Wow I’m Bigger


Wow I’m BiggerWow I’m biggerIt had been years since Wowimbig had started pumping her pussy up, slowly seeing the results get more extreme, and feeling more and more like a freak that people would be disgusted by. At first, that alone was a thrill for her; the thought that people would point and ridicule her for her huge puffy cunt. But eventually, she craved to be told by real people, what a weirdo she was. How her blown up lips were disgusting, and how she was a freak for doing that to herself. She felt electrified by the comments people left for her on her videos. People telling her that she would never find anyone who would want her because of it, telling her that she had gone too far and that she would never be the same again, and telling her that she was sick to think that she was attractive with a cunt so big and swollen.Then something she didn’t expect started to happen. It first started when people started to download and then repost her videos on porn sites. Some of them even put together her short clips to make a longer compilation of them. The first she came across was on a site called efukt. The guy who ran the site had been sent a long compilation of her videos, and he uploaded it to his site to show the world what a freak she was. She loved it, that people were watching videos of her and thinking she was disgusting. She saw that her cunt was slowly being uploaded to different sites, when she started to search google for her name. It turned her on that she was slowly gaining fame as the fattest and most disfigured cunt on the internet. But what she expected less was that there were people out there who were getting off to her videos, and loving them. She would read the comments on all the uploads of her videos that people had posted, because she wanted to see people slandering her, calling her names, talking avcilar escort about how gross her cunt was. But she noticed a slow growing of people who were saying that they wanted to do things to her, and that her cunt was turning them on like no other had done so before. She was strangely attracted to this opposite of what she was enjoying. It was slowly making her crave more. She felt that whatever attention her cunt gave her, she was getting greatly aroused by it.She would sit at her computer, sometimes for hours, pumping and reading. She loved that her cunt was getting bigger as she was reading the responses that people were giving to her videos and photos. She came countless times after she had pumped herself huge while reading what the world had to say about her. She had her moments of doubts. She gave up pumping twice, thinking that when it came to real life, no man would ever want her, and that by giving into her desires, that she was going to spend the rest of her life without a partner. She craved for a man who would love the act that she so dearly loved to do, but was so scared by becoming something that nobody would want. Desire was always too strong for her though, and she always fell back into pumping. She tried to curb herself by not letting go and getting too big. The first time she came back, she started to post online, but it became too much. Her fans wanted more and she felt compelled to push herself, and she had to leave. The second time, she managed to not post anything for a long time, and kept it secret, what she was doing. But eventually she let slip with her secret, and asked for men to send her tributes to inspire her.Eventually it all got too much, and she needed more. She needed to push herself further, and become the biggest freak on the internet again. It wasn’t şirinevler escort an easy choice for her to make, because she remembered the last time. The awkward clothes that she had to stop wearing. The struggle walking for the day after pumping. The planning life around pumping. The lying to people about why she couldn’t do things. But it was way too much for her not to let go and give in. At first she filmed herself pumping with bigger homemade pumps, made from whatever she could find in the house. Her main favourite was measuring jugs. She loved usiing them, because they could get up to a good size and had a measuring scale on it, which she could gauge how much bigger she was getting. Eventually she went through everything she owned and had to go out and start buying what she could find to turn into pumps. She started with the biggest measuring jug she would find, which was over a gallon in total. It was deep, but the width of it was the same as all the other measuring jugs she had used, but it was deeper than anything she had used before. She got it home, and made it into her new pump. At first, she just sat looking at it, rubbing lube onto her cunt lips, that were still swollen from her last pump session, but had lost a lot of the sensation that she gained through it. She was nervous. To her this was a new step in her life. She wasn’t sure where it was going to take her, and what would become of her once she had done it. Slowly, that stroking motion turned into her lifting her engorged lips with one hand and letting them fall onto the other. She remembered how she always loved the way that she could feel her lips wobble. She could feel herself getting more and more turned on as she did this. She lay there, looking at her new pump and imagining herself filling it, while rhythmically taksim escort making her cunt wobble in her hand. She eventually got to her knees, but something was stopping her from taking the plunge. She had her legs spread wide and was shaking her hips from side to side, making her pussy jiggle. This was turning her on even more, feeling herslef shake and the air on her swollen skin. Eventually it was too much and she grabbed the pump, She slid her cunt into it and started to pump. It felt so good to let go. She had kept the mirror by her bed that she used to watch herself grow in her pumps, and she was watching herself fill the new pump. For a good hour, she pumped and released, and watched herself slowly fill the jug of the pump more and more. She watched and dreamed of having a gallon pussy, and being the biggest cunt on the internet once again. She knew that she wouldn’t fill the pump this time, but she at least knew that she would be bigger than she had ever been. Eventually she had to see what her pumped lips looked like. The need had gotten too much, and she had to see the results. She slid the jug off her, looking in her mirror as she did. Her cunt shook as the remains of the vacuum in the container gave way and her cunt popped out of it. It was so huge and red, she couldn’t believe her eyes. The air alone hitting her supersensitive skin made her go dizzy. The thrill of it was the most fantastic feeling she had ever felt in her life. She almost came at the air hitting her skin alone. He guided herself onto her bed and started to rub herself, feel how her pussy had changed, and how much she had grown. She quivered and orgasmed over and over again, with thoughts about how big she had become, and how people would see her. She had thoughts flooding her mind. Thoughts of people telling her that she had gone too far this time, and ones of being told that she had the hottest cunt in the world. She thrashed about on her bed, feeling every stroke take over her entire body. She couldn’t stop cumming, and she didn’t want to. She had become more of the freak she wished to be, and she loved it.

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