with sarah


with sarahAn Encounter With SarahThis is a rough sex fantasy scene for you…This will be an illusion of forced sex. You and I will know we both cravethe attack. The dramatic intensity which engulfs us will be the realitythat drives us to fulfill our fantasy.I walk into the room. You sit there on the edge of the bed fully dressedunaware of your seductiveness.”Jenny”, you breathe, your voice quivering.I decide that this is a show of your desire for me. You know what iscoming. Everything we have shared has brought us inevitably to thismoment. I do not answer you. Inexorably, I move closer to you. You putout your hand to… What? Stop me… Or touch me? I don’t care which.Your constant teasing and flirtatiousness have pushed me to the edge. Imust, will, have you! I roughly take hold of your outstretched wrist andtwist it just enough to throw you off balance. You know I mean business.I stand over you and jerk your arm above your head. My commanding presencetakes the breath out of you. I reach over and grab your other wrist.Again you gasp, but this time I shove you back onto the bed. I press mybody full against yours. I can feel your heat.Between gasps and moans, you plead, “Jenny, you’re scaring me! Don’t hurtme. Please stop!””Shut up”, I order. Roughly, I slam my knee against your smolderingfemininity. “You have teased me long enough. Now tonight you will pay theprice, whore. I am going to take you my way, whether you like it or not.”You begin to struggle in earnest now trying to worm your body away frommine. You kick to try to dislodge me. I laugh softly at your futileefforts to escape me. Looking down into your face I taunt you. “Come onbaby, you know you’ve been begging me to give it to you!””No! Jenny! No! I don’t want that! Please stop, Jenny! You’re scaringme!”I hold your wrists firmly pressed back against the bed over your head. Inever move to harm you. I only hold your wrists tightly letting you tireyourself and understand that I mean business and that you cannot escape me.Your struggling begins to slow and with one quick motion I let go of yourwrists. I roughly slide my hands behind your back. I grasp your shirt asI pull you up into a partial sitting position. Before you can regain yourcomposure I have your shirt over your head and begin wrapping it aroundyour wrists. I wrap it just tight enough to keep your hands tied togetherbut not tight enough to cause you pain. I do not want the necessity ofbondage to detract from your ability to feel me ravage you. I let youloose from my grip and you fall back onto the bed. I again press my bodydown over yours. You feel the roughness of my shirt against your barebreasts. The sensation of your bare skin brushing against my roughclothing causes you to renew your struggle. With one hand, I reach up andtake hold of your wrists. I grab your breast in my other hand. I squeezeyour nipple hard. You gasp and your struggling subsides again. Now I haveyour attention focused in your body the way I want. My goal is to maintainthis control over you long enough to have my way with you.You moan slightly. “Come Sarah I want you to be my slut”. I tease yournipples with firm quick bites and with a jolt I raise my head and takepossession of your mouth. I suck your tongue hard into my mouth and Ipress down on you with the force of my desire for you. You try to resistmy tongue by clamping your teeth shut. I press my thumb on the outside ofyour jaw and force your mouth open. When I lift my head from your sweetsoft lips you Murmur “no, Jenny no, please”.I look down, “Don’t worry I think when I am through we will both bepleased”. Without warning I begin nibbling down your neck. I place hardquick bites all the way down to your collarbone. Not hard enough to leavemarks but just hard enough to catch your attention. I then move back upand roughly take your ear lobe into my mouth. I nibble all along theperimeter of your ear. You begin squirming again.”Stop, Jenny I don’t want this”.”Oh but your body says you do. And I say you do my whore. And those arethe only two things that matter now”. I nibble hard at your breasts again.I move all around your nipple that despite your protest is rock hard withdesire. Your breathing is quick and shallow now.In a flash I am standing by the edge of the bed no longer on you. “Well myslut illegal bahis its time to move on. Get those damn shorts and panties off. Then layin your normal spot in the bed for me”. You lay there stubbornly notmoving a muscle. “Well, if you like force I can give you that but I’dhoped I wouldn’t have to resort to such measures to get what we both knowwe want”, I say menacingly. I bend down and harshly pull your legs up ontomy shoulders. I grab the top of your shorts and jerk them downward. Youstart to kick to make it difficult for me but I trap your legs with myarms. I pull your shorts and panties off in one motion and toss them ontothe floor. I growled, tired with your attempts at struggle, “Move slut .I want you where I can take you. Now”!I’m not sure if it is fear or the intensity of the heat growing in the roombut you move slowly to your spot in the bed. Once you are there you grabthe sheet to cover yourself but your hands are still bound by your shirt soyour movement is slow. I catch your wrists and fling myself on top of youand any thought you may have had of using the sheet for protection is lost.”Caught yah”, I laughed down at you. I bend my head and kiss you withsavage raw passion. At first, you try to shake your head from side to sideto avoid my mouth but you soon discover the futility of that action.Despite your efforts to thwart me your body is responding to my attack.Our tongues meet and duel for power. I can feel and hear your breathingchange to match my own.Suddenly, I lift the top part