Whose in Charge


You walk into the room and I immediately feel your presence…I don’t see you with all the people milling about but I can feel you. The reaction my body has is involuntary, but welcome, nonetheless. As I scan the faces in the room, looking to catch a glimpse of you, I start to plan my attack.

There you are, making small talk with some leggy blonde over by the bar. I let you flirt with her a bit while I watch. Not some of your best stuff, but entertaining nonetheless. You catch my eye and smirk, you know I’ve been watching and this somehow urges you to move in closer to her. My reaction is swift and I turn my back to you, looking out the window. I will not give you the satisfaction of seeing me pissed at the attention you are showing her, even if it is harmless flirting.

I take a sip of my drink, trying to decide if I want to stay or just call it a night altogether.

You approach me from behind. I can feel the urgency in your movements. You are nervous that you went too far, that this night is not going to end the way you had envisioned. I let you sweat it out a second longer, knowing that your thoughts are racing trying to figure out how to get back in good graces.

I turn around just as you reach me, “Having a good time,” I ask, with a subtle bite to my words.

You smile, reaching to place your arm around my waist. I shrug you off and step back. “Not sure I am going to stay and watch the show,” I say, turning back to the window.

You approach me from behind, nuzzling my neck, whispering, “working myself up to give you my best.”

I fight the urge to give into you, despite wanting to turn and blow you in front of all these people.

“Whatever you need to tell yourself,” I reply.

You wrap your arms around me, pressing yourself tightly against my backside. I can feel your excitement growing at the contact. Again, I try to pull away. You aren’t having it this time. My resistance isn’t any match for your strength. So, I do the only thing I can think of the catch you off guard and move into you, ever so slightly. We both feel you twitch in response.

You lose focus for a split second but it’s enough for me to break free. I take the last sip of my drink and state to noone in particular, “I’m leaving. I’ve had enough.”

You follow me to the closet for my coat. I remove the coat from the hook and you take it from me, holding it for me to put on. I hate it when you do this. Trying to manipulate my emotions by being a gentleman, when you’ve so clearly been an ass.

I slip my jacket on and turn to face you, “Thanks, now you can go back to whatever it was you were doing.”

You follow me to the door, reaching in front of me to open it. “After you,” you lower your arm in front of me to exit.

“Where do you think you’re going,” I ask, with a raised eyebrow.

You smile at me, “I think I’m going to find a nice quiet spot and have my way with you, how does that sound?”

I stifle a laugh, “I think you’re having pipe dreams. I’m not in the mood to go and do anything with you. I think I’m going to fly solo and take care of myself, thank you very much.”

“Can I watch, at least,” you smirk. You know how that smirk affects me. I readjust, standing there.

“Problem?” Now you’re pretty sure you’ve wore me down, you are right.

I link my arm in yours, as we exit the party. “Just remember, I’m calling the shots here,” I say as we stand in front of the elevator. We both chuckle, knowing nothing could be further from the truth.

The elevator doors shut and I press myself against the back of you, reaching around and slipping both hands into the pockets of your trousers. “Hey, there! What do you think you’re doing,” you exclaim, rather frantic.

“This thing could stop at any moment. We might get caught!”

I wiggle my fingers in your pockets, “Oh, I hope so!” I feel you respond, even though you are trying to fight it.

Your body knows me, is drawn to me, craves the taunting it’s about to endure. I slowly move myself up and down your back, my nipples rubbing against the back of your shirt. You let out an audible sigh.

“Should I stop?” I ask knowing how much my breasts turn you on.

“God, please don’t stop.” I smile, realizing we could very well play this game of cat and mouse all evening…

The elevator finally arrives in the lobby, I step back removing all contact with you. “Let’s go to your place, it’s closer,” you say as you grab my hand.

“Um, a little presumptuous, aren’t you? I just watched you putting emek escort the moves on that young girl at the party. I’m not sure you’re up to grownup games and I’m in no mood to simply give tonight.”

