Your Fantasy is My Pleasure


“Damn, Mel, I need some action!” It wasn’t the first time I’d had this conversation with Melody, one of my closest confidants.

“Don’t worry, if there was a guy out there for me, there’s a girl out there for you,” her standard response.

“Yeah, well, not everyone’s lucky enough to just run into the perfect person on Facebook and live happily ever after.” The Facebook, for those who aren’t college students any longer, is a website dedicated to tracking friendships and the web they create. The public profile also conveniently displays all of your contact information, likes, dislikes, even political preferences, and most importantly, a list of reasons for someone to contact you, i.e. friendship, dating, or just random play. Mine lists all three.

“You never know…”

Irony is a wonderful, wonderful thing! Little did I know that the sexiest, kinkiest girl I’ll ever meet was looking at my Facebook profile at that very moment, curiously noticing my Instant Messenger name, and wondering if I would be the one to fulfill her fantasies. Only minutes later, a new message popped up:

Her: What’s up?

Me: Not much. Sorry, should I know you?

Her: Hopefully not, I just saw you on Facebook

Me: Oh, cool, see anything interesting?

Her: You still interested in some random play?

Me: Uh, yeah, maybe…

In reality, sitting there on the other side of my computer screen, I’d just about died of a heart attack on the spot. Did that just happen to me?!? This was too good to be true; Mel had to be pulling my leg or something. It was too coincidental. As you can expect, I was skeptical, but incredibly curious at the same time.

Me: I dunno, I’m not really that kind of guy, I just kinda left that up there, never expected anyone to take it seriously.

Her: Oh, thats too bad, I could make you feel sooo good

Me: Oh really?

Her: I like sucking cock, stuffing it all the way down my throat

Me: …wow…

Her: I thought you were cute, thought it’d be fun to gag on your dick, but if you’re not interested, I’ll leave you alone

Me: No no no! Uh, where do you live?

Twenty minutes later, I was standing outside her back door in the pitch black wearing black slacks and a black button-down shirt. Carefully following her instructions, I tied a black strip of cloth around my forehead, and opened the door, pulling the blindfold down just as I entered the kitchen. I stumbled forward a few steps and ran into the kitchen island. Before I could turn myself around and bump into some other random piece of furniture, she was there:

“Put your hands behind your back.” She quickly and quietly brought my wrists together close enough to clasp on a pair of handcuffs, a disconcerting little surprise I hadn’t expected! She pushed herself into me, now, completely naked from what I could tell, pinning my stomach against the island. Her arms wrapped themselves around my waist, her hands finding my fly, as she pulled my quickly-hardening eight inch cock out of its confines.

Though I expected a little caressing and rubbing to start off, she had other plans! Pulling perhaps just a little harder than needed, she twisted me around until I was facing her, and plunged to her knees, deftly catching my manhood between her lips on the way down. It was clear now: this was her dick tonight, not mine, and it would be used to her pleasure and hers alone!

She dikimevi escort licked me from top to bottom, and kissed it along the top while it was still soft enough for her to reach those spots. As I began to fill out, she used that moisture to stroke me, slow but hard, squeezing and twisting as she got to the top. As the moisture began to dissipate, she replaced her hands once again with her mouth, nibbling just a bit in the right spots, licking along all the right spots, and sucking with just the right amount of pressure. Then, to my utter amazement, she held true to her promise: I felt my cock slide down her throat. Faster and faster, this is what she really enjoyed, this is what I was here for.

Not a minute into her enthusiastic throat job, I felt I would spew my load down her throat any second. That was probably her plan, because just as the moment arrived, she disappeared, leaving me standing there hot, already sweating, my cock cool with moisture and twitching in abandoned blackness.

A minute passed, and another, and another. I wondered if I should peek from my blindfold, before I quickly realized that I couldn’t easily get it off with my hands bound behind me. “Uh, hello?” It was barely a whisper; in my shock and disbelief, I hadn’t thought to ask her if there would be anyone else living in the small house, and the thought of being caught there, dick hanging out of my fly, handcuffed, and blindfolded in the kitchen was terrifying, and perhaps a bit exciting..

Finally, perhaps five minutes having passed, I heard a noise, a refrigerator door opening and closing, followed by the sensation of a cool hand taking hold of my cock in what was obviously meant to be a leading way. And that’s one lead you definitely have to follow! A moment later (having bumped into only one or two doorways along the way), I was pushed forcefully back against a bed, and my pants quickly removed.

I had thought I knew what it felt like to be helpless before, as I waited in the kitchen, but a whole new level of fear and adrenaline shot through my veins like fire as she pulled my knees apart, and then up, nearly to my shoulders, tying them to the bedposts above my head. There I lay, curled nearly into a ball, legs spread, my dick pointing at the back wall somewhere and my ass exposed to a previously-unknown amount of air! I was more than a little uncomfortable with the whole situation just then, and strangely enough, I loved it!

She began by gently sucking each of my balls, clean shaven less than an hour before, carefully into her mouth, where she would massage it with her tongue for a moment, and then allow it to slowly fall out again. Oooh, that felt soooo very good, but I needed attention elsewhere! As if reading my very thoughts, she began kissing, wet sloppy kisses, teasingly up the bottom of my shaft, all the way to the head, which slipped easily between her moist lips. Instantly she sucked on it, hard, while tonguing the very tip, up and down and around in circles. I felt the saliva building up around the head of my cock, and start to drip down the shaft. Her lips followed every wet drop, down, down, down, until I could feel the back of her throat and her chin on my balls.

She fucked her own throat with my cock, myself unable to move or thrust tied as I was, right up until she felt the first hot jolt of cum in her mouth. From there, she dikmen escort backed off until just the head was inside her mouth, and milked me with her hand for all I could give, swallowing every last drop!

