Working out of town found a fuck buddy!


Working out of town found a fuck buddy!I was out of town already 2weeks, and after a long day at work stopped at the bar in the lobby of the hotel to have a cold beer before heading up to get a shower. There was 2 people sitting at the bar sat next to this guy he was a local that frequent the bar. Struck up a conversation with his name was Joe. Joe was down in the dumps was telling me he was going to get married in 6 months and didn’t think he was ready. Joe started telling me he liked to wear his girl friends silk panties! It kind of caught me off guard. Something you don’t bring up it a conversation at a bar. I exclaimed “Really!” Joe was saying he enjoyed the feeling and was confused. I said” Has she ever caught you wearing her things?” He said “Yeah about a year ago!” “What did she say?” He said” She freaked out!” I asked him “How long you been doing it?” He said ” I have 2 sisters and when we were young he use to play dress up with them!” “When I got into my teens I use to sneak into there drawers and take a pair and go in bathroom and put them on and rub his cock until he got hard and jack off a load.” Joe said “he had a friend couple years ago he told about it! He and his buddy were fuck buddy’s.”This was getting my dick hard thinking about seeing him dressed in his panties!! I was horny as fuck not having sex for a couple weeks! I told him ” I have been working in the area staying at the hotel that I just got off of work an was going to go up and get a shower.” Joe you want to come up and have a couple beers we can talk in private” We got up to the room I opened the door we went in sat down on the couch. Told him I have a couple beers in the mini refrigerator. He got 2 bottles an handed canlı bahis one to me. Joe sat next to me and I began to get my boots off next took my shirt off. We talked a bit Joe was telling me about his buddy how he use to suck his big cock till he got hard and he would fuck him, and shoot a big load in his ass. My cock was hard thinking about this! “Joe you wearing panties now?” He replied “Yeah and stocking ” Can you show me!” I replied. Joe slipped his shoes off and stood up and took his pants off. Joe had a pair of red silk panties with thigh high black stocking with red lace at the top. I never seen a guy wear ladies underwear before. But dam he looked hot!!!! Joe was 5’7″ about 155# nice body. Next he took his shirt off and was wearing a black lace camisole. I stood up and moved closer and grabbed him and began kissing him. He undid my belt then my jeans; he pulled my jeans down I stepped out of them. My cock was standing straight out against my boxer briefs. Joe had pulled them down. To his amazement he seen I was uncut, he rolled my foreskin back and began suck the head of my cock taking it deeper each time he bobbed on the head until I could feel the back of his throat!! Rolling his tongue around the glan! He grabbed my balls with one hand and gently squeezing them and his other hand he used his finger and began rubbing my anus. He split on his fingers and began to lube asshole probing his finger slowly in. Pushing it in against my prostrate rubbing it oh man I could feel a load building Joe kept bobbing on my cock he felt my balls tighten and lifted off my cock and kissing and licking the pisshole I was leaking precum like crazy he began pushing against my prostrate my cock began to bahis siteleri oozing cum Joe sucked down every drop! My cock still hard! Told Joe to get on the bed doggy style I pulled his panties down Joe was clean shaved exposing his pink man pussy to me… I licked his ass tongue fucking his hole I grabbed his balls and cock and began stroking him while still lubricating his hole! I ready into my suitcase and got a rubber out and slipped it on. I told Joe” This will be the first time I ever fucked a guy!” I had anal sex with a lot of girl but he was the first guy!! “Put my glan against his man pussy and he was tight pushed the head in and slowly kept pushing, I could feel his sprinter kept slowly pushing, Joe let out a moan “ohhhh goddd that feels so good !!! Fuck me…. ” Kept pushing until I was all the way in! Began to pump his tight ass Joe wiggled his ass back against me…I grabbed his hips and began pumping his man pussy hard with each stroke Joe cried out” Oh goddd Fuck Me Fuck Me!!! Fuck me hard!!!! I began pumping faster and deeper… Fuck Me!!! Fuck Me!!! Ohhhhh godddd I’m goingggg tooo cummmm I pounded his man pussy hard as I could. Joe shot a big load on the bed I kept pounding him he kept moaning Fuck Me!!! Fuck Me!!! I was about to explode Joe said shoot your load in my asshole I want to feel your cum inside me! I pulled out pulled the rubber off and pushed the head just inside his hole and shot several streams of hot cum in his hole. I pulled out and shot 2 more stream on the top of his hot ass!!! Milking my cock of all the cum.. I began rubbing and fingering his hole taking the cumm and pushing it in his hole finger fucking his man pussy slowly with 2 fingers Joe collapsed güvenilir bahis on the bed.. Joe said” thank you I needed that I needed to be fucked!!! It felt so good!!Told him let get a shower!!! Joe said he could use one… I went in and started the shower and hopped in Joe had taken his clothes off and followed… Soaped each other up and washed stroking each other cock soon both of us had hard cocks we began kissing rubbing our cocks together put them together and began stroking them cock to cock Joe moaned “oh it feels so good” grabbed his balls with my other hand he grabbed mine!!! I could feel my balls tighten I was going to shoot a load soon Joe said “I’m going to cummmm!!!” He shot his load on my balls I kept stroking both cocks… I replied ” ohhhh Mann I’m going to cum!!!” I kept stroking faster and harder till I get go several hard ropes of cum hitting the top of his cock slashing up to his stomach!!!! Slowed the stroke down milking my cock!! Looked down to see cum running down around his ball sack dripping in the tub…. I dropped down and licking my cum up… Sucking it off his balls stood up and began to wash off the rest of the cum… We were just about done showering; Joe ask me if I could piss on his chest… He kelt down threw his head back I grabbed my cock began to piss on his chest and down on his cock his began rubbing it on his chest I continued to piss on his chest up and down on his cock… Joe moaned it feels so warm Joe licked his hand said” mmmm tastes so good” he stood up I grabbed him and kissed him!!! I told him “it has been years sense I pissed on someone!! ” He replied “Really!” “Here I though I would freak you out!! By having you. Piss on me! My fuck buddy loved to piss on me!” I exclaimed “Joe you are a kinky freak!!! Man you turned me on and enjoyed fucking you!!!” You want to get together again?” Joe replied”You Bet!!!” Told him I had another couple weeks. Part2 coming soon!!

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