You let my hand go and place it firmly on my ass, giving it more than a little squeeze, as we exit the building. “Don’t you worry about me. I just hope you’re well rested, it’s going to be a very long night.”

Your hand creates a buzz between my thighs. But I play it cool and keep walking just slightly ahead of you. We travel the 6 blocks to my apartment in record time. I fumble with the key to my door and you take it out of my hand, reaching around me and grazing my right breast. I’m still trying to figure out if it was on purpose or not when you open the door and manhandle me inside.

As soon as the door is shut you pin me against the wall, hands over my head, kissing me fully on the mouth. Immediately your tongue enters my mouth greedily, searching every crevice. Your urgency takes my breathe away.

I move my pelvis forward, grinding against you, “We have way too many clothes on,” I say into your mouth.

“What?” you ask breaking our connection.

“I want to feel you. Every inch of your body against mine. We need to get our clothes off,” I say as you still hold my hands over my head.

“Nope. Not yet. I have a little something in mind,” you say, smiling at me.

No good can come of this, I think, I just want to fuck and you want to play games.

“You can take your coat off but I want you to keep everything else on.” You release my hands and I remove my jacket and hang it in the closet. I walk down the hall to the bedroom, where you instantly disappeared to…at least that’s a good sign.

I enter to see you fully naked and semi aroused. I reach up to start unzipping my dress.

“No. You say exactly how you are,” you order firmly.

I’m beginning to lose patience with you. “Are we going to fuck or what?”

“Such language from a lady. Luckily, I know that you’re not quite as proper behind closed doors.” You approach me, eyebrow raised. “Are you?”

“Am I what?” I ask, playing coy.

“A lady or something else behind closed doors?” you inquire, knowing full well what the answer is.

Though the tone of conversation is having some effect on me at this point, I really would like to get things moving along here.

“I suppose it all depends on who I’m with. How they turn me on or work me up.” I reply, more as a challenge than an answer.

Without missing a beat, you begin to kiss my neck. Slow, deliberate kisses. Swirling your tongue around and inside my earlobe.

“Mmmm, that’s a good start.” I breathlessly respond.

You know I want more, anxious to know just how excited I am, you place your hand just below my ass, working the skirt of my dress up my thighs.

“This would be so much easier if I just undressed,” I state again, wanting to be in control of how things are going to go.

“Not easy,” you whisper in my ear, “This is going to be hard…HARD, slow, torturous for both of us. Just relax and trust me.”

Famous last words, I think to myself. Not tortuous at all for you, all naked and free. Doesn’t seem quite fair. Then as I am deep in thought about the injustice of the situation, I gasp as you begin to rub my clit through my panties, grabbing your shoulders for support as my knees buckle underneath me.

“How’s that,” you ask, knowing damn well it drives me insane, “Would you like me to stop?” Your quite pleased with yourself being able to utter my own words back to me.

“If you do, I’ll throw your ass out of my apartment!”

We both laugh but I’ve never been more serious in my life. I push down on your hand, intensifying the pressure.

“God, you’re already completely soaked through,” you exclaim. I’m kind of surprised how surprised you are. But then again, we don’t usually play a lot before we’re in the sheets.

“I have an idea, lets both get naked,” I try a different approach with you.

As I’m waiting for a response you take your other hand and begin massaging my breasts, first one and then the other all the while continuing to rub me under my skirt. You alternate between rough, tugging and kneading to soft caresses and tracing around my again erect nipples.

Two can play at this game, I think to myself, reaching down with my hands to envelope your cock. You respond to my touch and as I devote my time and energy to just your mushroom head, precum drizzles out. eryaman escort As quickly as your head is wet, I rub it into you shaft. I take my time, using my fingertips, my nails to make circular motions around and around.

I lean back into you, “Let’s take this to the bed, hmmm?”

