Work Hard, Play Harder Ch. 04


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This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.

Author’s Notes

This is a fourth part to the series. Although it is self-contained from a story perspective, I would recommend you read the earlier chapters as there will be references which make more sense if you have read the earlier parts.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

While Kirsten was being led by a leash up the cabin stairs, back in the city, another young woman was also being led. Her name was Sophiya, Soph to her husband, or Sophie to her friends. It was her husband, her hand in his, who was leading her up through the busy designer department store.

Heads were turning, usually young and male, as the couple wound their way from floor to floor. Was it surprising? She was young, early twenties, tall and slim, with long shiny black hair tied up in a loose bun. Was that it, or was it the look? Everything about the young woman oozed class. Even in casual attire—Sophiya was wearing a trendily baggy white blouse with the top few buttons undone, a short black leather skirt and white trainers—she stood out from the rest. Add to that the obvious logo on the handbag she carried over her shoulder, a logo which for sure didn’t come from a cheap copy.

If it wasn’t the look, then it had to be something more natural which had people noticing her. Maybe it was the light Indian complexion, the almost tanned appearance to her young skin. Perhaps the seemingly endless legs, perfectly toned, seductively disappearing up inside that short skirt. Or, most likely, it was the hips and chest, curves which belied her slender stature.

If she exuded class, then Mukesh, her husband, radiated wealth. His choice of attire wouldn’t have looked out of place in an office rather than a shop, even an upper-class store like this one. He wore a blue jacket over a smart white shirt, the buttons of which matched the colour of the jacket. Down below Mukesh donned a pair of stone-coloured slacks, and smart brown sneakers. It was the wide brown leather belt which co-ordinated the couple’s outfits. There, for all to see, was a silver interlocking-C designed buckle, the same as the logo on Sophiya’s bag.

It was Saturday afternoon, and the store was buzzing with customers. There were those for which window shopping was an ideal way of passing away a few hours, with no intention to buy anything, nor the means to make a purchase given the prices in this place. Others would be on a bit of a binge, baskets full as they overdosed on retail therapy. Then there were those with a mission in mind, but not knowing what it was that they wanted until they found it.

Sophiya and Mukesh were the latter, intent on finding the perfect outfit, or at least Mukesh was. Sophiya though was just a little indifferent to the whole idea.

“Here,” Mukesh addressed his wife as he held up a red cocktail dress, “how about this one?”

“I’ve got one just like it at home,” was the put down aimed towards his latest choice. “Why do I need another dress anyway. I’ve got a wardrobe full of them. Surely one of those will do unless you want to buy me something suitable for an interview.”

“We’ve had that conversation, Soph. You don’t need to work.”

“It’s not that I need to work. God knows how much money we have. It’s that… well, Mukesh… it’s that I want to work, to have some company during—”

“Not today, Soph,” Mukesh interrupted. “You know what I think about you having to work. Anyway, it’s your birthday, and I want you to feel a million dollars. We’ve got the theatre, then out for dinner at the most wonderful restaurant.”

As if to say the matter was closed, Mukesh gave Sophiya a sensitive kiss on the cheek.

“But Mukesh. I mean it, I’ve got—”

“Can I help you sir… madam?” came a female voice from behind.

In tandem, the two shoppers turned around, expecting to be met by the usual green-between-the-ears young shop assistant, intent on nothing more than making a sale. Imagine the surprise when they were met by… well, you had to say she was a seasoned professional, as mature in stature as she must have been in age.

“It’s fine, we were just l—”

Sophiya was cut short as she started to make excuses that they were about to leave.

“Looking for a—”

Even Mukesh’s intervention was cut short.

“A dress,” interrupted the sales assistant, in a most surprisingly direct yet friendly manner. “Yes, yes, I could see that, but if you don’t mind me saying, you’re not going to find anything suitable among these.”

The look on Mukesh’s face said it all. Did she know who he was? Money wasn’t an object emek escort if that was what she thought. The only question was how to say it to her nicely.

“What do you mean? I’ve never had anyone questioning my ability to buy my wife a dress. I have more mon…”

The reaction of the sales assistant—she started to smile; the merest grin morphed into an infectious chuckle—broke Mukesh out of his remonstration.

