Wife wanted to be tied to the bed


Wife wanted to be tied to the bedI’ve mentioned before that my wife is very shy when it comes to sex. She doesn’t like to talk about it, even in private, and is unlikely to ask for things. I have to initiate most of the time and then see what she says.So when she asked if I could tie her up, I was surprised.I had bought a pair of hand restraints, long black ribbons that could be tied to the corners of a bed frame with softer loops that went over the wrist. Once they were on, if you’d judged your distances right, the wearer’s wrists would be bound. I dug those out of a drawer and tied them to the bed, while she took off the t-shirt she was wearing. I didn’t ask WHY she wanted this all of a sudden, I was just happy to oblige.As I finished setting up the ropes, this cute petite Asian girl stripped down to her panties (cotton) and then pulled a blanket back up to cover herself. “It’s cold!” she complained. It wasn’t cold. I think she was already embarrassed. But she let me take her hands and loop the restraints around her wrists. Her face turned red.”Now… what do you want to do with me?” she asked, giggling.I pulled my own boxers off. Already rock hard. She saw and gasped a bit. Then I pulled those blankets down. I grabbed her panties with both hands and told her to lift her butt, which she resisted at first. When she did it, I slid the panties down to her ankles and off sarıyer escort completely. She pulled her legs together to cover herself up a bit.”Legs apart” I ordered. She hesitated, then spread her beautiful curvy legs. Her pussy was exposed, she had trimmed it to just a tiny tuft of hair. She lay naked, spread eagle and arms bound while I knelt and looked at her.”Hurry up” she whispered. “I’m still cold!”I started kissing her leg. “What are you doing?” she asked. I didn’t reply, moving up the thigh and reaching her pussy. She gasped when my breath touched her exposed lips. “No… you can’t… that’s too naughty!” She doesn’t think normal people do oral sex.I started licking and kissing her pussy, working my tongue up and down, brushing my lip against her clit. She was soaking wet in moments. After a minute I could tell she was nearly ready to finish, so I stopped and moved up her body instead, kissing her stomach first, then her chest, then finally her neck. As I reached her neck, the head of my cock pressed against her soaking vagina. I left it like that, teasing her.”What are you waiting FOR-” she started to ask, and I slipped inside her midway through the question, causing her to stop short and gasp. This is one of my favorite things to do, to make her stop mid-sentence like that.In less than a minute, esenyurt escort I felt her pulsing on my cock in what I can only describe as a cunt-shattering orgasm, as she moaned loudly. I hadn’t quite reached climax yet but this got me very close. I sped up and fucked her through her orgasm, cumming moments later deep inside her.As we lay there, she finished cumming and basked in the afterglow. “I’m sorry… I came too soon” she said. I laughed. It was fine!… But the next day, she asked to be tied up again.Apparently she’d enjoyed that a lot. I agreed, but told her “this time you’re not allowed to cum until I say.” She looked shocked, but nodded and took off her panties.I repeated what I’d done the night before, but she came even sooner, her whole body clenching down on my cock. As I kept thrusting into her through her orgasm she gasped “no, stop! I can’t, I’m done!” She was too sensitive for me to continue inside. I pulled out, reached down and grabbed myself, stroking as I kissed her deeply on the mouth. “Mmmmf!” she protested as I came all over her pussy, her stomach. “Ah, you made a mess!” she laughed as I rolled off.”Well, you came too soon.” I admonished her. “I warned you.”…The third day, she demanded to be tied up and fucked again. Apparently this was just too good for her.I warned her again, if she came before I told avrupa yakası escort her to, she’d be in trouble. She turned red again and then surprised me by insisting “just hurry up and fuck me!” She almost never uses that word.Her wrists were tied. Her pussy was already soaking wet. I kissed her chest, her neck, her mouth. I whispered in her ear “not yet!” Her pussy pulsed again, another quick orgasm.As I pulled out, she whimpered a bit. Still cumming herself, she begged “wait… don’t…” “I warned you” I smiled. “You came too fast!” I put my knees on either side of her and sat up straight, stroking my cock over her perfect, heaving chest.”No you wouldn’t!!” she exclaimed. But I did. My cum exploded out over her, covering her tits, her neck. She turned her face away, and was hit on the right cheek as a result. “Aaah!” she laughed. She turned her head the other way, trying to get clear, and was rewarded with a blast of cum to the left cheek instead. Some was in her hair, too.After a few spurts I seemed to be done, and she turned to face me, eyes half closed, smiling despite herself. The last burst came a moment later, hitting her square in the face, from chin to forehead. “OH MY GOD!” she shouted. “I thought you were done!”I was now, finally. “You gave me… a pearl necklace?” she asked. I didn’t know she even knew the term. She looked down at herself, hands still tied. “It’s so much!” I was proud of myself. She looked gorgeous, drenched in sweat and semen, still spread eagle, her pussy still wet, her face glazed. She was red from exertion and humiliation. She was still smiling, though.I slid off the bed and made to walk away to the bathroom to clean myself up, leaving her tied up like that.

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