You drop your hands and grab my ass, “You’re NOT taking control here, understand?”

“Whatever,” I break away from you and saunter over to the bed, knowing full well you want me out of this dress as much as I do.

I sit on the edge of the bed, watching you approach, your cock rising higher with every step. When you can’t come any closer I am nose to tip with your shaft. My instinct is to lick your head, knowing you’d be forced to pick up the pace. Knowing it would almost instantaneously bring you to climax. Fighting that urge took a lot of will power on my part, though it made me wet at the thought of it.

“When DO I get to say what we are doing here?” I ask, sick of this little game of yours.

“Take your dress off,” you say as you look me in the eyes, stroking your cock.

“Um, can you step back so I can stand up?”

“Sure,” you take a half step backwards.

I roll me eyes and stand up, your cock poking into my stomach.

I turn my back to you, “Could you help me out here?”

You press into my ass, “I’d love to help you out actually.”

“My zipper…” I say, half moaning at the sensation.

“Oh, right, the zipper.” You move your hands slowly down my back as you go lower, lower.

I press myself against your hands, your cock. You begin kissing my shoulder, from the top of one across my back to the top of the other. I shudder. “Please don’t stop.” I whisper, just barely audible.

My dress falls to the floor. As you continue to kiss me, you trace the top of my panties with the head of your cock.

“Ahhhhh,” I reach back and pull you in tighter. You reach around cupping my breasts in your hands, once again. You know you are pushing all my buttons. I try to turn around, to face you, “No, not yet.” you growl in my ear.

I lean my head against your chest forcing you to move to my neck with your kisses.

I rock my pelvis against you, trying to take the upper hand.

“I want to see you ass. Kneel down on the bed.”

I break free from your hands, climb back onto the bed on hands and knees, looking back at you over my shoulder, shaking my ass in your direction, “How’s that? Had enough?” I inquiring, giggling at the thought.

Swiftly you’re on the bed, towering over me. SMACK!! Your hand startles me but in the best possible way. “Oh, God!!! Do that again, please!!!” I exclaim.

But, of course, you don’t. You caress my ass where you just slapped me and although it has its own appeal, you’ve opened Pandora’s box and I’ll be having none of this gentle, slow moving crap!

I need it hard, sweaty, like two animals in heat.

I roll over on my back, sliding up to the pillows at the top of the bed. “Come here and let me do you for a while.”

A smile spreads across your face immediately. As much as you like to pretend you’re in control, you love it when I take charge.

You quickly climb up on the bed, lying right up against my right side, head propped up on your elbow. That stupid smile.

“No, get on top of me. Just lie on top of me.”

You raise an eyebrow, the smile disappearing. “What?”

I swear if I have to ask again, I’m calling it a night.

“Just lie on top of me. Let me handle the rest. Please?”

Hesitantly you brace yourself and place your body on top of mine, lowering yourself but keeping your full weight propped on your arms. “I’m afraid to hurt you,” you explain.

“You won’t. But I need to feel all of you. I WANT to feel every inch,” this is always where it gets weird. I need the contact, the more the better. I never know how to explain it better than that.

As soon as you let your full weight fall I am soaked, “Mmmm, yes, that’s it.”

“I haven’t done anything,” you’re confused, not knowing what to do.

“Do you trust me?” I ask.

At this point I am unsure what you’re answer will be, but I’m hopeful.

“Uh, yeah sure, I guess.” You say softly.

“Ok, lie your head down on my shoulder and just breathe with me.”

You look confused, so I place my hand on the back of your head, gently guiding you to my shoulder, your chin on my breast.

“Listen to my breathing, match my breathes.”

“I’m going to fall asleep,” you state, matter of factly.

“I ankara escort promise you won’t” I say with a smile. Sleep will be the furthest thing from your mind in a very short time.

I feel your body start to relax, you take a deep breath in and let it out slowly. I stroke your hair. The weight of your body has every nerve in my body alive and firing.

