Wife Becomes Fantasy


Writer’s block had engulfed me and I felt like I may not survive the tidal wave of blanks. My life had become so routine, yet so full of undesirable drama that all of my fantasies and dreams seemed to be inevitably put on hold. Somehow I had to drag myself out of this abyss before the boredom and resentment began to leak into my other personal and professional arenas. But (I am smiling as I write this) I had a master plan.

I used the tingling in my panties as a cue that I was on the right track. Sitting at the computer and pretending to be pecking away while my spouse looked at TV series after TV series was getting old quick. Actually it had been old. I realized that this was my moment, and I had prepared myself for the worst while hoping for the best. I took a deep breath and went into the bathroom, armed with smell-goods and the striptease gear that I hoped would convince the old man to see things my way. I took extra care in the shower, clearing the fields of glory and allowing my baby smooth skin to escape from the pubic jungle.

With all skin now cleared and scrubbed properly, I began to lotion down with my layers of sensual scents. I had purchased this scent after smelling it on a stripper during my first official lap-dance. That woman had smelled like a mouthwatering feast, and I knew that in a moment my husband would be smelling and thinking the same thing! I pulled on my netty, ribbony brainwashing gear and exited the bathroom, glancing to the right to see where his eyes were looking. He was obliviously staring at the television, as usual. I waited a moment for the scent to drift out of the bathroom. Meanwhile, I casually tossed my former motherly clothing into the dirty clothes basket in our walk-in closet.

“What are you doing?” he called out, my signal that the scent had appropriately wafted into the area of his sensitive sense of smell.

“Getting ready to blow…your mind,” I teased, walking casually out of the closet, enjoying the look of confusion, pleasure, and curiosity that appeared on his face as his eyes took me in from my stilettos to my choker-laced neckline.

“Well, well, well,” he muttered. “Bring that shit on!”

I walked over to the computer to exit the screen of misplaced metaphors and turn on a playlist I created just for this moment. I titled it “Freaknight” with the effects in mind that it would have on both of our senses as the first chords and bass notes leaped from the surround sound speakers into the heated air.

I had made up my mind that if tonight didn’t work at getting his attention, then I would make it work for me anyway, by any means necessary. By the look on his face, I think that at least part A of the plan was already successful. I slowly walked over to the television and stood right in front of it.

“That is no problem, Shay!” he remarked, as he grabbed for the remote and cut it off without a second look at the screen.

“I didn’t think it would be,” I smirked. I walked seductively to the side of the bed that he called his, and leaned in to give him a closer sniff. I knew that his senses of sight and smell were on overload by the tremendous bulge that had developed in his pajamas. He leaned into me without touching me and I heard his intake of breath. Ha! I recalled how I did that same thing when that woman had gotten so close to me. I could feel myself getting wetter just thinking about that moment when her skin brushed across my shoulders, and her body glitter transferred kızılay escort onto my skin. To think that Nick was destined to feel this incredible sensation and have this as a memory until his last moments almost made me tip over the edge…but I knew that I must wait. “Good things come to those who wait,” I murmured to myself as I brushed my upper body across his chest. I reached out as if I were going to stroke his face romantically, then changed my motion to a quick shove, knocking him backwards onto the bed. His eyes registered shock, and my eyes felt like lasers as I stared into his eyes, taking in his emotions, even the ones he tried to hide.

As he lay back, arms to his side, I straddled his hips. Grinding into his groin gently I gently fingered his undershirt, then snatched it violently until it was torn and lying on both sides of his body. Once again my laser eyes pierced his own shocked ones, as I read his thoughts, “I can’t believe that she just ripped my shirt off!”

I was tired of his lies and games. I was tired of being the wife that had to compete with the fantasies, compete with the videos. This was the endgame maneuver. After today, I would no longer find random phone numbers, text messages, and social site messages in his cell phone, as well as dick pics emailed to random women outside my knowledge. What was crazy about this whole thing was that I had told him that he could have the freedom to do whatever he wanted, as long as he gave me freedom (which I didn’t plan to use, just enjoy having the toy upon the shelf to occasionally tease) and let me share in his activities. I was the kind of wife that wanted to sit right in bed next to him while he sexted some hottie from a social site, then become the woman that he would act out his live action with. I would allow him to call me her name, taking the line seriously from the song that said, “I’m every woman; it’s all in me!”

I didn’t care about his porn collection either. We would enjoy watching and sharing videos frequently. I thought that our love and friendship would go beyond all limitations, but that was MY fantasy, not his. He, like other self-centered and selfish men, wanted his cake, frosting and candles and all, and all the ice cream and hot coffee on the side that his dick could handle, while I was left supposedly to be satisfied with whatever slice of the cake he was willing to cut me each day. Well…tonight, he would learn about giving his woman what she wanted or stepping aside to let someone else who can handle the job to do it!

I kissed his face all over, letting the love that I felt for him drip from my lips. My hands gently moved up his chest, pausing at his nipples to gently pinch them. I licked my forefingers to increase the transmission of sensations from my fingers to his nipples, and I circled them feverishly while continuing to roll my hips, the friction between my legs was building me to my first orgasm, and I was going to take as many as I could manage, not holding back one pleasurable sensation. As the build continued, I slid my tongue into his mouth and sucked his tongue, allowing him to gently suck mine. We continued the probing and teasing, and my tongue treated his tongue to a preview of what his beautiful dick would experience momentarily. The circular motions and tongue lashing wasn’t lost on him as I felt the moisture of his pre-cum leaking through the pajama pants that I would soon take off. My hands continued kolej escort to explore his entire core while my mouth left his and ventured to his neck and chest, I felt my orgasm coming and began to howl slightly as I scooted my pussy backwards in order to free his Willie.