“Oh, no, I think you misunderstand. I am not questioning your ability. I just don’t think these dresses are right for somebody as beautiful as your wife.” The assistant turned to Sophiya. “I hope you aren’t offended by me calling you beautiful.”

“No, no,” Sophiya responded.

Sophiya wasn’t offended; embarrassed or flattered may have been suitable emotions, but not offended. In fact, what shocked her the most was the way this stranger had managed to shut Mukesh up. Once Mukesh got a bee in his bonnet, there was usually no stopping him. She was right about the dresses, though. Sophiya had used the excuse that she had many at home—it was a half-truth as she did have many similar dresses to the ones Mukesh had been selecting—but really it was her way of saying that she just didn’t like his choices.

Turning back to Mukesh, the sales assistant continued in her direct manner.

“Now, why don’t you take a seat and leave your darling wife in my capable hands. I promise to take good care of her.”

Reluctantly, Mukesh took said seat and watched as the two women headed off towards the back of the store.

“So, what’s the big occasion?” asked the sales assistant.

“Birthday,” came a reply. “Theatre first, then dinner. Somewhere posh he says.”

“I see. So, something versatile. Smart enough for the theatre, but making you feel good in yourself at dinner. How do you think about coverage. You know, showing a little flesh?”

“Errr… well… I guess so, but not too much.”

“How about colour? I guess not the red that he was holding up before. How do you think about black? Classic and versatile. Or perhaps a navy blue.”

“I love black,” came the reply, “but I’ve got so many black dresses.”

“So, if it is black it needs to be something different to what you already have. I have a few ideas. Now, why don’t you hop into that changing room. Strip yourself off and I’ll be back in a few minutes with some to try. Size eight I’m guessing.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere, but actually a ten,” Sophiya responded, a smile on her face at the idea of somebody thinking she was more petite.

There was a pause before the assistant whispered to Sophiya.

“I’m sorry. I don’t mean to judge, but you are wearing underwear, aren’t you?”

What could have been an embarrassing moment dissolved into laughter as Sophiya confirmed she was suitably attired. She watched as the sales assistant headed off in the direction of what Sophiya assumed was a stockroom, then hopped into the nearest changing room, or to be more precise it was closer to a changing suite than a changing room, big enough for a couple of people at least. Sophiya pulled the curtain behind herself then started to strip out of her skirt and blouse, only stopping when she wore nothing more than a pastel blue jersey bra and matching panties.

Sophiya couldn’t resist but to take a good look at herself in the full-length mirror. She was proud of her appearance—she worked out regularly at the gym to offset an exuberant lifestyle. As she stood there, she couldn’t help but run her hands down across her slight waist. She wasn’t skin and bones though. Larger than average breasts for her frame—she was a definite C-cup—gave curves up top, and wide hips gave an attractive hourglass figure, and a very tempting inch or two between her slim thighs.

Sophiya turned around, arching her head over her shoulder to grab a glance at her ass. If you asked Mukesh, he’d have said that her ass and breasts were her greatest assets. In Sophiya’s mind though it was legs and waist. Even dressed in such frumpy lingerie—shopping was a time for comfort rather than sex appeal, and she had intended to change to something more provocative later in the day—Sophiya did think she cut a fine figure. A voice from outside brought Sophiya back to reality.

“Are you decent?”

“Err… yes.”

“Can I come in and show you what I have?”

Sophiya was taken aback by the directness of the ask. She gave a quick glance at her underwear, making sure everything was decent, before replying.

“I guess so.”

The sales assistant eased back the curtain and walked into the changing room, pulling the curtain back behind her. Sophiya was expecting a choice of dresses to try, but instead the sales assistant held just two.

“So, both of these are new in,” she explained. “Part of our New York collection. They are similar in design, but quite different in look,” she continued.

As she spoke, the sales assistant held a navy sleeveless dress up. It was a mid-length skater style, tightly fitted up top and flaring out quite sensually down below. Sophiya held out eryaman escort a hand and felt at the silky-smooth fabric. Compared to the styles Mukesh had been selecting, this dress was quite divine. Already she could see herself wearing it.

“The navy one is solid, whereas the black version has these mesh panels, giving a more glamorous look,” the assistant continued as she held up the second dress.