You have lost your erection in all this talking but I know once we start that won’t be a problem. I continue to stroke your hand, using the other hand to run my nails up and down your back, nice long strokes. “Oh, that feels so good,” you admit.

“Ssshhhh,” I say more, as a reminder to myself. The less talk now the better.

Slowly, I part my legs. You tense up, “Am I hurting you? I can move.”

“No, Baby, just getting ready. Just relax and enjoy the ride.”

I move both hands to your back as I feel you slide down between my thighs, edging them just far enough apart to fit like a glove. As soon as you quiet into your new position, you realize I am soaked. Or rather your cock does, “What the..?” you exclaim.

“Problem, Baby?” I ask, knowing that it’s a pleasant surprise because yoou are growing as we speak.

“How’d you do that?” you inquire.

“Shhhhh,” I remind you again, “Breathe with me.”

As you get harder your breathing becomes more ragged. I give you credit, you are trying your best to focus on air right now. But your cock is even distracting me. I make one final stroke with my hands and slip them both around your ass cheeks, pulling you into me, tighter.

I begin to slowly grind myself against you, small circular motions, pulling your ass towards me each revolution. “Oh, I want to fuck you!” you whisper.

“Maybe, maybe not.” I say, teasing.

I increase my speed and pressure against you, getting wetter by the moment. I take one hand and slightly part your ass cheeks, drawing my nails across your asshole. “FFFUUUCCCKKKKK!!” you moan into my shoulder. You’ve just about reached your limit and that is where I want to be.

You push your arms up on the bed, lifting your chest off mine. “You started this, just remember that,” you say almost as a warning. Bring it on, I think to myself.

You start ravishing my breasts, focusing your teeth on each tit. My hips convulsing and my juices running down my thighs.

You kneel between my thighs, lifting my knees over each shoulder. You bury your face in my pussy, drinking every drop that is freely flowing now. Tongue fucking me, “You are so wet! I can’t believe how horny you make me!”

My thighs are shaking, the spasms racing through my pussy faster than I can keep up with. I can’t catch my breath. I don’t ever want you to stop but I am afraid if you don’t something bad is about to happen.

“Fuck me! Please fuck me!!” I beg to get your attention.

“Oh, I’m gonna fuck you alright but not until I am good and ready!”

You move and place one knee on each side of my stomach. “I’m going to titty fuck those gorgeous tits of yours!” your tone is almost demanding.

You reach back and shove your hand in my pussy, getting it good and wet. You begin to stroke your cock, spreading my juices over its length. You reach down and place you shaft between my breasts, pushing them tightly against your member. Your thrusts are slow at first, as you find your rhythm. I extend my tongue and ever thrust results in my licking the tip. “Arrgghhh, that is so fucking hot!” you have difficulty maintaining your pace.

I can feel the pulsation in your cock, you’re getting very close. I reach behind you and again find your asshole, this time using my own juice also to allow me to enter you from behind.

“I’m…going….to…cum!!!” You’re barely able to get the words out before your hot seed sprays all over my tits and face. Your cock still throbbing as the cum stops pouring from the tip.

“I’m still rock hard,” you exclaim.

“Let’s not waste it!” I say, smiling.

You slide down and lie on top of me, opening my thighs with your leg. Kissing me passionately, taking your time to enter me but quickly responding when your cock feels the wetness that still exists between my legs. “You never quit, do you?”

“I can if you want me to,” I say, innocently.

With that you slam your cock inside me, causing me to recoil at its power. We are both so wet and the motion is fast and intense. I feel you explode deep inside of me. I answer your climax with wave after wave of my own. We both lie there panting, sweaty, satisfied. You roll off me and lie face up next to me. I have one thing left to do.

I sit up and gently lick your softening cock, my cum and yours making such a sweet nectar. After you have been properly cleaned, I lie back in your arms and we drift off into a relaxing slumber.

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