My feet found the floor again and I grabbed his pants and drug them down to his ankles. He kicked them off creating a bouncing show for me with that beautiful tool. He grabbed at the ribbon and untied it, pushing it aside as it swirled around un-tangling itself from my breasts and exposing my swollen clit. I kneeled down at the same time that he stood up, and my tongue stuck out hungrily as his hips pushed forward to feed me. I teased the tip with my tongue, then without any prior warning plunged his dick down my throat. I felt his balls smack my chin, and I glanced up to see him lean his head back and howl into the ceiling to show his appreciation. I let my lips grip fiercely as I pulled away from him. I could feel the external skin sliding along his rod. I grabbed his hips, then moved my hands toward his buttocks. Grabbing them with force, I pushed him back into my mouth. He hit the back of my throat, and my gag reflex was tempted to trigger, but I held my breath until the sensation subsided, then slowly let him exit again, feeling my lips’ tight resistance. I felt his body tremble in my hands, as I grabbed him and made him light into me four more times, each time adding more flicks of the tongue and lip pressure mixed with head and face twists on his way out. I was dripping pre-cum and natural mouth lube, and I took my left hand to capture some of this moisture to play with his balls. I pretended to be his favorite pet and licked his balls as I had seen so many dogs do after making out with their favorite pillows or stuffed animal. He began whimpering, but his instincts let him know that we weren’t through yet.

He grabbed my locs and began guiding my head as he fucked my face, slower on the outtake, enjoying my skills at responding to every extra sensitive spot on his fantastic member. I took my face away and pushed him back onto the bed. I stepped onto the bed and guided my body down onto his dick, which slid in easily. With a combination of squats and bounces I moaned as I enjoyed the sensation of being full of him. In my imagination, I became a hip-rolling porn star. I felt the tip of his penis massaging my sweet spot as I felt climax number two building, and the hot liquids trying to force their way out.

“Damn, girl!” he exclaimed as he felt my climax clenching and drenching his dick. I pulled up and he fell out as the gushing hot liquid squirted out, relieved to find an out.

“This pussy loves to fuck you and so does this ass!” I grunted, moving to my knees and crawling seductively to the headboard. I grabbed the headboard with two hands and stuck my ass out to let realization dawn upon him that this was where I wanted his dick to pay a visit next. He quickly got the hint and crawled up behind me. I felt him smacking my asshole with his tip, then pushing his head into my waiting hole. After he popped in, he reached forward and tried to grab my breasts. This action forced him in a little further and my “Oh!” leaked out as he went in further. After fingering my nipples with wet fingertips, he grabbed my waist and slowly filled my ass. After a few moments, he exited slowly, letting his dick pop out. When he entered again, it was with ankara escort a professional smoothness. He used my waist to push himself in and then almost out, and I could feel my g-spot stimulation working to produce more juices. I took one hand off the headboard and massaged my clit. He snatched my hand away, and took over the motion, and I used that free hand to grab feverishly at my nipples. It didn’t take long before climax number three began squirting out like a fountain, and his dick was forced out my ass due to the extreme clenching and throbbing.

I turned onto my back pulled him forward until he was straddling my face. I could smell pussy and ass on him, and the scent made my pussy feel neglected. I licked him clean with one hand grabbing his balls while the other played with his asshole. I felt him filling my mouth and I knew that he had been tortured enough for now. I pushed him out and made him back up on his knees until I could lift my stiletto-wearing feet onto his shoulders. He pushed forward and entered my pussy banging at full force. I played with my breasts and looked into his eyes while licking my lips. After a few minutes, I felt his stroke quicken and I reached down to caress his balls, feeling them contract to prepare to fill me with life’s best milk. His eyes closed and he looked up, but I yelled at him to open them and look at me as his moment of truth came. He stared into my eyes and came hard with an animal growl that turned me on yet again. I guess I would give him a small break before turning on him again. He collapsed onto me, and I slowly moved my legs off of his shoulders and to the side as we lay catching our breath.

“Now don’t tell your wife,” I whispered in his ear.

“Wait. What!?” He turned and looked at me.

“Your job, Sir, is to pick the next video that we will act out.” I felt my laser eyes boring into his soul. “And then, your job is to make the video I pick happen for me.”

I could see his brain taking in the pros and cons of this information. I could sense his wonder and his resistance grappling within his imagination. Looking away from me, he said, “NO man is going to EVER be with you.”

“Fine. Then you have to be EVERY MAN that I need.”

“How can I do that?”

“Oh, you’ll find a way. You can start by cutting off that TV more often and attending to my needs. Just pay attention. You already know what I need, but you have been resistant in giving it to me. Unfortunately, I am tired of waiting.” I reached over and drew his attention to the fact that the computer had been recording our activities. As I replayed the video, a surprise occurred. I had a special overlay playing during our carefully planned romp. As the video layered itself, he could see two other people participating in our two-person party. He sat up fast, knocking my arms off, and looked around the room, as if he were expecting to see the actual people in the room who had been transplanted into the video.

“They’re not really here, Sir,” I drawled slyly. “But don’t you like the way she is licking your nuts while you are banging my face?”

“Unbelievable!” He couldn’t take his eyes away from the screen. “I have my own porn star…as my WIFE!” Out of the corner of my eye I could see his Mater jumping with the excitement of what he was seeing on the screen. I spit into my hand, and then reached over and began massaging it. “Let’s make another movie…what’s your name?”

“Claire Voyeur,” I whispered, as he turned me over onto my stomach to begin round two. Plan B, executed. My husband left the land of doubters and entered into the realm of the believers. He had married THAT MOTHER FUCKER. I would love him forever and we would give each others’ fantasies a chance to come to life.

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