Sophiya’s mouth dropped open. It was the same look and feel as the blue dress, but instead of being solid, it was a mix of fabric and mesh. There were two bands of mesh up top, above a shaped band of fabric covering the breasts—it was like the cups of a bra had been sewn into the front of the dress—another couple around the waistline, and a final band just above the bottom hem of the dress.

“So, which do you think?”

There was no hesitation as Sophiya took hold of the black dress. She undid the zip at the back, then slid the dress over her head. Even against her shoulders, the silky fabric felt divine. A little wiggle of her slim frame helped slide the dress down until it was in place. Sophiya looked at herself in the mirror, before reaching behind, fumbling for the zip.

“Here, let me help,” suggested the assistant.

“It’s OK, I’ll have it in a minute,” Sophiya responded, still fumbling.

“I insist. I need to make sure it fits you properly so that you look your million dollars.”

Sophiya jumped slightly as she felt the other woman’s fingers touch her bare back. It was momentary as, effortlessly, the sales assistant pulled the zip upwards, and with it she created the most appealing close-fitting look across Sophiya’s slim frame.

“Now, arms out a little, and let’s check the fit.”

Sophiya did as asked. She stood there, holding her breath, wondering quite how the sales assistant was going to check the fit. Shouldn’t she be giving a twirl or something? Imagine her surprise when she felt the other woman’s hands running over the silky dress, starting at the shoulders then following every curve of the fabric down her back. Her touch was like a most sensual caress through the soft fabric, all the way down the nape of Sophiya’s back, stopping just as the dress started to flare out over her hips.

Sophiya didn’t know why, but there was a little disappointment when the assistant moved her hands to the sides of the dress and headed back upwards. Once more the caress was so sensual, firm yet gentle at the same time, as the sales assistant felt at the movement in the dress over Sophiya’s slim torso. She could feel the assistant’s thumbs running along the edge of her back, the assistant’s palms up her sides, and the assistant’s long fingers around the front, tracing lines up the edge of her stomach.

Sophiya found herself holding back a gasp as those fingers nudged gently against her bra, tracing an outline over the side of her bust. Her mind was a mix of emotions as she felt another woman’s fingers against her ample mounds. First there was the shock at the thought of somebody other than her husband touching her there. Somewhere hidden beneath that first feeling, was a touch of excitement… excitement borne by the caress of another woman.

“No, no. This won’t do,” the assistant muttered, as her hands ran up towards Sophiya’s shoulders, following the outline of the obviously visible bra straps.

“What won’t do? Is it the dress?”

“No. The dress fits you so well you would have thought it was made for you. It’s the bra. You’ll need something different. Let’s see. A small strapless one would be hidden, other than the bulge of the clasp at the back, or you could choose to go without. The fabric itself will be enough to hold you firm. Is that a problem?”

“Phew. I thought you were saying the dress was no good, and I absolutely love it. I’ve got bras a plenty at home, so that’s not an issue. I’ll take the dress, but is it more for summer than for now?”

Sophiya was staring at herself in the mirror, her own hands following the dress across every curve of her body. Instantly she had fallen in love with the look, with the way the mesh panels gave a tantalising glimpse of her bare flesh without becoming too revealing. She loved it, and she knew that Mukesh would love it too, but what about the weather. It wasn’t exactly a balmy summer’s day outside.

“Oh, that’s simple,” came a reply from the assistant. “A shawl or maybe a black jacket would look good over the shoulders, and for the legs… are you a tights or stockings girl?”

“Stockings, I guess, but won’t they show through the mesh?”

“Well, I wouldn’t suggest you have suspenders as you’ll see the clasps, but maybe stay-ups would be an idea. Do you have some?”

“Err… no.”

“No worries. We can sort that also. Now, do you want to show that husband of yours just how good his beautiful wife looks?”

There was a pause as Sophiya thought it through. Mukesh was paying so she really should show him, but then the thought of surprising him later crossed her mind. She could see him now, eyes out on stalks, as he stared at her ankara escort wondrous figure. The only thought was whether she would make it out of the house without him ripping the dress off and having his way with her. Mmmm… it was a risk Sophiya was willing to take.

“Do you really think it suits me?” Sophiya asked, spinning around away from the mirror, and causing the fullness of the dress to flare out, almost revealing her pale blue panties.

