicious that he did not dare to pull it out of his mouth. Hearing some chirping, Morgan looked over his shoulder to realize that the black cock was once again fully ready and it was being beaten for more gushing of blood into it and his friend was also trying to roll a condom on it. Morgan though was not fucked since long beylikdüzü escort but the black cock length, girth and appearance was truly frightening and he almost got hit with a fainting moment. The black guy spit on his crack, stood behind him and while spreading the spit all around the ass entrance, he asked Morgan; if he wanted to get fucked by his fat serpent.Morgan could only grunt and nod. Pulling out his fingers, the black cock wrapped in a white condom was soon pushed against the loosely puckered ass hole. First time in his life, Morgan really felt being torn apart, his ass was spreading that much as the horse sized cock head glided in. The shooting pain suddenly came to halt when the black guy relaxed the inward pressure, letting the ass to adjust to his size. A he resumed the fucking thrusts, Morgan could feel his ass lips flex and relax back and forth with each thrust. White ass and the black cock were gelling so sweet that Morgan almost forgot that he was being blown as well. The forceful black thrusts in Morgan’s ass was letting Morgan to roughly skull fuck the guy in the other booth. The ultimate ecstatic sensation at front and back was so strong that Morgan felt his knees buckling but thanks to the black guy fucking his ass, placed his arm under Morgan to hold his hole in alignment to the black cock for proper drilling. There was a pool of sweat as the black sweat dripped on Morgan’s back and his sweat mixing with the strong odor of black guy sweat, ran off Morgan’s thighs, balls and legs. The pleasure was so intense that it was not allowing Morgan to hit the threshold necessary to expel his balls load and his black friend was also loving the fucking of Morgan’s ass with varied speeds and force until continuous and hundreds of hard and deep thrusts took hold in the Morgan’s ass. Morgan’s balls started throbbing so hard that the guy sucking his cock also felt this and intensified the sucking action sending more pressure into the balls. Morgan began to unload into the obliging throat and as his ass flexed on the black cock, his friend buried his cock to the hilt and unloaded his black magic balls in Morgan’s ass. Both the receivers felt the hard swelling cock throbs at the base of the shaft, moving up and exiting from the tip with the force of a fire hose. The black guy stayed inside Morgan until Morgan’s cock was milked and licked clean through the hole. Finally, the black mamba was pulled back before it shrank and the condom was removed for rejection in the waste basket. He pulled some paper towels from the pocket of his shorts and wiped Morgan’s ass before walking out of the booth one by one. During the rest of the 4 years at college, Morgan frequented the place but he never met his black friend ever again.The End. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan October 19, 2019.

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