“That’s it! I’m done! I’m good for at least another 3 months, maybe more! I’ll never cum like that again in my life!” I thought to myself. How wrong I was!

She spoke for only the second time that night, in a dark, throaty voice that made my blood boil in forbidden fantasies: “Mmmm, your cum is delicious. The taste is still in my mouth. I’m wet just imagining all the jizz you’re going to give me tonight.” My cock involuntarily jerked in approval.

She began working my balls again, fondling them gently, aware of how sensitive they were at the moment, kissing them lovingly. Her kisses trailed from top to bottom, over and over again, until I could swear…was she going lower every time? Sure enough, she began kissing the skin just beneath my balls; it felt surprisingly good! She kissed hard, pushing her tongue roughly against the sensitive flesh, working hard to put pressure on my prostate. I’d heard of the “male g-spot” but had never felt anything like it before! Already I was stiffening, long before I should have!

She stopped. “Has anyone ever done this for you before?” She started again, before I could reply, only this time her lips were most definitely rubbing themselves against my ass. I’ve never considered myself interested in anal fetishes, but given the situation, the wrongness, the sheer dirtiness of the act drove me wild! Her tongue teased the little rosebud opening while her hands pulled my butt cheeks far apart. My cock was harder than it’s ever been at that moment, as she had predicted I’m sure, and I was tempted to shoot off another load of jizz the second she impaled her face again on it.

My ass was strangely cool now, her saliva still coating it. She was determined not to neglect any possible source of pleasure for me, though, and was soon warmed by a finger, lubricated by her own dripping pussy, and daring to force itself in. I did my very best to relax as she sank one, then two knuckles into the tight hole, and curled inward to stroke that sensitive spot deep inside. Her other hand was meanwhile doubling the sensations on my cock, stroking and twisting every inch that wasn’t lodged somewhere in her throat at the moment.

I began moaning like a madman, shouting out useless commands, then begging like a broken man for more. This time, I managed to warn her before I went off again, causing her to lift her head, smile, and bring her very hard nipples across the very sensitive head of my cock. The softness, the wetness, it was too much, and I squirted another record-setting batch of cum across her breasts, some of it so hard that it landed across her face and in her hair.

“It is so my turn!” she said as she began to untie me. She took off the blindfold: “And I want you to watch!” My legs unhindered now, I sat up, and laid my eyes on her for the first time. God she was gorgeous! Curly blonde hair, perky young breasts, an ass to die for, and a perfectly shaved tight little pussy, already swollen and dripping half way down her leg.

I moved to get up, and she pushed me back down on the bed, shaking her head. “No touching, remember? I’m in control! Now, I want you to see what that big cock of yours is making me do.” She sat ankara escort back into an oversized office chair, laying one leg over each of its arms. A drop of her pussy juice dripped all the way down her slit, and settled along her asshole. Damn I wanted to taste her!

Reaching behind herself, she pulled out a long, thin vibrator and turned it on. She slowly rubbed her cunt with one hand while teasing her nipples with the vibe. When each nipple was fully hard, she switched, pinching and pulling her nipples with the free hand, while the vibe caressed the lips of her pussy. The sounds and looks of pleasure beaming from her face could end wars, and I was amazed to find a grain of life still left in my dick. Was he going to be up for round three so soon?

The thin vibe slipped between her sopping lips, and she moaned even louder. Surely we must be alone in the house, or else everyone in it knows what’s happening by now! Just before she would have come, she pulled out the vibe, dripping with juices, and pressed it against her already lubricated ass. It slipped in quickly, and her face screwed itself into an entirely new type of pleasure. Immediately, she pulled a rather large dildo from behind her, probably nine inches in length, and plunged it deep into her pussy. One hand held the vibe as deep as it would go in her ass, while the other worked the dildo in and out of her cunt faster and faster. “Ooooh, yes yes yes! Come here! Suck on my nipples!”

I could taste the salty twang of my jizz on her nipples, but couldn’t force myself to stop, as I suckled, nibbled, and tongued each of her nipples, leaning across her with my hands still cuffed behind my back. “Mmmm…sooooo gooood…” she moaned. “Now get on your knees in front of me. Good. Take that vibe between your teeth, I need both hands. If it comes out, you’re going to replace it with your tongue!” I resolved myself to keep that vibe in its place at all costs hearing the threat, but deep down, I think I may have been a little intrigued at the idea of letting it slip out.

She began grinding herself hard into both the dildo and my face, while rubbing her little clit. I tried to get into a rhythm with her pulsing, but eventually the inevitable occurred, and I heard the little vibe plop onto the carpet at my knees. We both stopped, and my heart jumped. Blood flew through my veins, and I waited anxiously to see if she’d go through with her threat. I grimaced as if I were about to be hit with something. After the shortest long uncomfortable silence ever, she said simply, “Well?” I think that was her way of staying in character, but letting me know that nothing that happened that night would be forced upon me at the same time. A small battle raged inside my mind, but my curiosity won out. Hesitantly I leaned forward, tongue out, and tenderly licked the little rosebud. It was slightly open, having been stretched by the vibe, and I dared myself to push a bit deeper. Just as I began to realize that it wasn’t so bad as I’d imagined, she came in a torrent, humping the air with such force that I was forced to back away or risk having my nose broken!

After cleaning every drop of girl-cum I could find with my tongue (and there were quite a few by then), she finally uncuffed me, and we lay against each other on her bed, soaking the sheets in sweat.

“Thank you, that was wonderful, nobody’s actually done that for me before!” she said.

“I should be saying the same to you, and doubly so!” I replied. “By the way, you’ve never told me your name.”

“Should I? Tonight, I’m simply Your Fantasy.”

“Your Fantasy, the pleasure is all mine,” I greeted her for the first time.

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