“Oh yes, my dear. I think it suits you very well, but you might need to be a bit careful with the spins, especially with the stay-ups. Now, why don’t you slip it off and I’ll box the dress up. I’ll find you those stay ups as well. Now, did you say it was hubby who was paying, as a birthday present?”

It was an excited young woman who headed back to her husband. Excited by the new dress she had just tried on, excited by the thought of wearing it for her darling Mukesh, excited by the way she thought he would respond—oh god, she hoped he would find it as appealing as she did, even if it didn’t stay on for that long—and…

Sophiya shook her head. It was wrong, so wrong, but why did she feel just a little excited by that touch of another woman’s hands on her body. Should she have resisted, stood her ground, and said she didn’t need any help. Yet the assistant was so assertive, just like her darling husband, and she did have such gentle hands.

Once more Sophiya shook her head. She was reading too much into an innocent situation. It was nothing more than a dress fitting, and she was unlikely to meet this older woman again, or anyone else like her. Was that it? Was it more the fact that she was older, wiser, more experienced?

As she left the store, hand in hand with Mukesh, the thought left her mind.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A couple of hours later, the two of them were back at home.

Just like their lifestyle, the house was extravagant. On the edge of the city, in one of the most prestigious of neighbourhoods, the four-bedroom detached was more of a palace than a house, but for Mukesh and Sophiya it was simply home.

With Mukesh’s fortune, they had everything they could ever have wanted, and what they didn’t have they simply went and bought… just like the new dress. He worked, he made the money, and she… she kept the place looking as good as it did. Really, could anyone want for more?

“Aren’t you going to show me the dress?” Mukesh asked, his eyes fixed on the glossy box sat in the middle of their bed.

“Later… now, how long have we got?”

“About an hour and a half. The chauffeur’s going to be here at five.”

“Perfect,” Sophiya responded.

As she spoke, Sophiya approached her husband, her eyes fixed on his, a sultry smile on her face. She wrapped her hands around the back of his neck and pulled her slim body closely up against his, wrapping one foot around the back of his legs as if about to start the most passionate tango. She placed a soft kiss on his lips, then moved to his ear.

“Thank you,” she whispered. “I love you, Mukesh.”

Taking his chance, Mukesh placed his hand on Sophiya’s backside and gave a gentle squeeze. Already, from nothing more than a gentle kiss and the press of his darling wife’s body up against his, Mukesh could feel a stirring in his trousers. He gave another squeeze at her jean clad ass, before whispering back at Sophiya.

“Love you too, Sophiya. Now, if you’re not going to show me the dress, do you have something else on your mind?”

“Oh, yes,” Sophiya responded, teasing her husband with a wiggle of her hips, grinding her front against what was now becoming an obvious bulge. She kissed him once more, this time lingering a little longer than before. “I’m gonna…”

There was a pause as Sophiya continued to rub her front against his ever-increasing erection. She licked her lips as if anticipating something very satisfying.

“… jump in the shower and freshen up.”

With that, Sophiya pulled back away from her husband. There was a mischievous look in her eyes as she glanced down at his crotch then back up at the expression of surprise on his face. It was her birthday, so why shouldn’t she be a bit of a tease. As he stood there watching, Sophiya bounded playfully towards the en-suite shower room, stripping off in a most suggestive manner as she went.

Mukesh, on the other hand, just stood there watching, admiring the beauty of his darling wife. There was now a path of strewn clothes from where he stood, all the way across the bedroom. Skirt, blouse, bra and finally knickers littered the floor. Just before disappearing out of view, Sophiya gave a seductive wiggle of her bare ass and glanced over her shoulder. She blew him a kiss, flicking up one foot in a nonchalant sort of ‘see ya later’ message, then disappeared out of view.

To say the couple were in love was an understatement. Sophiya was everything Mukesh could have wanted in a partner. She had the exuberance of youth, a most bubbly infectious personality, oh… and yes… an insatiable appetite for enjoyment. They had been married a couple of years, and you could say it had been one long honeymoon ever since. It wasn’t all plain sailing. Both had things they disagreed on, like this idea of Sophiya getting a job, but never to the point of letting them break their closeness.

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