of my body off of yours and yank off myshirt.”No, please Jenny. Don’t do this.” You beg.”Shut up bitch! You know you want me. Your body is craving this can’t youfeel it slut?”Panting you spit at me ferociously, “I am scared that’s why my body isreacting this way!””Well is that why you are so wet?” I ask as I slide my hand down betweenyour legs. I tease your warm opening with my fingertips. “Do you alwaysget this wet when you are scared?”You moan softly at my touch. Despite your body responding you keep up thepretense of resistance. You clench your legs tightly together to force meto remove my hand. This only serves to press my hand harder against yourwetness. With all my strength I shove my knees between your legs and forcethem apart. “Alright whore you can make this as hard as you want foryourself. But your body likes it a lot.” I say as I raise my wet fingersfrom your crotch to your lips. “Lick’em clean!”You hesitantly stick out your tongue and barely lick at my fingers. “Don’tyou want to see how much you really are enjoying this, bitch!” I say as Ishove my fingers into your mouth. “Now suck’em off and make sure you get agood taste.”You begin sucking hard now. In spite of your fained protests, you cravethe force, the passion, and the hot desire rising in you like a volcanoabout to erupt. The more I demand of you, the more I take from you, themore I humiliate you the more desperate your body becomes for my touch.In a flash I am off of you. Yanking off my belt, which is a very thinblack strap with silver studs. You shiver slightly as your body adjusts tothe cool air that flows across your hot naked skin. Dr****g the beltaround my neck I move to the dresser and open my bag of goodies.Whimpering you grasp the opportunity to escape and begin to swing your legsoff the bed.In one swift motion I reach back with my right hand and catch your left legby the ankle and pull it up in the air, which throws you off balance andyou fall back on to the bed. “Where did you think you were going slut!””Let me go!”, you cry out as you shake your leg in an effort to freeyourself from my grasp.”Now, Now”, I coo teasingly. “you know neither one of us would be happy ifI did that”.With my left hand I pull two short lengths of soft rope out of the bag. Istep towards you and trail them over your breasts, down your stomach andacross your wetness. You continue struggling in my grasp but your bodyresponds to the contact of the rope with a shiver of delight. I slide theropes down your left leg. I stop at your ankle and tie one rope tightlyaround it.”No! Don’t do this, let me go bitch, a****l!”, you scream kicking at mewith your other leg.I tie the rope firmly around the bed post and with my other hand I grabyour kicking leg and jerk it to the right. I repeat the illegal bahis siteleri process of bindingup your right leg but I make sure to pull the rope good and tight so thatyou are stretched out as far as the queen size bed will allow. Listeningto you cuss me out and call me names, I walk quickly to the dresser andpull out another length of rope that is a bit longer.Seeing an opportunity for escape you sit up and free your hands from thebondage of your shirt. You reach to untie the rope from your left ankle.I turn around and seeing you I lunge throwing my weight on you. “Gurrr!”,I growl from deep in my throat. The force of the impact knocks youbackward onto the bed. Grabbing your wrists I squeeze them tightly untilyou cry out. Then I bind them tightly with the rope. Stretching the ropetaught I tie it securely to the headboard.You are crying now. In between sobs you curse me.I jump off of you and from the bag I take out a scarf and a seven-inch veryfat life like dildo. “Let’s see if this gives you something else to occupyyour dirty little mouth, whore!”. I force your mouth wide open and shovethe dildo in as far as it will go. You gag and try to spit it out butbefore you can I wrap the scarf around your head holding the dildo inplace. “Suck on that a while, Bitch. I am tired of listening to yourfeeble protests”.”mmmmmhhhhh”, you moan loudly and thrash about trying to loosen your bondsbut you are fastened tightly in place.I move to the end of the bed and take the belt from around my neck. Makingsure that the silver studs will make contact with your flesh I lightly andteasingly swing the belt. Swap, the strap strikes your most tender hotspot. Reflexively your body flinches from the swat but then, like I knewyou would, your body arches to meet the next blow.”uhh, uhh!”, you moan with pleasure.”yes I thought you would enjoy that. If you want that and more you’dbetter start sucking on that cock in your mouth like you’ve never suckedbefore”Sucking sounds mixed with your moans of hot desire fill the room. You aresucking on the dildo hard and fast now. I swing the belt again this timeharder. The studs make contact with your clit and you try to yell out butyour full mouth makes it difficult. You begin arching in rhythm to meetthe blows of the strap. I begin alternating strikes between your erectnipples and your hot and dripping pussy. You are sucking the cock likethere’s no tomorrow and moaning as loud as you can with a mouth full ofdildo. Burning desire has taken control of you now and you are eager tocomply with my demands.Suddenly, I drop the belt on to the floor. I am breaking out in a hotsweat from my own need for you. I step back from the foot of the bed andstrip off the rest of my clothes. Your body still arches, begging for moreof the strap.”Now that you are good and warmed up, slut, I ‘m going to give yousomething you’ll like even more”.I move back to the dresser and from the bag of goodies I pull out abutterfly vibrator with a remote control. You have settled back on to thebed now moaning slightly but still