Wife took up dancing classes


Wife took up dancing classesLinda has always been keen on looking good and over the past few months had been taking dancing classes. It was something she wanted to do and was able to drop into classes in the city before heading home after work. As the weeks passed by Linda had moved from taking the one class to taking two or three, saying she was really feeling the benefit and that she might even treat me to a little routine the class had been working on.It was a couple of weekends afterwards that Linda had a little glint in her eye when she told me to save my energy that day, she just had to get a couple of things for her dance routine sorted but she was going to show me tonight. I had a nice day the sun was shining and the time passed quickly beofre Linda returned that afternoon with a couple of bags from shopping saying that she had found what she wanted.I was waiting in the lounge for Linda for only a short while when she appeared through the doorway. Linda was wearing some black lingerie, or to be more precise a sports bra top with tiny matching low rise thong and a pair of purple stilletto ankle boots. I want to touch her right then I move towards Linda and she hands me a CD to put on saying I should sit down and enjoy her dance. I press tuzla escort play and the music comes on. Linda gently pushes me back towards a chair with her fingertips. As I sit Linda bends over, I am fixated on her round ass as she turns up the music louder so it sounds like a club. The music is latin in style and Linda begins to writhe her hips, shuffle her feet and move her arms ad body until she is in full swing. Popping her large chest out, smiling enjoying teasing me. Linda purposefully plays with the sides of her thong, she is close to me I can see she is completely smooth down there as I catch a short glimpse, the sides are now lower accentuating her hips as the move.All too soon Linda has stopped and so had the music as she asks did I enjoy her little show. I sais I did as Linda runs a hand over my crotch to feel my appreciation. Licking her lips Linda undoes my belt and waistband as my throbbing cock now springs up. No underwear Linda purrs, running her hands up under my t-shirt to move it over my head. She soon has me naked waiting for her next touch. Linda dances for me again, the same routine as before, this time she is closer and purposefully makes sure her hands slap into my exposed and prominent erection. I tell sancaktepe escort Linda that she must be top of her class. Linda says, she’s not sure but they have practiced alot, she slows down and begins to give me a more intimate lap dance. Linda tells me they had to pratice all their dances infront of the rest of the class to get confident. I asked if it was weird giving a lapdance to another woman. She said it was at first, but they were all doing it and after they were all comfortable they had arranged an amateur night at a strip club.I swallowed hard as Linda now licked at the tip of my cock, she tells me it was really a great turn on to be in the club, did I lust after my strip club wife? Did it wnat to make me fuck her more? I quickly responded yes. Linda tells me she loves sucking cock. I moan as Linda for the first time ever takes my cock deep into her mouth, really deep, she looks up at me and then takes my cock all the way into her mouth. It feels so good and again it is all over too soon as Linda now licks at the tip of my wet raging hardon. Linda puts a finger to my lips and then expertly removes her bra and knickers. Linda now sits back on me grinding her wet pussy onto my cock. As she leans back I üsküdar escort grab her hips to slip my cock into her welcoming pussy. I’m inside her for two then three strokes as she arches her back, her head next to mine. Her movemnet upwards releases my cock from her smooth welcoming pussy. A hand grabs at my cock with Linda saying you’re so turned on right now aren’t you. Yeah Honey I reply. You love that I suck your cock like that don;t you? Yes. I fell her psuhing against the tip of my cock again. I’m looking down and Linda is guiding my cock into her ass. I say, Linda you never let me…. Linda whispers Honey, I learned to dance like a stripper, I’ve sucked so much cock that I learned to eat cock like a hooker and you know you like the new me. The least I can do is let you fuck me in the ass. Linda is now riding my cock herslef I’m not moving, she is moaning loudly and really getting off, the mirror over the fireplace shows Linda is also fingering her pussy. I’m close to cumming and Linda can tell as she now concentrates on making me cum. Linda says cum in my ass Honey, as Linda now drives down onto my cock she continues, I let all the men I fuck at the club cum in my ass. Cum now if you want me to fuck more big cocks Honey, my load shoots deep inside her almost as she is finished speaking. My cock is rawas she keeps it in her ass and fingers herself to an orgasm. My cock hurts all over as her butt clenches.Linda wants me to go to the club in a week or twoo to see her fuck one of her regulars. I can’t wait.

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