Workout Ch. 01


Ellen appeared precisely an hour before closing, six nights every week. Baggy sweats over a plain white T shirt and shorts. Near as I could tell, she owned only three pairs of those—navy blue, red and green—and wore them in perfect rotation. Last night was red. She came through door at 9 on Friday night. Green. No surprise there.

No greeting, either. As usual, she tore directly into her vicious workout. 20 minutes on the elliptical, 20 minutes of weights and 20 minutes of abdominal work and stretching, each with brutal intensity. She was 5’10”, about 160 pounds of smooth muscle, shoulder length dark blond hair and green eyes that stared through anyone who dared look directly at them.

The rest of the fitness center’s patrons gave her a wide berth. She broke a sweat at ten minutes, was soaked halfway through and with clocklike precision, did her last stretch a minute before closing. I mumbled a goodnight as the glass door swung closed behind her.

It took me only a few minutes to wipe down the last of the equipment, grab my gym bag and lock up. I walked to the garage. There was a car next to mine, trunk open with only baggy sweats visible. Ellen was screaming a torrent of four letter words.


She glared at me, glanced over at the left rear tire—obviously flat—and threw an equally flat spare onto the concrete floor.

“And the goddamn auto club said that they couldn’t get here for two hours!”

‘Hell hath no fury…,’ I thought to myself.

“Ellen, it’s cold, dark and you can’t just sit here alone. Call the auto club, just tell them to forget about tonight, and have them pick you up at your home tomorrow morning. I’ll give you a lift tonight.”

She put her hands on her hips, scowled and barked at the auto club on her cell.

Wordlessly, she slid into the passenger seat of my car. I asked her where she lived. Turned out it was only five minutes out of the way, maybe ten minutes from my place. We pulled out of the garage.

Ellen wasn’t much for small talk. But I learned that Ellen was an executive with a restaurant chain headquartered in the area with about 20 direct subordinates. She was also the bağlıca escort only woman executive in the place, which meant that she got all the lousy assignments and unpleasant responsibilities. The fitness center was her place to unwind and take her workplace frustrations out on the iron.

I pulled up to her place—a nondescript townhome in a sea of similar units—and to my surprise, she invited me in for a glass of wine. Of course I said yes,

She had the upstairs unit, a tidy one-bedroom with a kitchen/dining area combo. Terra cotta tiles, blond wood and a dark green counters. She pulled a bottle of white wine from the refrigerator and two glasses down from the cupboard. She went off to shower.

I looked around the living room. Books everywhere, mostly about business management. A fair number of ‘thrillers’. No sign of romance novels, fantasy or any other typically feminine fair. I wondered if she had a boyfriend–or a girlfriend for that matter. More likely that she had neither.

She came down the stairs. Baggy sweats again, but clean ones. She started in on her glass of wine. And then the green-eyed stare came out, and she was reading my mind.

“It’s tough at work. I’m the only woman, so I have to be better than all the men. So my work is my life.”

She finished her wine and poured another glass. She read my mind.

“Don’t feel sorry for me. This life is my choice.”

Maybe. And maybe she had been in it so long she didn’t know about much else. I got up to hug her, to hold her. She froze for a moment, and pulled away.

“Look, Ellen, when was the last time you were held by another human being? The last time you were with someone who wasn’t evaluating you? The last time that there wasn’t a problem to be solved, employee to be disciplined, report to write or presentation to give?”

I held her left hand gently in my right, and started to stroke her hair, pulling her towards my shoulder. She resisted, but only for a moment, and I let my hand glide towards the nape of her neck. She let out something between a moan and a sigh. I drew her onto the couch, and started slow circles around bala escort her temples with my fingers. She sighed again and I swept my fingers across her lips. Kissed her once, gently.

Pulling myself behind her, I kneaded her shoulders and pressed my thumbs gently along her spine, down and back up, and let them dance across to her neck, her chin, and across her lips once more. Kissed her once more, gently. But this time, she kissed back. Passed her tongue around my lips.

I slipped my hands under her sweatshirt. She pulled away again , but only to switch off the light. As she came back towards me, she pulled off her top to reveal perfect breasts, nipples stiff and swollen. I pulled her close, letting my fingers trace the curve of her ears while I explored the base of her neck with my tongue. And she pulled me closer still.

My hands drifted to her breasts, supporting them, and I swirled my fingers around her areolas, pressing and then pulling gently at her nipples which had become fully engorged and erect. Squeezing her breasts together, I took both nipples in my mouth and sucked.

“Oh OH,” she cried.

I paused and looked up at her.

“Keep going!”

Plea or command, I wasn’t sure. But it didn’t matter. I could feel her belly begin to contract, waves of woman pleasure beginning to course through her body. I flipped her over onto her breasts and began once again to massage her back. She moaned with increasing pleasure as I passed from upper, to lower and began to squeeze her buttocks. I slipped off her sweatpants. She didn’t resist. Kissed the backs of her legs, running my tongue from her ankle up as I massaged the other leg with my fingers.

Her pelvic thrusting was more urgent now, as I flipped her over again to look into those green eyes. She stared at me again, and in a much huskier voice murmured that she needed me. It was my turn to smile and shake my head. I spent another several minutes kissing her legs and her breasts and let her urgency rise. I pressed down, just below her navel to meet each thrust of her pelvis.

“Please, touch me, “she gasped.

I reached down so that my ankara escort hand covered her pussy, pressing the soft lips on either side, flattening them, smoothing them. She tried to guide my hand inside, but I told her no…not yet. Her juices flowed steadily now, and my fingers were quite slick. I began to slide my hand up and down, her clitoris becoming more swollen with each sliding stroke. Her breathing had deepened, and she began to tug at her nipples, twisting and pulling.

I used my left arm to draw her tightly against me and kissed her deeply. I slipped my index and middle fingers inside her now-boiling sex, just past the bone and behind her clitoris, where her G-spot lay.I caressed it gently but firmly, rubbing it up and down. She started to twitch. And shake. And then scream.


Her pussy became impossibly wet as she began to ejaculate, pouring her juices all over the couch, convulsing in ecstasy. It took her several minutes to stop shaking, only to start again when I buried my face into her cunt, lapping up her delicious musk. She had another screaming ten-minute climax and then just fainted away.

She was limp, relaxed, smiling. I went to find a cool washcloth, but by the time I returned she was snoring, deep in the slumber that follows total release. I wanted her, wanted to feel my cock inside her, but knew this wasn’t the moment. I covered her in a blanket that was draped over the couch, dressed silently, and let myself out.


The clock edged past 9 the next evening, and Ellen did not appear for her workout. I wondered if she was angry, embarrassed or just didn’t care. The gym was quiet, and I had my end of shift chores done a few minutes later. Flipped off the light. Grabbed my gym bag. Headed for the garage.

Ellen’s car was next to mine, trunk open with an overcoat and a pair of shapely legs in navy blue fishnet stockings visible beneath. She looked up and smiled.

“It took longer to fix the damn car than I thought,” she blushed. “I bought some new lingerie today. Thought you might like a fashion show.”

She opened her raincoat just enough to let me know that there wasn’t anything between the coat and the lingerie beneath.

“Unless you’d prefer dinner first. But I would have to dress.”

She paused, closed the trunk and slipped into the driver’s seat.

“You know the address. Don’t keep me waiting.”

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