Yellow Pumps


After a hard days work the only thing Lucky could think about was taking a long hot shower and relaxing in her bed with a glass of wine. As she walked through the door of her third story apartment her phone began to ring. However on her ride home she decided she wasn’t going to take any phone calls for the rest of the night. She walked past the living room and kitchen and headed straight for the bedroom. Once inside she began to peel her clothes off layer by layer, starting with her black pea coat throwing it in the chair located in the corner. She finished with removing her black Victoria’s secret thong.

She made her way to the bathroom and turned on the water in the shower. As she waited for the water to heat up she let down her hair and shook it loose. A few moments later the water was warm enough for her to stand under. For what seemed like several minutes she just stood there under the water allowing it to cascade over every part of her possible. The hot water beating down on her neck and she stood under the flow and the steam it created was just what she needed to relax. She washed herself and exited the shower. Cautiously she walked across her tile floor and onto to the carpet in her bedroom.

She flopped down in her bed and lay on her back to continue her relaxation regimen. The air was calm and her mood even calmer. Pleasant thoughts filled her head leaving no room for any bad ones. Legs spread apart arms stretched out on either side causing a sense of freedom to over come her. Wanting to feel freer she removed her towel and just laid there naked. Time moved çankaya escort on but she was as still as could be. After drifting off into a light sleep she awoke an hour later feeling mischievous and horny.

She rolled out of bed and meandered over to her walk-in closet and looking for something to wear. However she wasn’t in the mood to wear anything she saw until she set eyes upon a blue shoe box. In that box there was a pair of brand new yellow patent leather pumps she had never worn before. Eager to break them in she ripped off the tag and slid her feet inside. They fit so perfectly like she’d been wearing them forever.

Feeling like there was nothing else to put around she strut around the apartment with a glass of wine. Her body screamed for sex but with no one around she knew she was going to have to do it herself. She downed her wine and swung one leg up over the arm of her couch straddling it facing towards the back. Pressing her freshly shaven pussy hard against her adobe faux suede couch she began to rock her hips. Thoughts of being mounted up on her boyfriends cock filled her head. Taking the pleasure further both hands came up and began massaging her breasts. She moaned softly again and again increasingly getting louder each time. Harder and harder she pressed her pussy against the arm rest creating enough friction to induce an orgasm. After the euphoria subsided she moved from the couch.

Just as she got up to get another glass of wine her front door swung open and standing there in the hall way was her boyfriend, Rex. çayyolu escort He was very shocked to see Lucky standing around naked in a pair of yellow patent leather pumps. Nonetheless he was instantly excited, she was happy as well. So happy she ran and jumped into his arms and welcomed him with a long passionate kiss. Neither of them wanted to ruin the moment so little words were exchanged. Hurriedly they headed toward the bedroom where lucky laid on her bed waiting for Rex to remove all his clothing. Once his clothes were off he joined in her bed kissing her all over. The two rolled around in the bed a few times stopping with him on top.

Rex missed his girl and wanted to show her just how much. He started kissing her lips then moving his way down her neck, licking and sucking, followed by a trail of light kisses down her chest stopping for a moment to tease the nerves in her nipple. Slowly he continued his decent down her torso over the belly button and landing centimeters away from the throbbing bud of her clit. She drew in a breath of anticipation. She intently watched him lower his mouth to her. Like a match to a candle, the moment his lips surrounded her tiny bud everything inside her was on fire. Sensually he licked and sucked her clit making her long for more. It became increasingly harder for her to breathe normally and her moans were impossible to hold back. He slipped his tongue deep inside her wet pussy tasting the juices he helped produce. As his tongue swirled around inside her she cried out for more begging him to fuck her. ankara escort Not ready to give in to her demands he resumed licking and sucking her clit bringing her closer to peaking. Next he jammed a finger inside jolting her.

He could sense she was nearing her orgasm so he stopped. Shocked and dismayed by this she gasped. However when he placed her legs upon his shoulders and moved closer to enter her pussy with his cock she was no longer upset. After filling her with his cock he rested a moment taking a moment to admire her yellow pumps up close. They were the ones he bought her four months prior to celebrate their anniversary. He always loved the way her legs looked in a pair of heels. As she watched him stroke her legs up and down she could tell he was very pleased with her for wearing the heels.

More than ready to fuck he thrust in and out of her warm wet pussy holding on to her for stability. Eager and dying to satiate his hunger for her he fucked harder and harder making long deep thrusts. Over and over he pounded into her sparing her no mercy. Screams escaped her lips every time he hit the back of her pussy fueling his appetite for her. She begged him to keep going and fuck faster and so he did. Inside her yellow pumps her toes curled and her fingers gripped on to the bed sheets for life while he fucked her wildly. The explosion hit her wave after wave like a ripple in the water. She has screamed so loud she was sure that one of her neighbors had to have heard her. Her pussy became extra sensitive as he continued fucking her hard and fast. The sensation was so intense she came a second time within seconds. His body went rigid just before unleashing his cum inside her.

Both still enjoying their state of ecstasy they curled up together and lay in bed tangled up in each other. Before drifting off she thanked him for the shoes and the sex.

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