sucking the dildo as commanded. I placethe butterfly firmly down over your clit and the wings encompass yourlabia. I slide the waste strap under you and fasten it tightly. Turningon the butterfly to a low but effective setting I dip two fingers into yourwet hole. You are moaning louder now and rocking back and forth with thesensations. With my free hand, I increase the intensity of the vibrations.It is obvious that you are beginning to have difficulty concentrating onsucking on the dildo. I move my fingers in and out of you slow andmethodical. Gasping for air you arch upward meeting the thrust of myfingers. I take you to the brink of an orgasm. Cruelly, I shut off thebutterfly and rapidly remove my fingers from your oh so wet vagina.Tears of frustration begin running down your cheeks. You continue to gaspand moan and your body arches, begging for release.In a soothing voice I say, “not just yet but you will cum soon”. My tonechanges and my voice is hard, one of authority. “First, as I’m sure youare aware of, I must punish you for cussing at your Misstress and callingme all sorts of filthy little Names”. “you are going to hate yourpunishment but your Misstress will enjoy seeing you humiliated this wayvery much”, I say canlı bahis siteleri with a sadistic grin on my face.As my words sink in past your haze of burning desire and wantonness, youwhimper and you begin to squirm agitatedly. Covering your firey body withmy own I whisper gruffly in your ear, my throat raspy with the thought ofmy next moves, “I am going to sit over your mouth and piss and you aregoing to drink as much of me as you can so I can wash your mouth out forthe dirty little names you have called your Misstress. Oh, and you mustswallow to complete your punishment”.You shiver with disgust but you don’t make any sound of protest, knowingthat you have earned this punishment.I reach up and remove the scarf. Jerking the wet dildo out of your nowaching mouth. Standing up I say in a calm cold voice, “I will be rightback. Try not to get to cold while I’m gone”. I move to the door and stopto look back at you. Your eyes are open wide with disbelief, at how farI’m pushing you this time but you know better than to complain or beg formercy. While I am out of the room I hit the remote for the butterfly. Itsvibrations distract you. Once again all your thoughts and feelings arecentered around your hot large vibrating clit.I return carrying a plastic garbage bag and a large towel. I saunter overto you and pinch first one nipple and then the other. Your response is adeep throaty moan. For the moment you have forgotten your dreadedpunishment and you are totally focused on your current pleasure.Increasing the vibrations of the butterfly with the remote I lift your headand shoulders off the bed just enough to slide the garbage bag and towelbeneath you. This brings back the realization of your coming punishmentand you stare up at me with a pleading look on your face but you continueto rock with the pleasures of the vibrations swarming over you. You cannotspeak. You are so over come with burning lust mixed with disgust.Painfully for you, I gradually lower the intensity of the vibrations untilthe butterfly is completely off. You whimper, knowing what is about tocome and hating the thought of the task at hand.”Don’t worry”. I say with compassion in my voice, “If you can be a goodwhore for me from here on out you’ll get exactly what you are craving”.”But right now I want you as alert as possible and completely aware of yourpunishment”.I straddle your face. Placing my dripping wet crotch above your mouth.You are so desperate to cumm now that you know you will do anything Icommand of you so you do not argue are try to fight it.In a low growl, I order, “Open your mouth wide and drink of yourMisstress”! I watch your face as slowly you open your mouth wide.Unable to hold back any longer, my urine pours out over your face and intoyour gaping mouth. When the flow finally subsides you clamp your mouthshut and grimacing you swallow.As your reward, immediately I hit the butterfly remote and crank it up highso as to refocus your attention on your own arousal. Within a few secondsyou are rocking and moaning again. Finally, you cry out “fuck your slutnow! Take me and make me yours”!Shaking with desire, I jump off of you and grabbing into the goody bag Ipull out a larger dildo than the one that was in your mouth. It isattached to a harness. Reaching frantically back into the bag I pull out aball vibrator. I place it in the indention at the base of the dildo andturn it on. Quickly I strap on the huge dildo. Without hesitation I mountyou and plunge the huge dildo deep into your burning wet cunt. Severaltimes, I make long deliberate strokes pulling the dildo almost all the wayout of your welcoming womanhood.We move together as one, now rocking back and forth. Hands shaking, I turnthe intensity up on both of our vibrators to full blast. The room isfilled with sounds of our lovemaking. Suddenly, our rhythm shifts andbecomes rapid and frantic. You scream at the top of your lungs, a longblood curdling, passionate sound and your juice flows. You arch your bodyforcefully against mine meeting my thrust. The sound of your screaming andthe warm strong pressure of your willing body send me over the edge too.Repeatedly, I cry out, “Oh, Sarah! Oh, Sarah…”! Together we erupt! Ourjuices mingle together as we rock back and forth in rapture.Slowly, the lava stops flowing and are bodies begin to relax. Damp withsweat, enjoying the closeness of each other and the sweet smell offemale-to-female love making, we lie their catching our breath. We relishin the warm after glow that comes from the mutual give and take of eachother.

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